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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Filing Complaints Against Bad Judges-Manchester Examiner Article

By Leonard Henderson

Family Court needs to be Equal and Just for all families.
Donald Tenn of Fathers 4 Justice is on the right track filing complaints against judges who are failing to fairly uphold the law.

In a previous article we urged people to write to Chief Justice Ron George on demanding judicial accountability. He responded back that he appreciates our initiative and he to desires to expose these bad judges that are giving all judges a bad name.
However, Chief Justice George can’t do it without your help. He says, people talk about how bad their family court judge was, but written complaints are rarely submitted. “We need all complaints made against a judge or court to be in writing. All complaints are confidential and the complainant will not be revealed to the judge unless you consent further down in the investigation” says George. Many bad judges go on for years because the public fails to complain thinking there will be retaliation. This is a wrong misconception or fear George would like to dispel. He says “many judges simply need to be corrected and reminded and it is the public’s responsibility to identity these judges so his office can take remedial or recommend removal of a judge.” Judges sometimes forget they are elected officials and they are being paid $200,000 per year to fairly uphold all laws of the state and be unbiased to both parties. It takes a complaint to remind the judge that the public has to power to remove him or her if they fail to uphold the law.

Your complaint, no matter how trivial, can help keep our judicial system in check and remind judges they are your public servant to serve you and not you serve them.

The compliant form is a simple, straight-forward, and a one-page form. Fill out the form and state why you believe this judge should be investigated for misconduct and attach any supporting documentation. Quickly mail or fax to the address below on the form and keep a copy for your records. If there are other similiar complaints an investigator may contact you for additional information if needed.
If you want to positively make sure that your complaint is acted upon. You can go further to investigate a judge and request a copy of his “oath of office.” In many cases this form is not properly filed or missing. If it is, the judge is not sworn and judgments can be voided. Many scrupleless judges will not sign the “oath of office” as a “get out of jail card” if they are caught doing something illegal or unethical down the road. The “oath of office” is on file at the clerk of the court records office and is open for public inspection. If you discover the judge does not have this document on file, you can get this judge removed from office and he might be subject to re-paying back his salary. Contacting the office of the presiding judge will point you in the right direction of obtaining this very important document that gives the judge his authority.
Another form you should look up is the Statement of Financial Interest. This form is on file at the clerk’s office and is subject to public inspection. If a judge made a decision on your case and referred you to an outside firm that he has a financial interest, he is violating his judicial canons and should be reported as unethical. This is filed annually and must be on file since the judge is an elected official, they can not use their office for personal or financial gain.
Now, you have learned to file a compliant against a judge. Please do this for you and your family so that we have better family court that truly serves the people. Remember nothing gets done unless you take action today. Also please consider making a generous donation to CRISPE so that we can continue the fight for children’s right to share both parents EQUALLY.
Filing Complaints Against Judges in California
Posted by: “donaldtenn” donaldtenn@yahoo.com donaldtenn
Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:52 am (PST)
I have posted a new file for filing complaints against your judges. I am personally filing complaints against each and every judge I have been before in the Sacramento County ANTI-family courts, I urge you to do the same.
This will be phase 1 of my personal project to IMPEACH Judge Thomas Cecil for his crimes against my daughter Madison Nicole Tenn and society as a whole. I have obtained a copy of his Oath of Office as well as that of most other Judges in Sacramento County as well as the State of Illinois. Contrary to what they want you to believe, these judges are NOT above the law and they will be held accountable for their crimes.
I trust you will join me in this effort, UNITED, we can and will make the changes necessary within our judiciary. I will NEVER quit fighting for my daughters right to share equally in her daddy’s life and I trust that you will do the same for your children and/or grandchildren as the case may be.
It is time for a change!
Donald Tenn
Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Complaint Against a Judge
Complaint Form
Sample Complaint Against Judge
Rules of the Commission
Statement of Economic Interest Judges are elected officials and income is open for public inspection
Proposed Act to Limit Power of Judges
Judicial Accountability Act Law Initiative
People’s Grievance Against Judges

Frequently Asked Questions
What Is the Commission on Judicial Performance?
The Commission on Judicial Performance is the independent state agency that handles complaints about California’s judicial officers for judicial misconduct.
Over Whom Does the Commission Have Authority?
The Commission has authority over all active California state court judges and over former judges for conduct while they were active judges. The Commission also has authority over court commissioners and referees as explained in Question 10. In addition, the Director-Chief Counsel of the Commission is designated as the Supreme Court’s investigator for complaints involving State Bar Court judges.
Who Can File a Complaint?
Any individual or group may file a complaint. The Commission has received complaints from litigants, attorneys, jurors, court-watchers, court personnel, prisoners, court administrators, members of the public, judges, legislators, and others. Anyone who has knowledge of possible judicial misconduct may file a complaint. The Commission also considers complaints made anonymously and matters it learns of in other ways, such as from news articles or from information received in the course of a Commission investigation.
What Is Judicial Misconduct?
Judicial misconduct usually involves conduct in conflict with the standards set forth in the Code of Judicial Ethics. Some examples of judicial misconduct are rude or abusive demeanor, conflict of interest, abuse of the contempt power, communicating improperly with only one side to a proceeding, delay in decision-making, and commenting on a pending case.
What Can the Commission Do?
The Commission investigates complaints of judicial misconduct and, when warranted, imposes discipline. The Commission can issue confidential advisory letters, private admonishments, public admonishments and public censures. In the most serious cases, the Commission can order that a judge be removed or retired from office, bar a former judge from receiving judicial appointments or assignments, or find that a court commissioner or referee is ineligible to serve as a subordinate judicial officer.
Can the Commission Change a Legal Ruling?
No. The Commission does not have authority to direct a judge to take legal action or to reverse a judge’s decision or ruling for judicial error, mistake or other legal grounds. These functions are for the state’s appellate courts. Allegations stemming from a judge’s rulings or exercise of discretion ordinarily do not provide a basis for Commission action, and personal dissatisfaction with a legal ruling is not grounds for investigation of a judge.
Can the Commission Help Me with My Case?
No. The Commission cannot provide legal assistance or advice to individuals or intervene in litigation on behalf of a party. If you need advice or assistance about what to do next concerning your case or if you seek to change the outcome of the case, you should consult a lawyer immediately.
How Do I File a Complaint?
Complaints must be submitted in writing. See How to File a Complaint for further information.
Are Complaints Treated Confidentially?
Under the California Constitution and the rules governing the Commission, complaints to the Commission and Commission investigations are confidential. The Commission ordinarily cannot confirm or deny that a complaint has been received or that an investigation is under way. If formal charges are filed, the case becomes public.

Can the Commission Handle Complaints About Court Commissioners or Referees?
Yes. The Commission shares authority with the superior courts to investigate and discipline subordinate judicial officers. Complaints about court commissioners or referees must first be directed to the presiding judge of the court in which the matter was heard. If you want the Commission to review the local court’s final action on your complaint against a court commissioner or referee, you must file a written request with the Commission within 30 days after the date the notice of the local court’s action on the matter was mailed.

Does the Commission Handle Complaints About Attorneys?
No. Complaints about attorneys should be directed to the State Bar of California.
Does the Commission Have Jurisdiction over Temporary Judges?
No. Judges pro tem are attorneys temporarily serving as judicial officers. The State Bar of California has jurisdiction over attorneys. Although temporary judges are not employed by the courts, you may wish to bring a complaint about a judge pro tem to the attention of the presiding judge for consideration in making future appointments.
Can the Commission Consider Complaints About Private Judges?
No. The Commission has no authority over former judges serving as private judges. The Commission’s jurisdiction over former judges is limited to their conduct before retirement.

Friday, October 30, 2009

MDS-Maternal Deprivation Syndrome

There have been numerous studies regarding Maternal Deprivation, with a large source of information coming from Bowlby, based on Spitz and Goldfarb, and also from unethical animal experimentation.

Overwhelmingly, research shows that severing this natural bond between a mother and child causes severe emotional and behavioral problems, such as depression and psychosis.

The phrase maternal deprivation is the terminology used in the early work of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, John Bowlby on the effects of separating infants and young children from their mother. Some of the research was previously used to discourage mothers from working or using childcare, but it seems important to revive these studies as children are being deprived of their mothers intentionally by the family courts.

(MDS), has been identified as occurring with great frequency in legal proceedings, with specific unethical lawyers, psychologists, and judges perpetrating the the same scam on mother after mother with similar horrific results for the children. There has been death by suicide, suicide attempts, depression, academic distress, retaliation by a child against a PAS claiming father, and untold misery for the victimized children and mothers.

Based on Bolwby’s theories, Maternally Deprivation affects children as follows:

•Complete or almost complete deprivation could “entirely cripple the capacity to make relationships.”
•Partial deprivation could result in acute anxiety, depression, neediness and powerful emotions which the child could not regulate.
•The end product of such psychic disturbance could be neurosis and instability of character.(Bowlby J. (1951) pps. 11–12).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Be Afraid, be very afraid Examiner article on CPS by Leonard Henderson

Be afraid. Very afraid.
October 28, 2:43 AM
There is an evil in the land beyond the wildest imagination of the average American citizen. Beyond the cruelest theories of anthropologists and archeologists about ancient pagan civilizations. A plague of Biblical proportions.
Almost as cruel as anything Dr Mengele did.
This unspeakable terror walks among us, usurping unimaginable power, operating far outside of the LAWS, and endowed with unearned respect and honor.
Many of them are respectable-looking, well-dressed women. Some are just kids, stupid, dangerous spoiled rotten brats themselves.
Some of them consider themselves as "public servants", as if they have any concept of what the words mean. Most of them consider themselves "children's advocates". Many bring prejudices from their own perceived "bad childhood".
Some of them get into it idealistically, believing they could "make a difference". They don't last long. The "turn over rate" is 50% a year. The ones with any real morals or ethics can't stand the job once they find out what the job REALLY is. FULL STORY
See all of Leonard's Family Rights Examiner stories

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If you are ever approached by CPS

Examiner Bio If you are ever approached by CPS
October 12, 11:47 PMFamily Rights ExaminerLeonard Henderson
How are you going to answer the absurd allegations she brings to
YOUR front door?It is vitally important for families to understand their Constitutional Rights are real, not just something you hear on TV shows.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, guarantees that-

''The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

If you are ever approached by anyone from Childrens Protective Services (hereafter called CPS), keep in mind that regardless of what they say, they are not there to "help" you. They may appear "nice" but never lose sight of the fact that CPS workers "believe" the allegations reported against your family. Otherwise, they wouldn't be at your front door.

If a CPS worker arrives at your home to "investigate", ask to see the search warrant and court order. Call your attorney immediately and read the order to him/her. If you are unable to reach your attorney, or you don't have one, keep the order, or ask for a copy and politely tell the CPS worker that you will not talk to them without a lawyer being present.

They will lie to you about having a warrant or a court order, so don't take their word for it. Demand to see it. Especially observe if it is signed by a judge. A rubber stamp signature is unacceptable.

If they don't have a search warrant or court order, politely tell them "good bye".

Never invite a CPS worker into your home.

If they have gained entrance before you learn why they are there, ask them to leave. If they do not leave, call the police and request that they be removed for trespassing.

The CPS worker or the (sometimes) accompanying law enforcement officer (in the vernacular, a "LEO") may threaten you with arrest for "obstruction of investigation" or something like that, or they may claim the state has passed a "law" requiring you to let them in.

That would be a bald-faced LIE.

In the unlikely case that there is such a new "law" in your state, that law would be repugnant to the Fourth Amendment, and violation by the agency or the police (if present) would be the basis of a Title 42 USC Section 1983 action, for which they would NOT enjoy "immunity" according to CALABRETTA v FLOYD.

The only exception is when there are "exigent circumstances". Of course there seldom really is any "emergency", and their saying so doesn't make it so- nor excuse the violation of your Constitutional Rights.

They DO have to get a VALID search warrant-

See Walsh vs. Erie County Department of Job and Family Services, Case No.3:01CV7588

In a forceful opinion, US District Judge James G. Carr wrote:

"Despite the Defendants' exaggerated view of their powers, the Fourth Amendment applies to them, as it does to all other officers and agents of the state whose requests to enter, however benign or well-intentioned, are met by a closed door.

There is...no social worker exception to the strictures of the Fourth Amendment.

...Any agency that expects to send its employees routinely into private homes has a fundamental obligation to ensure that those employees understand the constitutional limits on their authority."

The caseworkers in the Walsh case admitted they had never been taught anything about the Fourth Amendment or search warrants. They still aren't.

We have heard of people trying to stand up for their Rights and being told by the LEO "Oh those are just for TV. This is the REAL world we're in now". I once asked a particularly vapid policeman if he took the OATH to "uphold, support, and defend the Constitution of the United States. He said he had. Then I asked him if he believed his oath, or if those were just some words he had to say to get the job.

Shut up, shut up, shut up.

The recent U.S. v. Craighead case in the UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT held that interrogations occurring inside the home are custodial, requiring Miranda advisements under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

You are not required by law to talk to any of these people, so don't.

You are an American. It's not your job to prove that you "have nothing to hide". This is not the time to present your defense. Every word you say WILL be used against you.

Defending your Constitutional Rights falls on you. Use them or lose them.

NOTICE:: I am not a lawyer and I do not pretend to give legal advice. If you need legal advice, see AFRA's Lawyer Friends who certainly are not pretenders. I merely relate the things I learned in the past that seemed to work in my own case or things that others have related to me that worked in their cases. I provide information for free and do not expect to receive any form of payment or reward on this side of heaven. Therefore, DO NOT rely on this information as legal advice. Real Legal advice would come from a real lawyer who hates CPS and prepares a VIGOROUS DEFENSE against a negative (proving nothing happened) instead an ATTORNEY talking you into a plea bargain.

For more info: American Family Rights Association
"Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own." --Aesop (c. 550 B.C.

What's happening with Federal Government financed Child Welfare

Examiner Bio What's happening with Federal Government financed Child Welfare
October 12, 4:22 AMFamily Rights ExaminerLeonard Henderson

The Child Welfare system (hereafter called "CPS") is dysfunctional across the United States and every other westernized country in the world because it invites bureaucratic abuse of power.

"Bureaucracies are beautiful mechanisms for the evasion of responsibilities and guilt." -Warren Bennis

Nothing better could possibly happen when an entire agency operates in the belief that their "work" is so important that it supersedes the Constitution of the United States, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In the United States, CPS is operating far beyond the LAW- 42 U.S.C. §671 (a) (15) and 42 U.S.C. §672 (a) (1) [Reasonable Efforts]; and 42 U.S.C. §671 (a) (19) [Kinship Preference].

CPS routinely denies children their Fourth Amendment Right "to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Few of the people who find themselves accused, have actually committed any impropriety, let alone any crime. The last statistics we saw indicated that 85% of all reports are "screened out". Which means those reports were more than likely "mandated reporters" who are terrorized by loss of professional licensing, or general "busy bodies". Of the remaining 15%, at least half of those are maliciously accused. See "The Silver Bullet". CPS certainly doesn't care. Their response is a "knee jerk"

CPS doesn't do what you may think it does.

The law says to help the families first, which would eliminate practically all of the "Neglect" allegations due to poverty. Many of us are already living barely better than Third World settings, and CPS in your life can quickly deliver you there.

Not all of us can afford to live in a spiffy, perfect home, and not everybody cares about white glove inspectable. We once heard of a CPS worker doing a "home inspection" who was complaining about toys on the floor. The children were playing with them at the time. The mother had to inform the CPS worker that there are children living here.

If CPS had to actually HELP people instead of terrorizing and legally abusing them, CPS would leave us alone. No money in that for them and the colluding "professionals".

"He has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harrass our People, and eat out their Substance." -Declaration of Independence

Going to sleep when in charge of kids is not a sign of neglect. Leaving a teenager in charge is not unlawful. Things happening to kids that you don't know about is not neglect.

The "Threat of Harm" and "Failure to Protect" categories are even more vague and subjective, easily leading to agency bureaucratic abuse.

Spanking is not unlawful, but it might as well be, because histrionic CPS workers easily spin a spanking into assault and a Hate Crime.

There is NO LAW we know of that specifies what constitutes a "Messy House".

Having a teenager go evil is hardly a parent's fault in this society that disenfranchises parents and immerses kids in the popular culture.

The law says reunification work FIRST (Reasonable Efforts), or placement with extended family (Kinship Preference).

There is hardly even a pretense of reunification effort, with very little and begrudging extended family placement.

Therefore- we believe that CPS is committing FRAUD to collect the funding.

For more info: American Family Rights Association
"Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own." --Aesop (c. 550 B.C.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nashua, NH DCYF Nightmare!-From the Beginning-The Illegal Removal of Austin and Isabella

I am a Grandmother who has never had to deal with DCYF/CPS in my life. That is until my daughter started hanging around with a not so favorable crowd. Then the false reports started being called in to DCYF against her and her husband. Every one was proven false.I had never even met a DCYF worker until this time. My daughter wouldn't stay away from these so called friends. She wanted attention. She had been in a bad car accident at age fourteen and had to be cut out of the car. She walks with a limp and was made fun of at school, so she hung around with the only people who didn't make fun of her. They were trash! If she refused to do something illegal, she was reported by one of her so-called friends to DCYF. Good friends do you think?
At age twenty my younger daughter got pregnant by her fiancee. She was extremely sick the whole pregnancy. She vomited morning, noon and night. She was alway's weak and hardly ever ate. We spent many days and nights at the hospital where she was hooked up to IV's and given shots to stop the vomiting. The hospital staff and Doctors claimed they didn't know what was wrong.
She went into labor almost four week's early. It was a very hard labor. She was very weak and was given an epidural, pitocin, fentynal and put on a morphine IV. Her labor lasted nineteen hours.
The next morning her beautiful baby girl was born at SNHMC, perfectly healthy. I helped deliver her.
The baby was all checked out and we were told the baby would be going home with her mother. We were told the baby was fine and a paper was signed off by three nurses and the hospital social worker which said the baby had a clean bill of health.
The night before the baby was to be discharged the hospital social worker told my daughter the baby was withdrawing and had the baby placed in NICU and put on morphine. DCYF was called the next day and two workers showed up at the hospital.
Seven day's after the baby was born, the toxicology reports came back, which is what DCYF was waiting for. They showed morphine in the baby, which is what happens when a mother is given morphine in labor.If the baby was withdrawing,it was because of the morphine IV her mother was given for nineteen hours.
My daughter was treated like dirt by the hospital staff. They watched her every move and reported back to DCYF every movement made by our entire family. The Neonatologist tried to get the staff to stop harrassing my daughter. He knew she was sickly and on medication. They didn't care. They kept it up.
My daughter decided she wanted the baby transferred to St. Joes hospital. She was threatened and told if she tried to transfer the baby, she would be arrested.
The Nashua PD delivered court paper's for a Preliminary Hearing. The baby was still in the hospital. She had been transferred to Pediatrics, where my daughter staid with her the entire time and took care of her every need.She wasn't sleeping, she was bonding with her baby, praying they wouldn't take her.
DCYF brought Foster strangers to the hospital, before the hearing. My daughter was told to hand the baby over to them and leave. She flipped out, with good reason. The fosters were in their mid-fourties and had just recently moved to N.H. from Chelmsford, Mass. They never had any kids or foster kids, yet DCYF was handing over a premature baby to them and not following foster care regulations of the residency requirement's in NH. Foster's are required to be living in the same home with the same household member's for two years before a child is to be placed with them.
The day of the hearing, outside of the court room, I told the DCYF Lawyer Kate McClure. and the Assessment worker Melissa Deane I wanted custody of my granddaughter if she was going to be taken. That's another horrible part of this story. My older daughter and her two children were staying with us temporarily. Her husband had left them with nothing. One of my daughter's so-called friends had called in a false report against her husband, claiming he was molesting the kids. My daughter had refused to bring her trash so-called friend shoplifting, so she called in the false report. When the DCYF worker had called and told my daughter, we immediately took both kids to the hospital and had them checked. There was no evidence of either child being molested. This was on September 14th. We took the paperwork to the DCYF worker and she said the case was closed. It was unfounded.
The Preliminary hearing for my granddaughter was on 9/26/05. When I spoke up and said I wanted custody, the DCYF Lawyer's response was, "Wer're not letting you take that baby with sexual molestation going on in your house." I responded with, "There is no sexual molestation going on my house. That was a false report." She said,"It will be proven in court." I said, "No it won't because it never happened." The lying bitch went into court and told Judge Leary it did happen and it happened in my house! My daughter told them it didn't happen, but of course the Judge went on the hearsay of the lying Lawyer. No evidence, nothing. My granddaughter was about to be stolen because of a false report! The liar that called in the report was never prosecuted. She gave an anonymous name but admitted to everyone she was the one who called it in.
Therefore, my family was slandered and never allowed custody or any visitation of my granddaughter. The granddaughter I rocked every day and sang to for over a month. The granddaughter stolen by DCYF on my birthday, a day I'll never forget. The first word's out of the foster's mouth's at the time of placement was, "When will we be finacially supplemented?" Great place to put a child.
My granddaughter was taken from her mother as she was accused of using illegal drugs the day before the baby's birth. First and foremost,she was at DCYF's cohort hospital all day, the day before the baby was born.
In the state of NH a mother can not be charged with abuse and neglect for prenatal substance abuse. When DCYF couldn't charge her with prenatal substance abuse, they instead charged her with anticipated "Neglect in the Future." Just another way to get around their illegel practices. The Judge fell for it.
My daughter was still very sick after the birth of her baby. Her new Doctor wanted the medical records from her pregnancy and the baby's birth. We tried to get the records from the time the baby was born. The Nashua Health Center kept telling us they couldn't find them, so did the hospital. Six months after the baby was stolen, they finally appeared. We also found out the court and DCYF didn't even have the prenatal record's.Judge Leary never ordered them. My daughter's court appointed puppet of the court refused to let her see the records he had and refused to make copies. He said it was too expensive and the state didn't pay him enough. He refused to file a motion to present the new evidence. Evidence that proved my daughter's innocence.So I did. The Judge wrote back, I couldn't present the new evidence, but my daughter could. She brought all the record's into court and the Judge refused to look at them. He said it was too bad if her daughter was taken illegally, it was too late. She didn't file an appeal. Her puppet refused to file the appeal and all motions requested of him. My daughter was denied firing him three times by the Judge. He said, "He's doing a fine job." Her response,"Yes, for DCYF he is." She even told the Judge she would represent herself, that she could do a better job. He still refused. This puppet never even subpoenaed any witnesses even though he was given a list. I and my family were never even allowed in the courtroom, even though state law allows us in. My daughter sat there at every hearing being ganged up on by everyone there, with no support, not even from her so-called lawyer. The Lawyer who refused to fight for her stating, "The court is my boss."
After finally getting her record's in February, we found out why my daughter was so sick her whole pregnancy. She had Hyperemesis-Gravidarum, was anemic, hyper thyroid, hepatitis and the baby was placenta-previa, which is why she was given morphine in labor. The baby should have been born by C-section, but they instead let her suffer for nineteen hours, more than likely hoping she wouldn't survive. This was also considered a high-risk pregnancy. She was told of none of these complications and was treated for nothing. She was also swelled up like a balloon, but they denied Toxemia and her blood glucose was high throughout the pregnancy. The new Doctor rushed her into the hospital when he found out her Cortisol level was 2.5. By the time she arrived, in the middle of the night, it was .1. An Mri was done and she was diagnosed with Sheehan Syndrome, caused by bad prenatal medical care, seen mostly in third world countries and very rare in the U.S. She was told she couldn't have any more children and was put on steroids and thyroid medication. Her pituitary gland had been damaged during the birth of her daughter.
Needless to say,she never got her daughter back. I have in my possession all paperwork which includes CPSW Kris Geno's the call logs. Outside of the courtroom, Kris was overheard talking to the foster stranger's. She said,"Don't worry, there's no guarantee C______'s going anywhere." Does that sound like a caseworker working for the parent? Not in this century. She was working for the foster's.
Kris also told my daughter not to tell anyone her daughter is half Dominican. Could it be because white children are worth more to them? Sick!
Her rights were terminated by the very bias Judge Cloutier in Probate court who wrote the opposite of all testimony and proof in his decision. The Assessment worker Melissa Deane even admitted she had no idea my daughter was sick while pregnant or that she was given morphine in labor. As long as DCYF got what they wanted, why follow the law?
My granddaughter has since been adopted and I have filed motions, appeals and briefs and been denied every time. A fictitious mans rights were terminated to my granddaughter. Her father was never notified. He has since challenged the adoption and filed for a paternity test. He's been denied twice. The Probate Court Judge Patten stated in his decision that my daughter neversigned an affidavit stating the name of the father, yet the affidavit was in an appeal objection by the Attorney Generals office, month's earlier. Evem though the Judge knew the wrong fathers rights were terminated, he proceeded with the adoption of my granddaughter illegally.
Getting back to my older daughter. She was living in her own apartment with her two kid's and had friends over one night. One of them went psycho and ran outside. The Police were called. My daughter left the house with her daughter and another friend. They went to the hospital, SNHMC to check on the other friend. My daughter walked in, in front of her daughter. Because she didn't hold her hand as they walked down three stairs, the hospital staff pointed her out to the Police that were there. She was arrested for beligerent behavior and accused of being intoxicated. I was called to pick up her and the kids. When I got there, they wouldn't let me take her and her son wasn't there. The Police and I found him at home asleep in his room. He was almost six. The friend that was left watching him, left him there by himself. I took both kids home. That night my daughter was rushed to the hospital, by the Police. They couldn't wake her. Lab tests were done that night, which proved she had no alcohol in her system. But her lab report's were also missing until six months after the kids were taken. Same hospital. The one that works with DCYF.
A few day's later I went to the courthouse to get the paperwork from the custody hearing of my two grandchildren. I was told to wait for Darren Tucker, the DCYF Lawyer. She met me and told me to wait. She came back with paper's signed by a Judge on that date, that had been written four days before. The paper said my grandchildren could have no contact with my younger daughter, even though the first Judge said it was fine as long as she didn't babysit because she had an open DCYF case.I asked the Lawyer,"What does the Judge have to say about this?" Her reply,"The Judge has no say. It's all up to me."
I left the court and called my daughter. I then went to the school and picked up my grandson. I was afraid they were coming to take the kids. I was right. DCYF and four Police officer's pulled up as I pulled into the driveway. They told my husband they had a warrant, but never showed it. He let them in. I was pissed. If I had gotten there before them, they wouldn't have gotten in.I refuse to go down without a fight. My younger daughter was with me. She videotaped the nightmare. My deathly sick daughter offered to leave, not knowing where she would go. They refused. They took my granddaughter and then chased after my grandson who was flipping out. They were videotaped as the Police dragged my grandson out the door and down the street as the neihbors watched in horror. My poor grandson was kicking and screaming the whole time. When my daughter was finally allowed to see her kids, her son had on new sneaker's. The ones he left with were brand new. The foster told my daughter his sneaker's were cut into the back of his ankles and were covered in blood after being dragged. We were given no time to find a place for my sick daughter to stay and it WAS NOT court-ordered to take the kids, but like Darren the DCYF Lawyer said,"The Judge has no say." Why have Judges? Makes no sense to me!
Six months later my older daughter's lab results showed up which showed no alcohol. Her Lawyer would do nothing. After all, she used to work for DCYF. The criminal charges had been dropped, which had been upgraded to endangering the welfare of the children, seeing as there was no alcohol in her system. DCYF call logs show Anna the homewrecker and CASA were afraid the children would be returned. If her Lawyer had of worked for her, they should have been, but never were. Judge Lefrancois denied the motion of her Lawyer to dismiss the case.
After losing her kids, she and her husband got back together and moved into a new apartment. At first her caseworker, Anna the homewrecker was working with her. She said she had just come from California and that she couldn't believe the horrible way Nashua DCYF treated parent's. Then she met my daughter's husband. She then did nothing to help my daughter. She told her and her husband that she had to move out of the apartment or they would never see their kids again. A week later, her husband received a phone call from the caseworker. She told him she knew my daughter was still there and admitted following my daughter and I for the past week. She knew I picked her up every morning and told her husband everywhere we went from there. Isn't stalking illegal? I always thought it was, but since when does DCYF have to follow the law?
My daughter then moved out and received no help from Anna. She was too interested in my son-in-law. My daughters husband told her Anna was visiting him. Sometimes with the kid's, sometimes without. He said Anna got phone calls from her husband while she was with him, accusing her of cheating on him. We then found out, she got divorced and became pregnant. She still visits my son in law.
Anna went out on medical leave and my daughter had no caseworker for more than four months. The Supervisor Tracey Gubbins laughed at her when she called upset, wanting to see her kids. For more than four months, she had no visits, nothing.
She finally got another caseworker, just in time for her rights to be terminated. I spoke to her about custody of my grandson. My daughter's husband got custody of their daughter after I told him to file for a Bill F hearing. He refused custody of his step son, claiming he couldn't afford to feed him. The new caseworker spoke to the orphanage where the kids had been placed after my grandson tried to hang himself at the foster home because he wanted his grandfather and was then admitted to a psychiatric hospital by the first caseworker and put on psychiatric medication for his violent behavior which he never had until he was stolen. The foster home where he and his sister were being starved and lost three clothes sizes, yet DCYF did nothing about.
The new caseworker advocated for us to take my grandson. In Probate court, all oppposing parties testified our grandson want's to be with us. My grandson's father's rights were supposedly terminated also, only DCYF picked a fictitious man in his case also. The caseworker stated,"So what. No big deal."
A home study was started in June of 2008 by the new caseworker and wasn't finished until April of 2009 by a different caseworker, as the first one got her college degree and left DCYF.
The new caseworker, Brenda advocated for us for placement and was accused by Administrator Lorraine Bartlett of being bias. She figured she was going to place my grandson with us. The home study was supposedly completed and signed off by Tracey Gubbins, the Nashua Supervisor. It was never finished. There was one visit to my home and that was it. I was told by Maggie Bishop, the head person in Concord, that I chose my daughter over my grandson, so I would never get my grandson. I told her my daughter was dying and needed medical attention. Her reply,"Why isn't she dead?" She told me we should have let her die. I responded with, "And what if it were your child?" Her response was, "I would have let her die." What a heartless, crude, sorry excuse of a human being.
These are the people who supposedly work for families and look out for the best interest's of children. Next joke! They look out for their almighty federal funding and nothing else. There is NO family preservation in Nashua, only fraud and abuse toward families.
I will never give up this fight for either of my grandchildren. The truth will be told and DCYF will be brought to it's knees!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Was Austin's Name Changed Illegally or is DCYF Administrator Lorraine B. Just Another DCYF Liar?

After receiving paperwork from the DHHS Administrative Appeals unit, which included and e-mail to the Administrator from Lorraine B., which stated Austin's name had been changed, Austin's mother and I took a trip to Nashua City Hall to see if we could get Austin's birth certificate. If we were told there was no-one by that name, we knew for sure Austin's name had been changed. Low and behold, we were given Austin's birth certificate, with his biological name on it.
So this mean's either Austin's name was not changed illegally by the Probate Court Judge in Nashua and that Lorraine B. is in fact just another DCYF Liar or his name has been illegally changed and has not gotten into Nashua City Hall computer's yet.
In which case, a child's name can not be changed until an Adoption decree is finalized, which would ultimately go against the Judge who changed Austin's name illegally since he has not been adopted.
If Austin's name hasn't been changed, I don't understand how Lorraine can get away with lying to the Administrator of the Administrative Appeals unit, who states there's nothing he can do. Then why is there an Administrative Appeals unit? Why is the State wasting money on an appeal's unit when they can't even do anything about the fraud going on in DCYF? It's quite obvious DCYF is not held acountable to anyone. Do you think they really do have the "Power of God" as they keep stating? Do they really "walk on water"? Hopefully, their about to drown in their own fraud!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

DCYF Worker's in Nashua, NH Resign Due to Illegally Taken Children

Nashua, NH DCYF has been losing caseworker's within the past year. At first I thought it was due to the new office manager who vowed to clean up the Nashua district office. I just recently found out from one of their former worker's that she and the other worker's who left resigned. The new district manager had nothing to do with it, although he could be partly to blame. After all, he is still letting children be taken fraudalently. From what I've been told, one of the Supervisor's, is ruling the office, while the manager has no say over anything. He has even admitted in the past to parents that what was done to them was wrong, but there is nothing he can do to rectify the situation. He told me himself that he wouldn't let the same mistake happen again in my fight for my grandson Austin. I believed he mean't the illegal kidnapping of my granddaughter Isabella and the illegal termination of her mothers rights and the illegal foster placement and adoption. After all, I do possess all proof and even provided him with copies. Copies that proove perjury by caseworkers. Even their own call logs.
Well he didn't help me get my grandson back. I really thpought he would. The corrupt Supervisor is calling all the shot's, while she walks all over the manager. The Nashua employees call him a paper pusher because he let's this witch do whatever she want's. She's the person responsible for all the lies in my incomplete half assed home study. She is also the person responsible for so many children being stolen from their parents in Nashua under false pretenses. This information came from one of the former worker's. She and the other worker's quit because children were being taken from their families that shouldn't have been taken. She and the others couldn't stand by any longer and keep stealing children that weren't abused or neglected. Kids that should never have been taken from their families.I don't understand why she and the other's didn't report this fraud. They are finally aware this need's to stop and have decided to blow the whistle. I can't wait. The Nashua office need's to be dismantled and the corrupt Supervisor will be the first to go. I hope she doesn't let the door hit her on the way out! Because of her, children are being severely traumatized and drugged, all due to her orders to take the child and run. She's the reason Nashua has such a bad name. Let the firings begin!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oct. 3rd,the Four Year Anniversary of the Illegal Kidnapping of my Granddaughter Isabella Knightly by Nashua, NH DCYF

Today is the four year anniversary of the illegal kidnapping of my precious granddaughter Isabella. Stolen by Nashua, NH DCYF. A day my family and I will never forget. My birthday. A day not worth celebrating. That day still so fresh in my mind, like it happened yesterday.
The DCYF assessment worker was there, at Nashua's cohort hospital. The hospital where everyone is reported to DCYF. The hospital that lied and stated my daughter was given morphine for drug withdrawl. They never mentioned she was given morphine for nineteen hours because the baby was placenta-previa and should have been born by C-Section, yet my daughter was never told and didn't find out until six months later due to the disappearance of her medical file. How convenient! A parent only has thirty day's to appeal and prove their innocence. That is if they have a Lawyer working for them and not against them, which was the case of my daughter's court-appointed puppet who stated, "The court is my boss."
The hospital and Doctors made my daughter suffer for nineteen hours in labor, where both she and her baby could have died, which I'm sure this is what they were hoping for. Truly a miracle they both survived, only to be seperated by the lies of so many people. If they had died, the almighty DCYF would have lost money. The same hospital that held Isabella hostage and threatened the arrest of her mother if she tried to transfer her to St. Joseph's hospital. The caring and compassionate hospital in Nashua.
The Assessment worker was just out of school. Bragging she was the youngest worker. What did she want, a medal? Truly something not worth bragging about. She should have been hiding her head in shame. After all, was it right to steal a newborn baby from her mother because the morphine given to her mother in labor spilled into the baby? Isn't this what normally happens? If the Assessment worker had investigated, like she get's paid to do, she would have known the mother was given morphine in labor. She even admitted in Probate Court she had no idea, yet the very bias Judge still terminated my daughter's rights of Isabella. He even wrote the opposite of all proof given in his bias decision.Isn't that Judicial misconduct? He didn't even have a clue morphine given to the mother in labor spills into the baby.
The hospital social worker was also at the illegal kidnapping, where she apologized to my daughter for reporting her to DCYF, stating she was wrong and should have gotten to know my daughter first. She also stated she should never have listened to the lonely old bag that pushed her into the report. These are the two people my daughter trusted.Two people not worthy of trust by anybody.
As my daughter sat holding Isabella, crying, she asked the social worker to take back her report. She stated she couldn't. It was too late. These people and I use that term loosely, will surely not make it to Heaven. I doubt the Devil even want's them!
Isabella was stolen and placed in a foster strangers home. The fosters first question was, "When will we be financially supplemented?" Nice first question don't you think? Nice place to place a newborn. A premature newborn, where the fosters have never had kids of their own, nor foster children. A home with a couple in their mid fourties, who didn't even comply with the foster care regulations residence requirement's, which state the foster's have to be living in the same home for two years before a child can be placed with them. They moved from Massachusetts less than two years earlier.
I asked for placement of my granddaughter, but that didn't happen. She was worth more to the state of NH in non-relative foster placement. The DCYF Lawyer lied to the Judge at the Preliminary hearing and related a proven false report about my other daughter and her two children who were temporarily staying with us. The report had been proven false two week's before the hearing. Isn't perjury illegal? Not in NH.
When the time is right, Isabella will be made aware of everything. She will know her mother and the rest of her family did not give her up. She'll know she was stolen by the corrupt DCYF and the bias judicial system. She'll know she was sold for blood money.
This fight for Isabella will never end and she will know she was stolen from her family due to fraud! Isabella, we love you and always will! You will alway's be in our hearts and prayers and we will be re-united.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Austin Knightly is in the foster home where he was starved and tried to hang himself

I have just received word Austin is in the same foster home where he was placed when he was first stolen. The same foster home where he and his sister were being starved. The same foster home where he tried to hang himself.The same foster home he was in before being admitted to the psychiatric hospital by Anna the homewrecker,where he was put on psychiatric medication before being placed in the orphanage. DCYF plans that Austin be adopted by these people. The Probate Court Judge has already changed Austin's name ILLEGALLY! The same Judge who claims I have no standing. The same Judge that denies every motion I file. There have been many. When will Justice prevail?
What will become of Austin? Will he succeed in committing suicide the next time he try's? I hope and pray Austin knows how much we love him and are fighting for his return. The only way he wouldn't know, is if they are feeding him even more drug's. They are turning him into a zombie. DCYF is aware Austin and his sister were being starved in this home, but they could care less. Money means more to Nashua DCYF than Austins best interest. He is now worth a bundle to them since they have made him a special need's child. This fight is far from over. I plan on winning! Oh and by the way, Austin is skin and bones again!