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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life

                                 Me and My Knight September 28th, 1974

Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life
Forty three years ago today I married the Love of my Life, My Knight,
But this year I no longer have a reason to celebrate the life we made together,
You were taken from me too soon, no more happy memories to make, only the memories from the past that we shared,
All the things we did together to make this house you loved so much a home,
The family we raised, the grandchildren we cherish,
We laughed together, we cried together through the good times and the bad, supporting each other in everything we did,
The only person I could ever count on, the only person I ever will,
We loved each other unconditionally, no matter what life threw at us,
We were always each other’s rock, I’ll never have that again,
I am so lost without you, we did everything together, I feel so alone and unhappy,
Our Love will last FOREVER, even in death,
I long to hear your voice and see your smiling face, the happiness in your eyes,
My heart will never mend until I’m in your arms again,
I’m no longer the strong person I used to be, I’m half a person without you, my heart is broken in two,
Marriage vows say until death do we part, but our marriage will not end at death,
We will be married forever, husband and wife throughout eternity,
Praying that we will be reunited again when my time on earth is over,
The sooner the better, again we will be one,
Happy Anniversary to you my Knight and please never leave my side,
I can’t bare the thought of not feeling you close to me, please don’t ever go.
I Love you my Knight and I always will. I will never let you go. 

Love Always and Forever, Dot xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Today is the 5 Month Anniversary of the Death of my Loving Husband Murdered by UNWANTED Palliative Care

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      My Knight, before he was Murdered by the Hospital and Palliative Care

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  Summer 2016

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12/2016 Playing in the snow with Trin and Tio

Today is not a day to celebrate. No day is anymore, not for me. This is the 5 month Anniversary of the death of the love my life. There is no reason to ever celebrate again. While the scum bag Palliative Care Doctor and Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner's hired by the Nashua, NH Hospital celebrate their lives and families lives, I'm left with nothing but anger and hate toward the scumbags that purposefully murdered my husband. I pray for their demise. Karma WILL catch up to them. The sooner the better. I hope they ALL lose their license to practice Medicine.
Palliative Care that we refused. Palliative Care that was forced on my husband unknowingly, ILLEGALLY. Palliative care identification kept secret from us in order to kill my husband.
The Palliative Care Dr. has a private practice in Nashua. I've heard from other's how much the pill seeker's love him because he prescribes huge amounts of opiates very freely. These people love being over drugged into oblivion. That wasn't what my husband wanted. He wanted to know what was really wrong with him and treated for the illnesses. He got neither. He was instead overdosed with 225 mgs. of morphine daily, by Dr. Death, the name given to him by one of my children. The only words out of Dr. Deaths mouth were Cancer. Your dying from Cancer. So how is it you have Cancer when a lung biopsy (which gave you an infection) shows NO malignant cells? Crock of shit!
Then you have the Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner who came to the house and didn't tell us she was Palliative Care. We chose the AIM Program, not Palliative Care or Hospice Care. She is a death monger and spewed her death rants all three times she came to my house. I WILL find out who sent her to my house ILLEGALLY. The third time she came, she agitated my husband so badly he had a Heart attack. I had no clue. The dirty bitch walked out and left him unresponsive. He was no longer talking, joking or moving or anything else. He had been talking to our son until she came in and started her death rants. I can't wait for Karma to get that drunk either. Yes, I said drunk. I've heard much about this unethical bitch! All bad! I pray she loses her Medical license!
Then we have the Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner that works with Oncology at the Hospital. We met her at my husband's Doctor's appointment on March 16th, the day he was admitted for WEAKNESS. We didn't know who she was. I just thought she was a nice lady that worked with him. That couldn't have been further from the truth. Another Murderer. That death monger was witness to my husband's refusal of Palliative/Hospice Care and still stepped in uninvited to handle his care, or shall I say the care that he never got. He said it right in front of her, that he didn't want to die and he wanted treatment. She even asked what the most important thing was in his life. He answered, "My family." She's the bitch that discontinued the antibiotics that the ER Dr. put him on and requested NO TREATMENT behind our backs and to this day denies it. We had no idea. We thought she came in to see us to be supportive, not to kill my husband. Yes, SHE killed my husband. The Medical file even states she gave the orders. It also states the ER Doctor stated we wanted antibiotics and everything possible doe to say my husband's life. Imagine that, someone who isn't even his Doctor stepped in and took over without consulting his Primary Care Dr. or his Family. Extremely sad these days how Hospital's get away with Murdering patients. I hope she loses her Medical license also and also the Hospitalist responsible for ILLEGALLY sending in Palliative Care! Euthanasia is alive in NH and Murder IS legal in NH!!!
I Love you My Knight and always will! I promise your death will not be in vein. You will get Justice!
Forever and always, the Love of Your Life.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

September is Sepsis Awareness Month-Please Beware!


 My poor Husband, my Knight, dying from UNTREATED Sepsis at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Please research Sepsis before admitting your loved ones into the hospital. Know the symptoms. Watch the monitor's. When the Nurses tell you not to watch the monitors, that they don't mean anything, they're lying. Do your homework. Learn everything you can about Sepsis. The Doctor's nor the Nurses will offer you any information. When you ask question's, they'll lie to you. They don't want their dirty little secret coming out, especially when you want your loved one transferred to a better hospital. A hospital more capable of caring for your loved ones needs. Can you even imagine how much trouble the hospital would be in if they transferred your loved one with UNtreated Sepsis and to top it all off, never even told you or your loved one that they even had Sepsis? 
My own loving husband, the love of my life was just one of many denied life saving antibiotics for Sepsis that he contracted at a Nashua, NH Hospital. The only hospital in Nashua that my family and I entrusted with our lives MURDERED my husband of 42 years. He told them he wanted treatment. He told them he didn't want to die. He refused Palliative/Hospice care, but a Hospitalist went behind our backs and put him on Palliative Care, ILLEGALLY Never consulting us. Never telling us these Doctors were Palliative Care. Never telling us almost daily lab tests and cat scans  showed he had other illnesses. Illnesses he was NEVER treated for. Admitted in the first place for weakness. Told his Hospital stay would be very short. Just to strengthen him. How could anyone become stronger when Dr. Death comes in and overdoses your loved one with Morphine? Morphine that weakens your loved one so all they do is sleep. 
A Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner from this same Hospital stepped in and stopped ALL medication and treatment for my husband. A Nurse Practitioner who had no business making any such orders and then denied she had anything to do with my husband's death. This woman was NOT my husbands Doctor and had I known she was a Nurse Practitioner AND Palliative Care she would have been thrown out of my husbands room. This Nashua Hospital never even contacted or consulted my husbands Primary Care Doctor. The only time they called her is after he died at the hands of UNWANTED, UNKNOWINGLY FORCED Palliative Care!
Please beware, before admitting your loved ones to any Hospital, know the signs of Sepsis and if the Hospital refuses the transfer you've set up, call the Police and have your loved one removed from that Hospital. Holding the patient against his will is also ILLEGAL. 
Don't wait until it's too late. Don't lose your loved one like I did because I knew nothing about Sepsis. When lab reports are generated, get them right away and research all of the findings so you know exactly what you aren't being told. The life you save may be the Love of Your Life!
Now who want's to tell be Death Panels don't exist in America! They sure do exist in Nashua, NH!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Nashua, NH Hospital Puts Patient's on Hospice/Palliative Care ILLEGALLY


This is how it's "Supposed" to work, but at this one Nashua Hospital be forewarned. It Doesn't!
You can get hospice care if you have Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) AND meet all of these conditions:
  • Your hospice doctor and your regular doctor or nurse practitioner (if you have one) certify that you’re terminally ill (you're expected to live 6 months or less).
  • You accept palliative care (for comfort) instead of care to cure your illness.
  • You sign a statement choosing hospice care instead of other Medicare-covered treatments for your terminal illness and related conditions.
Only your hospice doctor and your regular doctor or nurse practitioner (if you have one) can certify that you’re terminally ill and have a life expectancy of 6 months or less.
This is the scenario I witnessed:
First and foremost, you REFUSE Hospice/Palliative Care when it's offered.You don't sign ANY contracts. Even when coerced, you and your loved ones adamantly REFUSE. The patient states he doesn't want to die. He states he wants treatment. Well guess what? He's put on Palliative Care any way. He and his family never told. A man in a wheelchair comes to visit the patient in his Hospital room, never telling the patient who he is. His spouse ask's the Nurses who this man is. They state he's a Doctor, never bothering to mention that he's a Palliative Care Doctor. 
This Doctor start's visiting almost daily, jacking up the morphine dosage. Pretty soon the patient only sleeps. Every time he wakes up, he's given more morphine until the dosage hit's 225 mgs and the patient doesn't even know whether he's in pain or not. This Hospital has one GOOD Hospitalist who came in to see the patient and practically threw the Palliative Care Dr. out when he realized the patient was overdosed. He threw the Palliative Care Dr. off the case and took over himself.
Secondly, your own Doctor is never even contacted or consulted, so how can she certify you only have 6 month's or less to live? Even the Oncology Dr. gave him one year or more, not 6 months. 
This same Hospital performed daily lab tests, but never said a word on what they found. Never giving treatment or antibiotics for anything. If the patients family never obtained his Medical file, they never would have known that he had other illnesses which caused all the symptoms he had, but he was never treated for any of them. Hospice/Palliative Care only want to drug the patient with Morphine and let them die. This man stressed the fact he wanted treatment and didn't want to die. He was UNKNOWINGLY, ILLEGALLY forced into Palliative Care against his and his family's will.
The year or more to live that he was given in January 2017, ended up being less than three months because he contracted Sepsis in the Hospital. Sepsis that a Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner denied him antibiotics to treat. A Nurse Practitioner who had no business in the patients care, or should I say the care he never got? He had  pressure sores  on his back, along with never being treated with antibiotics for an infection he got after a bronchoscopy/biopsy at the same Hospital.
Palliative Care is for people who are dying and want to die. This patient was the love of my life, my Husband. He was NOT dying and he wanted to live and was denied life saving treatment by this Nashua Hospital. He would be alive today if Palliative Care wasn't ILLEGALLY thrown at him without his and his familiy's knowledge and acceptance!!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Forcing Unknowing Patients into Palliative Care Against Their Will Causes Unwanted, Untimely Deaths! Negligent Homicide???

Palliative Care is for people who WANT to die. Not people who don't. When a patient refuses Palliative care, shouldn't he be allowed his say? From all the research I've been doing, I've found that Doctor's can NOT force patients into Palliative care or Hospice. So why are they getting away with it? Why is this the norm at a local Nashua Hospital? A patient refuses Palliative Care because in his heart, he knows he is NOT dying. And IF he were treated for the illnesses he had, he wouldn't have died!
How about the patient who is admitted for weakness? The Oncologist states he will be admitted for a short time to regain his strength to get Cancer treatment, (for UNPROVEN Cancer). So how in the world can a patient regain his strength when a different Doctor, a Hospitalist recruits Palliative Care to the unknowing patient? No-one ever letting on that this Doctor is Palliative Care. The Palliative Care Doctor overdoses the patient with morphine so the patient can no longer do anything but sleep.
Lab tests are a daily routine and other illnesses are recognized, but the patient nor the family are ever told. No treatment ever given for any of the illnesses, yet Palliative Care Doctor's are "Supposed" to treat with medication and antibiotics. Not just morphine! Medication and antibiotics that WOULD have helped the patient regain his strength. The illnesses recognized, had anyone been reading the lab reports cause weakness, fatigue, chest pains and loss of appetite and breathing difficulty.
The Palliative Care idiots refuse feeding tubes and are aware of medications to get patients eating regularly, but they just don't bother trying to help the patient who they "Think" may have Cancer. The family members plead for their loved ones to be treated, but the Palliative Care idiots just want to kill them off.
Instead of more testing, other than Pet Scans which do NOT clearly show Cancer, but only show that it might be or it might not be Cancer. Pet Scans are many times false, due to infections, inflammation, diabetes and many other reasons. Just as the Police focus in on one person when a crime is committed, Doctors do the same thing. They don't bother checking in to all other reasons for the patients symptoms. Then why do lab tests daily if they aren't even going to treat what they find? MEDICARE FRAUD!
When a patient and his family REFUSE Palliative Care, but Palliative Care is unknowingly forced on them, they SHOULD be charged with Negligent Homicide! How many more patients and families are they doing this to? How many are contracting infections at these Hospitals and being denied lifesaving antibiotics? Who gave Palliative Care the right to say who lives or dies? Palliative Care is LEGAL Euthanasia and is killing off our loved ones senselessly, needlessly! It's time to hold these Doctor's of Death accountable!