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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Nashua,NH DCYF Horror Story (With Add on's) Edited

A Nashua,NH DCYF Horror Story
(Add on's in BOLD)

On 8/30/05,A new Mother was admitted to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, in labor with her first child. She was a recovering addict, on Methadone, since the day she found out she was pregnant. She was given methadone, an epidural, pitocin, fentynal and a Morphine IV in labor for 19 ½ hour’s, as the baby was Placenta-Previa. Her daughter was born 8/31/05, healthy and of normal birth weight.

On 9/1/05, the new Mother was told by one of the Nurses her baby was perfectly healthy and would be going home with her on 9/2/05. Documentation from the hospital shows the baby met ALL criteria for discharge. The paper was signed by; Constance Levesque, RN; Margaret Speidel, RN; Laura Parkinson, RN And the hospital Social Worker, Kathy Lizotte.

On the evening of 9/1/05, Janice Watson form Healthy Steps Methadone Program for Pregnant Women, spoke to the Social Worker Kathy Lizotte and told her the baby was withdrawing and needed to be moved to NICU. She was moved at 10 PM that night for observation, as stated by one of the Nurses to the baby’s paternal Aunt. She was NOT moved there for withdrawl symptoms.

On the morning of 9/2/05, the baby’s paternal Aunt went to the hospital to visit the new mother and her child. The mother and Aunt went to NICU, where the mother was handed the wrong baby. A coke addicted baby with no bracelet’s or security alarm on. The Mother told the Nurse it wasn’t her baby. The Nurse argued with her and told her she was hallucinating, that this WAS her baby. The Mother got angry and flipped out. The Nurse finally took the baby and brought back the right baby to the Mother and her Aunt, who also had no bracelet’s or security alarm on, even though they were put on her at the time of her birth. She told the hospital staff she wanted her daughter transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital and was threatened with being arrested if she tried to transfer her. The baby’s Aunt has filed an Affidavit of the truth with the NH Redress Grievance Committee.

Soon after, on the same day, the new Mother was reported to DCYF by SW Kathy Lizotte, who reported the baby was withdrawing and had illegal drug’s in her system. The Toxicology test result’s weren’t even back until 9/4/05, which showed Morphine in the baby. The morphine given to the Mother in labor.

On or about 9/14/05, a false report was called into DCYF against the new Mother’s sister, who was staying in the grandparents home with her two children. The report stated her children were being molested. They weren’t told by who, or where. They immediately took both children to SNHMC and had them checked. There was NO evidence of any kind of abuse. The next morning they gave the hospital paperwork to DCYF Assessment worker Tracy Roukie. She stated the case was unfounded and would close the case, Edited-but it was NEVER signed by the Supervisor until  9/29/05, so even though the family Believed the case was closed and were told the case was closed, in all actuality it wasn't until it was signed. In cases such as these, unfounded reports "should" be signed the same day the report is deemed UNFOUNDED!

On 9/21/05, DCYF Assessment worker Melissa Deane filed paperwork with the Nashua District Court for abuse and neglect against the new Mother, who never even got to take her daughter home from the hospital.

On 9/26/05, outside of the courtroom, the Grandmother asked for custody of her newborn granddaughter. DCYF Atty. Kate McClure told the Grandmother “not with sexual molestation going on in your house.” The Grandmother asked her what she was talking about and told her no such thing ever happened at HER house. She stated it would be proven in court. The Grandmother told her it wouldn’t, because it never happened. Soon after the Grandmother found out her estranged son-in-law, who didn’t live in her home and never visited the kid’s, was the person accused. There was NO investigation and he was Never questioned.

On 9/26/05, at the Preliminary hearing in District Court, DCYF Atty. Kate McClure told Judge Leary the children WERE being sexually abused in the Grandparent’s home. No proof, nothing. Just hearsay. The new Mother was only allowed to say it wasn’t true, but nothing else. No-one was allowed in the courtroom to support the new Mother. Because of the proven false report, the Grandparent’s were Never allowed custody of their granddaughter. Judge Leary court-ordered the new Mother’s and her newborn’s record’s, but negligently failed to court order the new Mother’s prenatal medical file. Judge Leary ordered foster placement for the newborn, without services to prevent placement as mandated by State and Federal Law.
Edited on 7/13/15- On 9/29/05 the Assessment against

On 9/28/05, DCYF Assessment Worker Melissa Deane tried to make the new Mother sign an application for Title IV-A Funding for services. The new Mother refused to sign as she was NOT on TANF, was NOT eligible for TANF and had NO intentions on signing up for TANF, so Melissa Deane signed it herself, illegally.

On 10/3/05, the newborn was taken by DCYF from the hospital and placed with a couple in Hudson, NH, Mark and Barbara XXXXX, who never had children of their own and who did NOT meet Residence requirement’s in the state of NH, whose first question to Melissa Deane was, “When will we be financially supplemented?”

Before the newborn was taken, a family member called DCYF and spoke to Nashua Supervisor Tracey Gubbin’s requesting the newborn be placed in his home. She responded with, ”Relative placement is NOT an option. The baby is going into foster care, period.”

On 10/31/05,05 the Adjudicatory hearing was held. Again, no-one was allowed in the courtroom. The new Mother’s court-appointed Lawyer, Brian Major, failed to subpoena any witnesses to testify in her behalf, even though he was given a list of witnesses. Janice Watson from Healthy Steps testified for the state. Under oath, she stated the Methadone given to the new Mother in labor didn’t have time to reach the baby, so the Morphine wouldn’t have either. The toxicology report show’s the newborn was NEVER tested for Methadone. At the time, the new Mother didn’t have the Tox report as ALL of her records were kept from her until Feb.06. She was finally given her record’s from the Hospital and the Health Center after her Endocrinologist requested her records. She was diagnosed with Sheehan Syndrome, which is rare in this country, seen more so in third world countries and is caused by bad medical care. In her case, her pituitary gland hemorrhaged in labor due to the natural birth of a placenta previa baby. Her Lawyer refused to let her see her records or make copies, stating the court didn’t pay him enough. When asked why he didn't fight for the mother, he stated, "Because the court is my boss." The new Mother was charged with anticipated Neglect In the future.

On 11/1/05, the new Mother was threatened she would never see her daughter again by CPSW Kris Geno, if she didn’t sign the case plan. Geno told her there would be no funding for visitation or drug testing. There were no services offered before the baby was taken or after.

On 11/2/05 the new Mother filed a motion with the court for new representation and was denied. She filed again on 3/12/06 and on 9/19/07 and was denied, even after stating she would represent herself. There was no signature by any Judge. Brian Major also filed a Motion to Withdraw on 5/06/06 and was denied.

On 12/7/05, the Dispositional hearing was held. Judge Eward Tenney officiated. The new Mother was court-ordered OUT of Methadone treatment in order to regain custody of her daughter, which is both illegal and discriminatory. Judge Tenney court-ordered her into Medical Methadone Detox, a program that didn’t exist in NH and court-ordered her into Odyssey House after she was off the Methadone. CPSW Kris Geno told the new Mother not to start detoxing on her own as it would be too dangerous and guaranteed she would get her into Medical detox after being accepted by Odyssey.
Atty. Brian Major refused to file for a De Novo appeal, stating it would have the same outcome. He also told the Grandmother that if she had told DCYF what they wanted to hear, she would have gotten custody of her granddaughter. They wanted the grandmother to go against her daughter and say that she was using drugs when all she was on was LEGAL Methadone, which was PROVEN.

The grandparents filed for Guardianship of their granddaughter and were denied by Judge James Patten. At the hearing the Judge couldn’t figure out how the new Mother could be charged with abuse or neglect, seeing as she never took her baby home from the hospital. Atty. Kate McClure answered him with “Neglect in the Future. We believe she’ll neglect her in the future.” Judge Patten went along with it.

The new Mother’s sister was arrested by the Nashua PD, while at SNHMC on the evening of 1/19/06 for intoxication, which was later changed to child endangerment, as her 4 yr. old daughter was with her. Her 6 yr. old son was left at home with a babysitter, who left him there alone, sleeping. The two children were placed in the grandparent’s home that night by the PD. Toxicology reports from that night prove there was no alcohol in her system. She was on prescribed medication. Her medical records were also hidden for almost six months.

A Preliminary hearing was held on 1/24/06, where Judge James Leary ruled to leave the two children in the grandparents home, against the objection of DCYF Atty. Darrin Hood-Tucker, who didn’t want the children to have contact with their Aunt because she had an open case. No services were offered to prevent placement in this case either. The sister was also threatened into signing a Case plan, by Anna Salvatore Edlund. She was told the same thing as the new Mother (her sister)was told. If she didn’t sign, she would never see her kid’s again. She was also told to move out of the new apartment she shared with her husband. She was stalked for a week by DCYF, who reported back to her husband. The Aunt and her husband were both told if she didn’t move out, neither of them would see their kid’s again, even though the children were in foster care at the time, not living in their home.

On 1/25/06 the new Mother was arrested on a warrant for charges from 9/29/05, after losing custody of her daughter. Her parent’s bailed her out on or about 2/2/06 due to the need for urgent medical care.

On 2/03/06, the Grandmother went to the courthouse to get the paperwork for the children stating she and her husband had temporary custody. The Grandmother was met by Atty. Tucker who told her DCYF didn’t want the new Mother around her niece and nephew even though Judge Leary knew she lived in the grandparent’s home. She stated , “The Judge has no say. It’s all up to me.” The grandmother called her grandson’s school and had him dismissed and rushed home, afraid DCYF would take him out of school. In a matter of fifteen minutes, DCYF and four Police officers were at the Grandparent’s house. They told the Grandfather they had a court order and a warrant to take the kid’s, but refused to show either. They dragged their grandson down the street kicking and screaming, while the neighbor’s watched in horror. The Grandparent’s just recently found out there was NO court order or warrant. DCYF state in their paperwork, the children were removed because their Aunt was using illegal substances around the children, which wasn’t possible seeing as CPSW Kris Geno was randomly drug testing their Aunt and the only drug in her was legal Methadone from her Methadone treatment program. They also stated there was already a court order in place for no contact, but there wasn’t.

The children were placed in Merrimack, in the foster home of Jessie and David XXXXXXX. In Sept. 06, the grandson tried to hang himself from the bunkbed’s in his room. He then reportedly started showing very violent behavior. Behavior he never experienced before being taken. He was taken to SNHMC by the Merrimack Police, where his family was NOT allowed to see him. CPSW Anna Salvatore told his mother if she didn’t sign for him to be placed in Anna Philbrook Psychiatric Hospital, the Judge would court order it and she would lose all her rights. They transported him to Philbrook. The Doctor told the family he knew what was wrong with him, but he was still put on psycho-tropic medication. The only thing he wanted was to be with his Grampie.

In Feb. 06, the new Mother’s prenatal records and hospital record’s finally surfaced. Her court-appointed puppet refused to file a motion to have them admitted, so her mother tried to get them admitted and was refused by Judge Leary. Prenatal files Judge Leary neglected to order in the first place. Judge Leary told the new Mother to bring in the evidence and when she did, he refused to admit it into evidence. Her puppet also refused to file a motion to have the charges dismissed.

The Grandmother filed motion's with the court for visitation and custody. She received court papers telling her to be at two Review Hearings. After taking off of work both day's, she was NOT admitted into the courtroom. Judge Bamberger officiated. When the Hearing's were over, she was told by the clerk the motions were denied.
The Grandmother was admitted into the courtroom once, after filing a Motion to intervene, for both grandchildren and was again denied by Judge Bamberger.

The new Mother was notified by CPSW Kris Geno at the beginning of March that she was accepted at Odyssey House and needed to be there on 3/08/06, but had to be off methadone. ATTY Major stated Kris Geno was calling everywhere to get the mother into Medical Detox. There were no records or call log’s in the mother’s file to prove she was. The new mother’s mother called everywhere and was told every time, Medical detox had been cut from the budget. There was NO medical detox in NH. It didn’t exist. She then contacted many medical detox facilities in Ma. who agreed to admit the new Mother, but Kris Geno refused to let her go to Ma.

The new Mother started detoxing on her own and was being drug tested. She was then given a date for admittance to Odyssey House on 3/30/06. She was on 85 mgs. of Methadone when she started detoxing and was down to 9 mgs. on 3/28/06, when CPSW Geno called the Methadone Clinic to check on her dosage. She had her last dose on 3/29/06, the morning of her review hearing. CPSW Geno told Judge Leary that the Mother’s doses weren’t going down, the levels weren’t going down and she wasn’t being drug tested. Drug test results from her file show she WAS being drug tested and the level’s were going down. Kris Geno’s call log’s also prove the doses were going down, per the Methadone Clinic. Without any evidence given by Kris Geno, the Mother was denied admittance to Odyssey House. Kris Geno left the courtroom and spoke to the foster stranger’s. She told them, ”Don’t worry. There’s no guarantee she’s going anywhere.”

The new Mother was then accepted into the same type of facility in Ma. Again, Kris Geno refused to let her go with her daughter, but it was alright to let the foster stranger's take her newborn baby out of state, after it was rubberstamped by the Judges who do whatever DCYF tell's them to do.

The new Mother went back to the Methadone Program, now realizing no matter what she did, her daughter would never be returned. She admitted herself into Phoenix House in Keene to detox in Nov. 06. She also was admitted to Serenity Place on 2/23/07 and was temporarily medically discharged on 3/14/07. She was charged the same day with a probation violation for not finishing the program. Judge Raymond Cloutier stated the opposite of this testimony and proof at the TPR hearing, which included his statement that the new Mother’s probation was violated for a dirty drug test. He also stated the new Mother refused to go to Serenity Place as offered and opted to go to Prison instead. DCYF Assessment Worker Melissa Deane testified at the hearing that she didn’t know the new Mother was given morphine in labor. She never investigated. The new Mother’s right’s to her daughter were terminated on 8/1/07. The termination was appealed, but NOT overturned. The Supreme Court decision stated Judge Cloutier made no errors. No, he wrote the opposite of testimony and evidence in his decision but they don't call that errors?

The baby’s father was never contacted by the State of NH. A fictitious man’s right’s were terminated as the father of the baby. The new Mother found that DCYF provided the court with another man’s name, not the father’s name. She filed an affidavit of paternity on 3/6/08 with the Hillsborough County Probate Court. Judge Patten denied ever receiving the affidavit, even though the affidavit was in an objection brief filed by County Attorney Woodard. Judge Patten granted the adoption of the baby on 3/10/08. Her father was denied paternity testing and the right to challenge the adoption of his daughter, twice. During this time, the Grandmother had an appeal pending in Supreme Court to stay the adoption of the baby, after being denied a Motion to Reconsider by Judge Patten twice. The adoption of the baby was granted while the grandmother’s appeal was pending. Again ILLEGAL.

The two grandchildren, that were first placed with their grandparent’s were placed in St. Charles Children’s home in Rochester after their grandson was released from Philbrook hospital. He has since been put on Adderall for ADHD, which he was tested for in Nashua before he was taken and found NOT to have.

The grandparent’s were told NOT to try to contact the home. Their mother was given a new caseworker after not having one for four months. She suggested the grandparent’s call the home, so they did. They were finally allowed monthly visits until the parent-aide brought up the children’s mother’s name, in which their grandson responded with, ”XXXXX isn’t my mother anymore.” He said that’s what he was told. His grandmother told him,”yes she is your mother and always will be no matter what.” That was the last time they saw him.

The Grandmother wrote many letters, all over the State of NH as well as all over the country. NH DHHS Commissioner Nicolas Toumpas finally told DCYF to do a home study with the grandparents for their grandsons placement. It took eight months. The new caseworker started it and told the grandparent’s she wanted XXXXXX placed with them. Then she left DCYF. The adoption worker then took over, whom the grandmother had met at Foster care classes. She also said she was advocating for the grandparents. The Home Study was never totally completed. There was only one visit from DCYF. Nothing else. No proof of finances, no home inspection, nothing. There were many false statements in the home study made by Tracey Gubbins, who signed off the incomplete home study.

After calling Commissioner Toumpas several times, Lorraine Bartlett called and set up a meeting with the grandparent’s, who were denied custody of their grandson. They were then denied an Administrative appeal’s hearing. The Manager of the Aministrative Appeals unit, John Dabuliewicz told the Grandmother they don’t do appeals for people denied placement, but that isn’t what the foster care book’s state. Lorraine Bartlett wanted the Grandparents to sit down with the adoption worker and write a good-bye letter to their grandson, telling him it was okay to move on. They refused. Maggie Bishop told the Grandmother she should have left her daughter in jail to die, stating if it were her child, that’s exactly what she would have done. Then she came back with, “Why isn’t XXXXX dead?”

The two children’s Mother’s records from the night the children were taken were also missing. They were finally given to her almost six months after the kid’s were taken. The criminal charges of being intoxicated and child endangerment were dismissed, due to her new found evidence, but CPSW Salvatore and the CASA worker vowed to make sure the kid’s weren’t returned. The Mother’s court appointed Atty. Diane Griffith filed a Motion with the court on 9/19/06 to have the neglect charges be dismissed and the new evidence be admitted into court. The motion was denied by Judge LaFrancois.

The Mother received paperwork from the Sherriff stating her son’s father’s right’s were being terminated on 9/25/07. The paperwork stated the wrong man. She and her mother told the CPSW this was NOT his father, who responded with, ”Oh well. No big deal.” They were well aware this was NOT her son’s father, as they had in their possession his birth certificate, along with his father’s address and his Social Security number. He was NEVER contacted. He had been deported when her son was a newborn. So they terminated a fictitious man’s rights again.

The Mother’s rights were terminated by Judge Raymond Cloutier in June of 2008. ALL State witnesses testified that the little boy wanted to live with his grandparents. His mother appealed due to errors made by Judge Cloutier, but her case was NOT overturned. Both grandchildren’s illegal adoptions were granted by Judge James Patten of the Hillsborough County Probate Court.
The grandparent’s filed for custody of both children several times. They were denied every time. The grandmother was denied a foster care license also, on the assumption she would not cooperate with DCYF. Would you cooperate after being slandered and victimized by a rogue government agency?

The Grandmother has in her possession, an e-mail from Maggie Bishop, stating a Home Study would be done with the Grandparent's for placement of their Grandson in their home.
The grandmother also has in her possession an e-mail from Lorraine Bartlett which states she and her husband were only afforded the Home Study to show them why they would not be a good placement for their grandson. It also state’s their grandson was in a pre-adoptive home in December of 2009 and his name was already changed, which is illegal.

Judge Bamberger sat on the bench for both daughter’s criminal charges, as well as sitting on the bench many times for their child custody cases. He definitely showed his bias against both of them, stating, “It’s too bad if your children were taken illegally. It’s too late. You didn’t file a De Novo appeal.” Wasn’t that up to their court appointed puppet’s, who both refused? Then why does it go against parent’s? Why are parent’s treated worse than convicted criminal’s?

Relative placement is not an option in Nashua, services are NOT provided to at-risk families before a child is placed in foster care, family and friend’s of the accused are NOT ever allowed into the courtroom, the accused is NOT allowed to speak in court AND court CD’s proving perjury by states witnesses are NEVER given to the accused, even after several motion’s are filed. There is NO Due Process in NH Family Court and NH DCYF are known as the Destroyer’s of Children, Youth and Families.

The “Secret” Court’s need to be opened and jury trial’s for all accused parent’s. That’s the only way to stop the abuse aimed at Children and Families!



  1. DCYF and Foster are the reason so many children in the USA are dead. The false note taking etc has placed children away from their parents and both parents and children are now dead and or suffering. It would be best for whatever parents are left to take our words for it and shut down the dcyf before they kill your children right before your eyes and you right in front of theirs, that is their true way. The family courts need to be open for everyone to see what it is the judges are going along with. The USA is the true world disaster, the shame of what the dcyf workers should be feeling only excites them more while the take your children, cash, and torture millions while claiming to be Gods!


  3. As a grandmother, I have gone through the same crap that unhappy grandmother is going through, to the extent that my daughter has told a Laconia court 20years ago that I did drugs and was an alcoholic, to which neither is true and lately I am being informed that now that a dcyf worker Leah Elliot told my daughter,granddaughter and my granddaughter's adoption mom that my husband had molested my granddaughter and his two boys from a previous marriage, when my husband lost his boys to the state for neglectfrom his ex wife. This bull from the dcyf workers is all about destroying families children and anyone and anything they can, and also never trust casa workers, cause they have their hands in the same pockets as dcyf. They all lie, cheat and steal from people like us who try our hardest to have and give our families a decent life

    1. I had no idea Leah Elliott was back working for DCYF. She was my daughter's second caseworker after they got rid of Anna the homewrecker. At the time, Leah was nothing like Anna. She was really nice and tried to help my daughter, though they said it was too late after Anna did nothing to help.
      We were also told by Anna that my grandchildren were being molested, but that was while they were in Foster care. DCYF never did anything to find out if it was true or who the abuser was.We had our ideas, but we never considered the Foster stranger's to be the culprit's. When we spoke up and told them we thought it was the male parent aide, they swept it under the rug and did nothing. There was no investigation. It was never mentioned again.
      I definitely know this is all about destroying our families. The States think they can do a better job of raising our children. God help us if crooked Hillary get's in. There won't be any biological families left!