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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Monday, May 29, 2017

Message to Amit Chander Hospitalist at St.Joseph's Hospital in Nashua, NH

                                                     1/16/1951-Murdered 4/26/2017
                                                  By St. Joseph's Hospital Nashua, NH

Why was my Husband never treated for the infection he acquired at St. Joes? And then he was sent home with an infection without telling us. And then you couldn't even tell us he had Sepsis? And for that matter you couldn't even tell us he had a Heart attack along with everything else I found in his file.
What kind of Doctor are you? You came to this Country to be a Doctor. Doctor's are "supposed" to save lives, not kill their patients, which is exactly what you did. Anyone with half a brain can read lab reports. Did you flunk out or just didn't care? When my husband was admitted, the paperwork states he would be given antibiotics if he had an infection. Why wasn't he? You call yourself a Doctor? You don't know what the word Doctor means. Are you even aware of the Hippocratic oath or did you skip that in Medical School?  Were you in on that little scheme with Dr. Death McDonah? Did you think my husband wasn't worth saving?
My husband died a senseless death and God will punish all of you who had a hand in his murder.
I hope you like all this unwanted attention. There's plenty more heading your way!!! You screwed over the wrong man. His wife, Me, never stops fighting for the people I love and I loved my husband dearly!
You really messed with the wrong woman!!!

Message to Pallative Care Dr. Donald McDonah

                                                 1/16/1951 Murdered 4/26/2017
                                            By St. Joseph's Hospital Nashua, NH

Why did you overdose my husband? Why did you make such a rude assumption thinking my husband was a drug addict? Is that the reason you and the other Doctors at St. Joes just wanted him dead? Clearly none of you did anything to save his life. Because of you weakening his system with 220 mgs. of morphine daily, the man who walked into the Hospital stopped walking and never walked again. When my daughter asked you if you were just drugging him up to die, you lied. You told us you were trying to take away his pain. Being overdosed, he didn't even know if he WAS in pain. Hospitalist Dr. Sinha saw that for himself and stopped you from drugging him. Unfortunately it was too late. You had already done so much damage my husband never walked again. Because you drugged him to oblivion, the only thing he wanted was to go home. He said you people were going to kill him and he was right. because of you and your cohorts he's dead.
You took away his pain alright. You took EVERYTHING away from him including his life. My husband was NOT a drug addict and you should never have assumed he was!!!!! Is that what the Medical profession has come to? Make assumptions about people and pick and choose who lives or dies? You and your cohorts are not God. You will reap what you sow. God knows my husband was murdered, as well as everyone else knows. My husband didn't have to die! What gives you the right to play God?????

Friday, May 26, 2017

WHA Adopts Resolution on Sepsis — GSA

WHA Adopts Resolution on Sepsis — GSA:

On Friday, May 26th, 2017, the World Health Assembly and the World Health Organization made sepsis a global health priority, by adopting a resolution to improve, prevent, diagnose, and manage sepsis. This marks a quatum leap in the global fight against sepsis.
Sepsis, commonly referred to as ‘blood poisoning’, is the life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to infection results in organ dysfunction or failure.  Sepsis is often confused with other conditions in its early stages, with delayed recognition of the signs and symptoms quickly leading to multi-system organ failure and ultimately death.

Right now the Murder of my Husband by St. Joseph's Hospital is all I can deal with, CPS horror stories are on Hold

Due to the Murder of my Husband by St. Joseph's Hospital in Nashua, NH, I can't deal with CPS Horror stories at this time. Fighting for my stolen grandchildren for the past eleven years has taken it's toll on my whole family. I could have been spending all that time with my loving husband. I'm kicking myself now for not spending every minute of every day by his side. I wasted eleven years. I knew how heartbroken my husband was not seeing our grandson Austin. I wanted to make sure he saw him again before he died. But of course that didn't happen.
The death of my husband was extremely senseless. St. Joseph's kept saying he was dying of Cancer, but there was no proof that he even had Cancer. After going through his Medical file, I saw that my husband had an infection while in the Hospital. An infection we were NEVER told about. An UN treated infection. By the look's of it by whats in his Medical file he had Pneumonia, but he also had bed sores. That UN treated infection turned into Sepsis which killed him. So yes, St. Joseph's IS responsible for his death. They WILL pay dearly. One way or another, they WILL pay. I talk to people every day about the rotten medical care they or their family member's received at St. Josephs.  The Lawsuits are piling up. No longer does St. Joseph's work to heal their patients. Like everything else, it's all about the money. I'm wondering if Doctor's don't even take a Hippocratic oath anymore, because they sure don't try to help their patients. Their new norm is just letting the patients die.
So for now I'm trying to deal with my husband's senseless death the best way I know how. By fighting for Justice. Justice that my loving husband deserves. St. Joseph's and all the other Hospital's like them MUST be held accountable for the patients they are killing.
I have question's for St. Joseph's: Why did you let my husband die? Why didn't you treat the infection? How do you pick and choose who lives and dies? My husband was a good man. He wasn't a druggie and he wasn't a drunk. He was a husband, a father of five and a Grandfather of 13. he cherished the time he spent with his grandchildren. Not only have you murdered him, you've ruined my life and my family's. No longer will my grandchildren have their DeDe (Grampie) to love and comfort them.
Why don't you start hiring better Doctor's instead of the crap ones you have who don't give a shit about human life???You SUCK and I hope you get closed down!! You messed with the wrong family. I NEVER  STOP Fighting for my loved ones!

Monday, May 22, 2017

SEPSIS, The Hospital Borne Infection Left Untreated Kill's Thousand's Every Year

Seeing as my own husband is one of the many thousands of people who contracted Sepsis at my once favorite Hospital, St. Joseph's in Nashua, I felt the need to write this post.
Like the thousands who die every year from Sepsis left untreated, my loving husband died of this same fate on April 26th, 2017. When my husband was admitted into the Hospital on March 16th, 2017, he didn't have an infection. When blood tests were repeated on March 27th, he had an infection and was never given any antibiotics. In fact, we weren't even told he had an infection. So who should be held responsible? it's not that hard to figure out when someone has an infection. His temperature was a little low, his blood pressure was low, his white blood count was high, his heart rate was up over 90, his respiratory rate was up past 20 (until they drugged him up with more morphine), he was getting big black spots on his neck and sores all the way up his spine that looked like MRSA and probably was. His skin on his legs was mottling and we were told it was his body was shutting down. No, it was because he had Sepsis, which we didn't find out until we were told by the Undertaker. Pretty sad when the Hospital couldn't even tell us the truth, or even treat my husband for the infection he caught in THEIR Hospital. My loving husband would be alive today if it weren't for St. Joseph's DIRTY little secret. They claim he died of Cancer, but his primary cause of death was SEPSIS. Nothing in his medical file even states that he had Cancer for sure, but it sure mentions Pneumonia plenty, also left untreated. I even found out he had a Heart Attack. Again, we were never told. There is plenty in the medical file that would make your heads spin, but I don't want to give it all away at this time. But yes, my love would still be alive today if he were treated for his Hospital borne infection. He said St. Joseph's was going to kill he and he was right! They did!
Now I find myself on another mission. Hospitals need to be held accountable for the deaths caused by Sepsis. My husband, as well as all the other people who have died from Sepsis must get justice. This is what I'll be working on. Legislation to hold Hospitals accountable for the deaths their Hospital borne infections cause. Legislation to make sure ALL Hospitals follow guidelines to test for Sepsis and treat Sepsis. Here's a really good article a friend sent me:
Doctors have resisted guidelines to treat sepsis. New study suggests those guidelines save lives
Even in the face of increased pressure from regulators, many doctors have failed to fully embrace early screening and treatment protocols for sepsis, an infection-related complication that afflicts tens of thousands of Americans every year and that can be life-threatening.
Skeptics have argued that there haven’t been any comprehensive studies to support the notion that the protocols can actually save lives.
The protocols call on clinicians to first obtain a blood culture and measure the serum lactate level — often an indicator of septic shock, when the body’s immune system attacks vital organs — and to administer broad-spectrum antibiotics, usually by IV.
Doctors who have already adopted the protocols and avoided treatment delays, according to proponents, have likely saved thousands of lives annually in New York alone, and could save tens of thousands nationally if the protocols are more widely adopted.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Big Thank You (Not) to All of the People who Screwed my Husband Over

First and foremost, we have Dr. Tisdale, who told my husband and I, "Maybe you don't have Kidney Cancer. We won't know until we take out your kidney." My husband refused. Well guess what, it was still never proven he had Kidney Cancer.
Then we have Pallative Care Dr. Donald McDonah. I finally found out who referred him to my husband's case without telling us. A Hospitalist at St. Joseph's Hospital who didn't have the decency to ask us first. We had no clue what Pallative Care was, nor did anyone tell us Dr. drug pusher McDonah was a Pallative Care Dr. Theis is the Dr. who fed my husband 220 mgs. of Morphine daily. The Dr. responsible for making my husband so weak, that he never walked again. Pretty sad a man walk's into the Hospital and then has to be brought home by ambulance on a stretcher. He couldn't wait to get out of there, once the morphine doses were lowered and the drug pushing Dr. was taken off his case. He kept saying they were going to kill him and they did.
And I don't want to hear he was in excrutiating pain. He was so numb from all the Morphine he didn't even know whether he was in pain or not. When a person is drugged to oblivion and Nurses come in and wake him every four hours for more morphine, he doesn't know whether he's coming or going. Because he could speak at the time, I, his wife had no say. It's pretty sad when they can just keep drugging a person when that person doesn't even know whats going on.
Then we have the Pallative Care Nurse Practitioner, Cheryl De La Rosa. Also referred by the same Hospitalist to come to our home. Again, we were never told or asked how we felt. If I had known what she was, I would have slammed the door in her face. This is the woman who kept agitating my husband.with her rantings of death. My husband was only 66 years old. he didn't want to hear her negative rant's anymore than I did. Her third and final visit to my house, she pushed my husband over the edge. She mentioned Dr. McDonah's name. My husband threw his arms in the air and tried to scream. Cheryl thought it was big joke. She responded with, "Did you see his reaction when I mentioned Dr. McDonah"s name?" I said "Well what do you expect? He's the one that overdosed him. He's the reason he's laying in this bed now." My husband's mouth opened wide and his eyes were half shut, which is how he staid the rest of his life Cheryl left and did nothing. As a Nurse Practitioner, she should have known something had just happened. I had no clue, because he could no longer speak. So the next day  he was readmitted back into the Hospital, for Dehydration, but the Medical records state he was readmitted for SEPSIS!
As I read over his medical record's, I saw he had a Heart attack, but I was never told. I thought for a while that he had a stroke. For all I know he could have had both, but the Hospitalist now on his case refused to do a Cat Scan. He also refused to do blood test's which we wanted done. When he was readmitted back into the Hospital, his Hemoglobin was 7.5. We were told if it went down to 7 he could have a blood transfusion. The Hospitalist, Dr. Kyaw stated, "Why should we waste the blood on him when someone bleeding to death could use it more?" And that's a Dr.? Give me a break!
According to the Medical record's, both from the Hospital and my husband's Primary Care Doctor and the Pulmonary Doctor, the lung biopsy my husband had states, a tumor, a mass OR Pneumonia. Again, lung cancer was NEVER proven. I believe he most certainly had Pneumonia. I kept telling them he had a respiratory infection, but no-one listened. He had a cold for almost a year straight before he was ever prescribed any medication, which still didn't clear it up.
Then we have his Death Certificate, which states Lung Cancer?????? and Sepsis. That's odd because we were never told of the Sepsis and ALL of the Medical record's state "Probable Sepsis." They don't even know.
For ALL of these reason's I fought for an Autopsy for my husband. Every time denied. County Attorney Dennis Hogan stated it wouldn't be done because his death wasn't  "Criminal" or "malicious". Then what would you call it when Nothing the Hospital stated was PROVEN?  That they neglected to treat him for a Hospital borne infection that he caught while there? That we were NEVER told?
We were told by a woman in the DOJ that if my husband's Primary Care Dr. called and wanted an Autopsy, he would be given one. Wrong! She tried. Still no autopsy. They told me to pay for one myself. If I had the 5 thousand dollars I would have.
A Hospital borne Infection killed my loving husband, NOT Cancer! The love of my life was right when he said they were going to kill him. They did and the State of NH doesn't care. Hospital's continue to get away with murder!!!
I can never have closure. With all of the screw ups by so many, I'll never know what was wrong with my husband. Thank you (NOT) to all the people who had a hand at killing my husband. And thank you to ALL the people who could have helped get my husband the Justice he deserves but instead looked the other way!


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Obituary of William F. Knightly Jr.

NASHUA- William “Bill” F. Knightly, Jr. 66, died peacefully Wednesday, April 26, 2017, due to complications at St. Joseph Hospital surrounded by his loving family. He is the beloved husband of Dorothy A. (Clair) Knightly.

Bill was born in Boston on January 16, 1951 and was the son of the late William F. Knightly Sr. and Viola (Parker) Demanche.

In his free time, he enjoyed gardening but his most cherished time was spent with his family, especially with his grandchildren and great-granddaughter.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by his five children, William F. Knightly III and his wife Dina of Georgia, Robert A. Knightly and his girlfriend Kaleigh Kilgren of Nashua, Michael J. Knightly and his wife Kristen of Hudson, Holly R. Albino and her husband Pedro of Nashua, and Candy N. Knightly and her boyfriend Ed Rene of Nashua; as well as his 12 grandchildren, Shyla, Kaitlin, Austin, Ally, Bella, Trinity, Jazmin, Zack, Ryan, Alyssa,Logan, and Eva. He is also survived by his great-granddaughter, Rose.

Relatives and friends are invited to join the family on Saturday May 13, 2017 from 2 to 3 PM at the ANCTIL-ROCHETTE & SON FUNERAL HOME, 21 Kinsley Street, Nashua. Burial will take place at the convenience of his family. To leave an online condolence, story, or message please www.ANCTIL-ROCHETTE.com.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The NH Medical Examiner Has Denied My Husband The Autopsy He Deserves

R.I.P. My Knight

My loving husband passed away at St. Joseph's Hospital in Nashua on April 26th,2017. St. Joes kept telling us he was dying of Cancer. They never told us he was actually dying from an infection. A Hospital borne infection, left untreated that he caught while he was there in March of 2017. I still wouldn't have known if the Funeral Director hadn't told me what was on his death Certificate.
After reading over the Medical records I found out more that St. Joes never told my family and I. My husband had a heart attack, which he was never treated for. I believe he had the heart attack and possibly a stroke on Tuesday April 17th, in our home when a Pallative Nurse Practitioner agitated him so badly he threw up his arms and tried to yell. She witnessed the pain and the suffering she put him through. We never signed up for Pallative care and I still don't know who authorized them coming to my house. I had no clue she was a Pallative care NP, just as we had no clue the Dr. who overmedicated him was a Pallative Care Dr. We didn't even know what Pallative Care was. I WILL find out who authorized that witch to come into my home and who is responsible for letting the Pallative Dr. feed my husband 220 mgs. of Morphine daily. Nobody said a word to us. Nobody told us. If I had known that witch was a Pallative Care NP she never would have gotten into my house. SHE caused my husband's heart attack and possible stroke with her death rant's. Even after we told her to stop being negative around him. He was only 66 years old. He didn't want to hear he was dying coming out of her mouth. We were still planning our future together. Now there is no future.
We still don't know if my husband had Kidney Cancer. His Oncologist stated they wouldn't know unless his kidney was removed. My husband didn't like that idea. What if they removed it and there was nothing wrong? What if they told us it had Cancer, but really didn't.
We still don't know for sure if he had a stroke. The Hospitalist denied him having a cat scan. We don't even know what kind of an infection the Hospital killed him with. The medical records say "Possible Sepsis." They don't even know for sure, yet got away with writing Sepsis on his death certificate.
Did he REALLY have lung Cancer? God only knows. His lung biopsy was inconclusive. They claim they did a Biopsy under his lower back and stated it was lung cancer, but I don't trust their word as far as I can throw them. I used to think they were the best Hospital in Nashua. Now I know better. They both suck!
After all this you'd think the Medical Examiner would have done an autopsy. Nothing is clear and I will never get closure. There are too many unanswered questions. They say they only do them on suspicious deaths. Well if my husbands death isn't considered suspicious, than what is?
I will be working with the Legislature on Bill's that will hold Hospital's accountable when patients contract Hospital borne infections and also to make autopsies available when family member's believe they're needed.
 St. Joes, may have won this battle, but they will never win this war.They are responsible for my husband's death and if I can't have peace, neither will they.

Extremely Unhappy Grammy

Saturday, May 6, 2017

My Husband died from an Infection he contracted at a Nashua Hospital

My husband died of an infection, contracted at a Nashua Hospital. He also had a Heart attack.  My family and I were never told. They kept telling us he was dying of Cancer.
My husband walked into the Hospital on March 16th,2017. The first week, he walked around with a walker, he ate, he drank, he talked and joked around, he took his pills.The second week he was put on 220 mgs. of Morphine by a Pallative Doctor. And NO, we did NOT opt for Hospice care or Pallative care. In fact, we refused.  He stopped walking, eating,talking, everything. All he did now was sleep.
 The Hospitalist came in to see him while the Pallative Dr. was in the room. The Hospitalist tried to wake my husband and asked him if he was in pain. My husband answered, "I don't know." The Hospital got angry.  He said, "If he doesn't know if he's in pain, he isn't. He's being overmedicated. I'm taking over his medication right now."
My husband went home that day on a stretcher,by ambulance in worse condition than when he was admitted.The Oncologist told my husband they weren't sure if he had kidney cancer and they wouldn't know unless they took out his kidney. My husband refused, saying what if there was nothing wrong with it and they took it out for nothing.
His second day home he started eating again. He was doing good.The only thing he couldn't do was walk, still to weak from all the Morphine.
We opted for home care from AIM, which is part of Home Health and Hospice.   His Nurse was supposed to be the only Nurse he would see, but for some reason they sent a Hospice Pallative Nurse Practitioner after we already told them we didn't want Hospice Nurses because all they talk about his death. My husband didn't want to die and hearing her death rant for three days straight put him over the edge. I thought he had a stroke on April 18th but it was a heart attack when the NP agitated him so badly. She mentioned the Pallative Dr.s  name  and he threw up his arms and tried to yell. She witnessed the Heart attack and did nothing. When she left, he just lay there with his mouth wide open and his eyes half shut. I called his Primary Care Doctor and told her what happened.
My husbands Nurse called that night and said the NP was no longer allowed at my house and that she would be there the next day. She said he was dehydrated and called 911. An ambulance came and took him back to the Hospital on April 19th.
In the emergency room we were told he only a couple hours to live. Still no-one ever mentioned Stroke or Heart attack. They just kept saying he was dying of Cancer. They didn't want to put him on an IV, but I insisted. After doing blood work, they said he had an infection, but said they didn't know what it was or where it was, so they put him on a little IV bag of antibiotics. (In the Medical records it shows he had an infection the first time he was in the Hospital, which he got while he was there.)They were stopped that evening. His hemoglobin was 7.5 and we were told if it went down to 7 he could get a blood transfusion. His white blood cells were extremely high also,24,000, so they took him off the Saline and gave him Dextrose. Once they did he became responsive.
He started doing better and was moved from ICU to a room back on the fifth floor. He still wasn't drinking or talking. He just lay there with his mouth wide open and his eyes half shut. Still Stroke was never mentioned.
That day I requested a cat scan to see if he had a stroke. I also requested more blood tests because he hadn't had any since April 20th. I figured if his hemaglobin went down to a 7 he could have a transfusion. I was denied by the Hospitalist. He stated, "Why waste the blood on him when someone bleeding to death could use it more." I tried transferring him to another Hospital. The Hospitalist refused to give him a referral. I told him he would be better off in a Cancer facility. It didn't happen. They wanted put him on a morphine drip. I refused. My husband was responsive enough to shake his head no.He was afraid they were going to kill him. And they did.
I staid at the Hospital with him 24/7 holding his hand, as I knew he feared for his life. I watched the monitors as his heart rate was usually 90 or more and his breathing rate was always past 20 and his blood pressure always low, along with the white blood cells being extremely high,24,000, ALL signs of Sepsis, but we were never told.
On Wednesday, April 26th, my husband finally gave up and died, with his family present and me still holding his hand.
We still don't know what the infection was, or if he had kidney cancer.  I am fighting for an autopsy because there are too many unanswered questions. 
Yesterday I got his Medical records from the Hospital. They state "Possible" Sepsis. I also found paperwork which shows he had a heart attack. Again, we were never told. 
Hospitals need to be held accountable. Just because a person has Cancer doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated for other medical problems. But he Did NOT have Cancer!