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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Monday, January 28, 2013

Report: Psychotropic meds differ

Report: Psychotropic meds differ - NashuaTelegraph.com:

Studies have long shown that psychotropic drug use is more common among children in the child welfare system than in the general population.
In NH-“I’ve been in (the department) over 30 years, and there has been an increase in kids who are on medication in our system,” Bishop said.

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Note: There you have it. Out of Maggie Bishop's own mouth!

 “With that said, there is also a much higher percentage of kids in our system who have mental health challenges. I would prefer that kids not be on medication if at all possible. Yes Maggie, tell that to your staff and all the Foster stranger's out there that are too busy with their own lives to take the time to see what a child really need's. Just keep drugging them into submission, in hopes they will forget their REAL families. Does turning them into Zombies serve your purpose? Is all that extra Federal funding for drugging these innocent children really worth it? Do you hate the parent's and their families that much that you drug their children so they no longer fight you to go home? Or is it all about the money? Wouldn't you fight back if you were being held against your will? Isn't that normal human behavior?

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