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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catholic Charities and Forced Adoptions

All over the web you can find stories about forced adoptions by Catholic Charities. They just recently started apologizing to all of those children and their families separated by forced adoption's of yesteryear.
Well what about the forced adoption's of children today that Catholic Charities is responsible for? They may not be taking newborns from their Mother's at birth as they did in the past, but they are still responsible for many forced adoptions Nationwide. Maybe even worldwide.
St. Charles Children's Home in Rochester, NH is run by Catholic Charities. In the NH DCYF Statewide Assessment's, St. Charles boast's of the services they provide to pre-adoptive families. Here is the excerpt:
An innovative approach for increasing successful permanent placement opportunities for children 
in care has been designed by St. Charles Children‘s Home, a licensed residential provider with 
DCYF. The St. Charles program is open to families of pre and post-adopted children through 
DCYF. Families have the opportunity to stay at St. Charles Children‘s Home for an intensive 2-
½ day overnight on weekends with staff assistance to learn to help their children set behavioral 
goals, explore other methods of parenting and receive support through difficult behavioral issues. 

Now what do they do for REAL families?

    Does Austin's sadness show due to loss of his own family at St. Charles?

                                                       Drugged and alone                         

                                        Underweight and Forced to Run

These pictures were all taken at St. Charles while Austin was held captive by the State of NH. He's clearly NOT the happy little boy we once knew!

The home also provides professional help and advocacy for children and parents.

It is the goal of the Home to help in the rehabilitation of the family unit first by helping the children gain new behavioral skills and secondly by helping parents build on their parenting resources.

Think again. St. Charles does nothing for the parents of the children placed there by NH DCYF. In fact, a sign in register sit's in the hallway of St. Charles, where parent's sign in when they go to visit their children. Each child has their own section in the register, filled with the names of people recruited by St. Charles for the anticipated "forced" adoption of their children.
Don't get me wrong. I and my family are Catholic and I know Catholic Charities helps families. But facilitating adoptions doesn't help families as far as I'm concerned. And yes, St. Charles facilitated the adoption of my grandson Austin, which is why I can no longer bring myself to attend the Catholic Church. I believe in God and everything he stands for, but I don't believe St. Charles is doing God's work. God would never split up families and facilitate the adoption of these children. So yes, Catholic Charities still practices forced adoptions,on children that WANT to go home to their REAL families!

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