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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fighting for Custody

I love my family more than life itself. I tried to figure out ways to show DCYF I am not a bad person, but the caseworkers, DCYF Lawyer and Assessment worker didn't care that I'm a good person. They didn't care that I fight for what I believe in. For what is right. All they cared about was the money my grandchildren would bring in and played every dirty trick in the book to keep my grandchildren. At onset, I never thought Isabella would be taken from my daughter. As I said in my profile. I'm a very trusting person. I never thought a government agency could not be trusted. I never thought anyone working for the government would treat it's own citizens in such a deceitful manner. DCYF sure opened my eyes! I'm not as trusting as I used to be. Especially toward government workers. I now try to be on my guard at all times.
I decided to take foster care classes, hoping I would be able to get custody of Austin and Isabella. The BS I heard made me want to scream, but I composed myself. I could feel my blood boiling, but I staid calm. Everything they were telling the potential fosters was the opposite of what the parents were told when their children were taken. I knew myself by experience what was BS. All of it. It was really hard, but I was nice to the workers and did not show my anger.
At one of the classes, I met the adoption worker. I genuinely liked her. I couldn't believe such a nice lady was working for an agency that stole children. We talked for a while. I believe she liked me also. She promised me she should would try to help me get my grandchildren.
At graduation, I spoke to the adoption worker again. She told me that she spoke up for me to her superiors and was told to stay out of it. That it was complicated. She pointed me to the new District Manager. He hadn't been working there long and I don't think he knew who I was. We talked and got along really well. He told me anything I needed, to let him know.
I had been sitting next to a lady and talked to her for a while. She seemed nice. I was surprised to find out she was one of the States head people. When I introduced myself, she knew who I was, but she was still cordial and seemed nice. The whole class knew why I was there and couldn't believe the unfairness of my situation. The potential fosters knew much of what was being taught was lies. That relatives are not considered in the plaement of children before foster care, plus much more. After all, I was there as proof.
The week after graduation, I was called and asked to meet with the DCYF Supervisor in charge of my grandchildrens caseworkers. I knew what she was going to say already. I was told the District office would not license me as a foster parent. I have been to combative with my fight for my grandchildren. I did not show my anger, as I already knew what was coming. I said, "Have a nice day" and walked out.
I have had meetings with the new District Manager and I have given him evidence in my grandchildrens cases. He has been very nice and I also heard he is trying to fix the mess at the district office. I told him I heard Isabella's caseworker was gone. I asked if she was fired and he just smiled and said he couldn't say she was and couldn't say she wasn't. After all he has all the proof showing she perjured herslf in court along with all the other deceitful things she pulled.
I've sent many letters and news articles to the Governor and the state office of DHHS. Sometimes I send them every night for a week straight. I was contacted by Concord DHHS and told I would be contacted by the district office and a Home Study would be set up for my grandson. The Home Study happened last June and shortly after I was notified by my daughters new caseworker that she had gotten her college degree and was leaving DHHS. She was really nice. If she had been the caseworker from the start, my daughter would have gotten Austin back, no doubt.
She wished me luck and told me the adoption worker would be handling Austin's case and that she was pushing for Austin to come home with us. I contacted the adoption worker and was told there was more she had to do and she would call me and also that she was advocating for us to take Austin.
She called about a week later and set up an interview with my husband and I. We went down to the office and talked. Then we hadn't heard anything for a while. The District Manager finally told me she was out on medical leave. She's now back and working on our Home Study.
I pray she is the good person I believe she is and helps us to get Austin. He needs us as much as we need him. I am hoping that there are some good people who work for DCYF. We have run into a majority of liars at DCYF and hope that they are being weeded out.
As for Isabella, they already know I will never give up my fight for her either. DCYF has done one thing for me in my life. They have turned me into a Fighter and I never give up on anything I start.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who will Save our Children?

"Who Will Save Our Children"
Who will save our children, from the grasp of DCYF?
Who will save our children, before they are tormented to death?
Who will bring them back to us and save their precious live’s?
Is there anyone in Govt. Who won’t believe their lie’s?
Is there anybody out there who will listen to the truth?
Is there anybody out there to believe in me and you?
The Judge’s always make their choice, in us they don’t believe,
They only hear the bad thing’s told, DCYF is trained to deceive,
Their job description is to trick and lie and God will reward them when they die,
He’ll send them to Hell, where they belong,
They’ll burn in Hell for all they’ve done wrong,
Then the Angel’s and Family’s will sing a happy song,
A day we’ve waited for, for so long.

Fighting for My Granddaughter-Isabella

The picture of Isabella, at almost three years old was taken while in Foster care. She was in day care, along with the other Foster children in the Foster home, which the state is paying for while the Foster stranger babysits other kids in her home. What a racket!
The picture of Candy and Isabella was taken the day Isabella was kidnapped by DCYF. Candy was accused of being on drugs. She sure does'nt look like she was on drugs to me. She was glowing, holding her precious little baby girl!

This has been the worst three years of my life. Losing children is worse than death. Losing grandchildren due to false DCYF reports has got to be the worst of the worst. The false reports had nothing to do with my husband and I, yet we are being treated with such disdain. I don't know how these wretched people sleep at night. How can they lie about people and not feel guilty about what they have done?
My newborn granddaughter, Isabella, was taken from my daughter at birth. There was morphine in Isabella and my daughter was accused of using illegal drugs the day before her birth. My daughter was given a morphine -IV for nineteen hours in labor. My daughter was placenta previa and was never told. She was also considered high-risk, with many complications. She wasn't told about any of them and was treated for nothing.
The most reputable hospital in Nashua told me morphine in labor spills right into the baby. But the Judge in Probate Court didn't believe it. Either that, or he didn't hear everything that was said as he was too busy dozing off.
District Court would not let my daughter present the evidence, as many of her medical records were missing. They were finally found and given to us six months after Isabella was stolen. Her Lawyer refused to file a motion to bring the evidence into court. The Judge told my daughter to bring it in and then refused to look at it. He told her it didn't matter if her daughter was taken illegally. He said it was too late, because she didn't file an appeal. This was not up to my daughter. It was up to her court-appointed puppet who refused to file any and all motions and appeals she requested of him. My daughter tried to fire him three times. The Judge refused. He told my daughter,"He's doing a fine job." My daughters response was, "Yes, for DCYF he is."
DCYF refused my husband and I for placement of Isabella. The DCYF Lawyer lied to the Judge about a false report that had been called in about my oldest daughter, who was staying with us temporarily with her kids. The case had already been closed as the assessment worker knew it was a false report. Even though we proved it was false, we were never allowed our granddaughter. She has since been illegally adopted by the foster strangers while an Injunction was pending. I filed a motion challenging the adoption. The Judge who granted the illegal adoption, denied my motion claiming I have no standing as she was adopted ten months ago, which we had no knowledge of for quite some time. I thought Judges were supposed to know all the Laws of the state. I guess he didn't do his homework because the Statute of Limitations in N.H. to challenge an adoption is one year. So I filed another motion to reconsider and let him know what I have learned about the law in the last three year's. I'm waiting for a reply. If I'm denied, I'll keep going. I'm not one to give up on anything.
I have filed many petitions, motions and briefs in the last three years, trying to help my daughter. Everything I've filed has been denied. My husband and I have no criminal record and were never considered in placement. Now it's time to fight for custody and adoption of my granddaughter for us. I can't believe the fraud DCYF is getting away with. They do not follow Federal government mandates at all and get away with it. When will our government ever investigate whats going on in the secret court's? Iv'e included a picture of Isabella and a picture with her mother. I will not give up this fight and pray more people will stand up and fight this abuse aimed at families.

Fighting for My Grandson Austin

This is a picture of Austin and Grampie, taken at a visit at the childrens home, AKA Orphanage.

The bottom picture is of Austin on a pamphlet, looking for adoptive parents. We are the only family he knows and wants and we will never give up fighting for his return.

My husband and I have been fighting for the return of my grandson for over three years now. He was taken from his mother in January of 2006, at the age of six. DCYF and the Judicial system do not follow Federal mandates in the kidnapping of children. They place children in foster care instead of with relatives, where they belong.
Austin was placed in a foster home and then placed in a childrens home due to his inability to see his grandfather. His behaviour became unbearable for the foster strangers due to Austins love of his grandfather. He tried to hang himself from the bunk beds in his bedroom. Soon after he threw a television at the fosters. He was then admitted to an adult psychiatric hospital by the DCYF caseworker. We spoke to him once on the phone while he was there. He was extremely happy talking to us. The Doctor even said his whole demeanor had changed. He realized exactly what was troubling Austin. He wanted his Grampie.
As soon as the caseworker found out we spoke to Austin on the phone, Supervisor Tracey Gubbins oredered no phone calls and no visits. The only ones allowed contact were the foster strangers.
Austin was put on psychiatric drugs and placed in a childrens home, AKA-Orphanage, almost seventy miles from home. We visited him a few times and then visits stopped. I was accused of talking about his mother. By the way, Austin was told he no longer has a mother. He was told this way before his mothers rights were terminated. What a sick thing to tell a child. I believe visits were canceled because I told him she is his mother and always will be. He is severely brainwashed and severely traumatized. Each time we left, the poor kid would stand at the end of the driveway with sadness on his face. You could see he wanted to come home with us. He has told the counselors, CASA and DCYF caseworkers that he wants to be with us. Whenever asked what can be done to make him happy, he tells them all he wants is Grampie.
Austin and his mother lived with us the first three years of his life. Every day after work, I ran right in to see Austin, where we played for hours. My daughter later got married and moved out, but we still saw Austin every day. He spent every weekend with us and came over every day after school. The pain, Austin, as well as my husband and I have endured, is unbearable. We have done nothing wrong, yet we are labled as trouble makers, because I will not give up this horrble fight. Austin belongs with us. No child should have to go through what Austin has gone through.
DCYF has placed a huge poster of Austin at their cohort hospital in Nashua, NH, looking for someone to adopt him. He is now nine years old and special needs. I am going to try to put the pamphlet on this blog, which accompanies the picture. This is sick. Their treating kids like animals looking for homes for them.