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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Children Stolen Due to False Positive Drug Tests

Through my seven years of research, since the illegal kidnappings of my grandchildren, Austin and Isabella, I've gained quite a bit of knowledge about the great and powerful CPS/DCYF and the Family Court's.
My research this morning uncovered an article on False Positive Drug Test's: 

False Positive Test Caused by: new study info!?  

After reading over this article, I have come to the conclusion I was right all along. I fought from day one with Nashua DCYF and my daughter's court-appointed Lawyer, that the Hepatitis-C she suffered from during and after her pregnancy with Isabella was the cause of False positive drug tests. Her Lawyer argued with me, stating his brother was a Doctor and told him this wasn't possible. But all along, I knew better.

In my research back in 2005, I found that when the liver isn't functioning as it should be, it takes longer to clean out the toxins in the body. Drug test after drug test produced Positive results. Loss of visitation between Mother and daughter, needlessly for four months. 

Then at the end of December 2005, my daughter was contacted by her Doctor. The Hepatitis had cleared itself. It was a miracle. The Doctor couldn't believe it. Neither could my daughter. That's when the DCYF drug tests started coming out negative and her visits were finally reinstated. Still, no-one listened to me. I was called an Enabler by DCYF. Why? Because I fought for what was right? Because I knew all along my daughter was being railroaded? Because I fought for the rights of a young mother who couldn't even speak up to a courtroom filled with people against her, without being allowed the support of her family and friends? A Mother who sat in a courtroom with no-one one her side, including her court appointed Puppet of the Court?

This article not only states Liver disease  can cause a false positive, but so can Diabetes, for both opiates and cocaine. How often does a person use both opiates and cocaine? They don't normally. One is an upper, the other a downer. They use either one or the other.

After six months of trying to get the hidden Hospital and Health Center records, they were finally released, after my daughters Doctor ordered them. He was trying to find out what happened to her during the delivery of her daughter. He diagnosed her with Sheehan Syndrome. A sickness rare in the United States, but well known in third world countries, which is due to bad prenatal medical care. During the Natural  delivery of her Placenta-Previa daughter, her Pituitary gland hemorrhaged. 

I was determined to find out what had happened during my daughter's pregnancy and labor. I poured through both medical files. I found an abundance of proof that she had MANY conditions throughout her "High Risk" pregnancy. All documented, but none treated. I knew right then why she was diagnosed with Sheehan Syndrome. She had the worst prenatal medical care of anyone I had ever known. 

The documentation and lab tests showed that she had a myriad of problems and was most probably Diabetic, but treated for nothing and never told why she vomited day and night. Only hospitalized on an emergency basis, several times a week and sent home. It's a wonder she and the baby survived through the 19 hours of hard labor. 19 hours of trying to push out a Placenta-Previa baby, only to have her stolen by Nashua DCYF and the Family Court. A Mother and child no-one cared whether they lived or died. That is until DCYF could steal the baby and make money off her. And they did. Illegally!

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  1. Did she get her daughter back - your granddaughter ? I sure hope so.

    1. No, she never got her back and she was never placed with family member's. She was ILLEGALLY adopted by strangers.
      Though we proved everything with the NH Legislature by petitioning the Redress Grievance Committee, the Petition was Founded, but we still don't have her back.