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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Saturday, November 6, 2010

NH Admin. Appeal's Unit Denying the Right to Appeal Negative Home Study/E-mail from Lorraine Bartlett admitting Austin's Name Changed Before Adoption


  1. Where is the home study? They obviously had reasons for their decision.

  2. Yes, they did. Would you like to hear them?
    1st-Since my grandson is NOW considered special needs,after trying to hang himself and being put on psychiatric medication, we were told we would NOT be able to handle a special needs child, even though I've worked with special needs children for fourteen years AND let us NOT forget, my husband and I basically raised him from the day he was born.
    2nd-We were told it was our fault our daughter's made mistakes.
    3rd-We were told DCYF feared I would take my grandson off the drug's they put him on because I don't believe in drugging a child. I believe in keeping the hyper child busy and active.
    4th-We were told we don't make enough money. Funny, but we always helped provide for him before he was stolen.
    And FYI, we were only given the Home-study after MANY failed potential pre-adoptive homes fell through. My grandson had a very strong bond with my husband and I. Even testimony from ALL on the side of the state, stated my grandson only wanted to be with us. They also told of the strong bond between us.
    And last, but not least, they stated I would NOT be cooperative, in which case, would you be cooperative with the people who lied about you and slandered you? I don't get along with liar's. I never have and never will.
    Two new caseworker's took over my grandson's case. Both were very nice and honest. We got along extremely well. Both advocated for placement with my husband and I. The Supervisor signed off on our home study and added in her own falsifications and signed off. The home study was NEVER completed, though she said it was. The two caseworker's stated they were not responsible for the lies added in to the report. Neither one any longer works for DCYF. What does that tell you? Soon after this escapade went down, they were gone. DCYF only want's liar's working for them. Also, if you check out the NH DCYF State Assessment, you will find that Nashua DCYF is NOT in compliance and hasn't been for almost twenty year's. Relative placement is at 33%, way below the 95% needed for Federal funding. When they place with relatives, they lose money. They consider every child to be in imminent danger, so they take the child at onset. They also state, "Relative placement is NOT an option". Funny, but the federal government mandates relative placement before foster care. They also don't like people who fight back. I'm not one to sit back and be walked over. Thank you DCYF for turning me into a fighter. You messed with the wrong Grammy!
    Would you like to know anything else? I have ton's of REAL info. Now you can go back and tell your cohort's I have in my possession ALL proof of wrongdoing and I'm not afraid of using it! NH DCYF WILL go down!

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  4. Oh and by the way, my grandson wasn't drugged until after he was taken and placed in foster care, AFTER he tried to hang himself because he wasn't ALLOWED to see his grandparent's. He was diagnosed with violent behavior. The diagnosis was changed soon after he was placed at the childrens home to ADHD. Odd, but he was tested for ADHD before he was stolen. There was NO ADHD! And his mother Never signed for him to be drugged with Adderral.

  5. I do hope you bust them. I've been facing a dilemma of my own with a psycho nut case and a judge who has been unjust. Heres a tip, file a complaint with the board of ethics on the foster workers, parent aids, judge, attorneys, anyone who did anything wrong with the board of ethics in your state. Furthermore the judicial tenure commission will be happy to do an investigation on the judge himself. Furthermore, to remove dishonest and harmful workers liscense, file a complaint with the department of liscensing and public affairs Bearu of health care services. This is only on social workers, mind you. You may look up how to file a grievance on an attorney in your state and you may also have a lawsuit on your hands. I do so hope you succeed. When foster care dhs attorneys and judges work to deprive children of their cival and constitutional rights its a sad day in America.. Its happening all over the usa. most of all, if you believe in God, pray without ceasing. Pray over everything you do to defend these childrens. Pray for Gods favor. God be with you. I hope you succeed in your journey to save these children from the grip of the underhanded.