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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Senate Title IV-E Waiver Bill Signals Child Welfare Reform Priorities

Senate Title IV-E Waiver Bill Signals Child Welfare Reform Priorities | Alliance1

Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), acting as chairman and ranking Republican member of the Senate Finance Committee, have introduced The State Child Welfare Innovation Act (S.1013).

June 2 Summit to Probe Problem of False Allegations of Abuse -- WASHINGTON, May 31, 2011

June 2 Summit to Probe Problem of False Allegations of Abuse -- WASHINGTON, May 31, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

WASHINGTON, May 31, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Following the recent publication of a stunning Washington Post account of a Fairfax teacher falsely accused of sexual assault, the upcoming June 2 False Allegations Summit will highlight the problem of wrongful accusations. The summit will be sponsored by Stop Abusive and Violent Environments.

L.A. County supervisors take control of child services, probation departments

L.A. County supervisors take control of child services, probation departments - Los Angeles Times

Board votes 3 to 2 to take direct oversight of the troubled agencies, stripping authority from county chief executive William T Fujioka.

Los Angeles County supervisors took the unusual step Tuesday of curtailing the power of their chief executive, William T Fujioka, who has struggled to overcome breakdowns in child protective services that contributed to tragic instances of harm and even death for youths.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Audit finds financial abuses over foster care program in Richmond

Audit finds financial abuses over foster care program in Richmond - Roanoke.com

The report, on the heels of a similar one in Roanoke, may lead lawmakers to re-examine the 18-year-old program.
Richmond's city auditor, in a report released Thursday, has uncovered financial abuses in the city's foster care program and Comprehensive Services Act spending that will require that city to repay $671,000 to the state.

Group Blames Child Protective Services In Girl's Death

Group Blames Child Protective Services In Girl's Death - San Antonio & Texas News Story - KSAT San Antonio

Parental Rights USA Protests Outside Guadalupe County Court House, Seeks To Shut Down CPS

Bambi Hazen spoke before the Blue Ribbon Commission, CPS Wrongful Removal, Fraud Upon The

BEVERLY TRAN: SAMHSA Liability Disclaimer Explains Child Welfare Fraud

BEVERLY TRAN: SAMHSA Liability Disclaimer Explains Child Welfare Fraud
I have a problem with this report.

Here is a basic list of why:

Learn more: BEVERLY TRAN: SAMHSA Liability Disclaimer Explains Child Welfare Fraud

NH toddler ejected from car during crash

NH toddler ejected from car during crash - BostonHerald.com

ALTON, N.H. — Police in the New Hampshire town of Alton say a 2-year-old child was ejected from a vehicle that rolled over at least four times after it was seen speeding shortly before it crashed on the Henry Wilson Highway.

Memorial Day-A Day to Honor The People We Have Lost, Including Our Stolen Children and Grandchildren

Memorial Day is the day to honor the family member's and soldier's we have lost.

Today and all future Memorial Day's we honor not only deceased family member's and soldier's, but also our children and grandchildren lost to the State. After all, the loss of our stolen children is just as painful as if they have died. Their loss is worse than death. We grieve for them. We worry about them, not knowing where they are or how they're being treated. We live our unhappy lives waiting for their return, hoping they remember the love we shared. Hoping they know we didn't give them away. Hoping they realize they were taken from us unjustly. Hoping they fight to come back to us.

In death, there is closure. There is no closure for the families of stolen children or closure for the stolen children themselves. They live their lives waiting for their families to come and get them and bring them home where they belong.

Memorial Day for these families is a day to grieve, not a day to celebrate. A day to remind our stolen children how much we love them and want them home. A day to remind them we haven't forgotten them and never will. A day to remind them that life does not go on without them. That the pain of losing them doesn't just go away. That just because the state tell's us to go on with our lives without our children, just doesn't happen. Would they be able to go on and live a normal happy life if their children were stolen? I don't think so. Would they be able to write a letter to their stolen children telling them it's okay to move on. To go live with another family chosen by the state. Could they ever say Good-bye to their stolen children, as we were told to do? I don't think so. Nothing could be more inhuman.

So today we need to honor our stolen children and grandchildren as well as our deceased family member's and soldier's. We need our children to know they are alway's in our heart's and will alway's be a part of OUR family. Their REAL family. The family God chose for them, not the family the state chose!
To all our stolen children and grandchildren, We love you with all our heart's and alway's will!
Love unhappygrammy and unhappygrampie

Bill Would Prohibit States from Keeping Children’s Social Security Benefits

News highlights | First Star

May 26, 2011
A U.S. Senate bill (S. 961) introduced May 12 by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) would prohibit states from keeping foster children’s Social Security benefits.

A recent report, The Fleecing of Foster Children: How We Confiscate Their Assets and Undermine Their Financial Security, decries the practice of keeping benefits as being unfair to children by robbing them of a possible means of support.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How Not To Hide A Secret Love Child - Baby LK Report For May 29th 2011

US judges tragic kickback greed exposes prison system profiteering

Creating juvenile zombies, Florida-style

Creating juvenile zombies, Florida-style « CCHR International

They’re children of the new Florida ethic. Zombie kids warehoused on the cheap in the state’s juvenile lock-ups. Kept quiet, manageable and addled senseless by great dollops of anti-psychotic drugs.

Children under six on anti-depressants

Children under six on anti-depressants | Herald Sun

Increase in preschool anti-depressant use
Government investigation has met only twice
Zoloft, Prozac the most prescribed drugs
THE number of children aged six and under being prescribed anti-depressants has soared by almost 50 per cent since the federal government pledged to investigate the issue, new figures show.

WARNING: 4th Amendment REVOKED?

Harrolds.blogspot.com: WARNING: 4th Amendment REVOKED?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

WARNING: 4th Amendment REVOKED?

It's death by a thousand cuts! -- rfh
From: CCRKBA Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2011 Subject: Life or Death, Your 4th Amendment has been REVOKED
Supreme Court Overrules Fourth Amendment!
Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano reports that Supreme Court has given police the right to invade your home on a whim - that whim could simply mean that they know that you own firearms!

Tell NH Judge Kelly About The Injustices In The Family Court System

NH Attorney Jaye Rancourt an Unethical Attorney: Tell NH Judge Kelly About The Injustices In The Family Court System


Please visit http://injust.us/kelleyletter.aspx and submit your letter to Judge Kelley. This is a very important step in exposing the injustices in the family court system. Ed Kelley is charged with the duty of training and overseeing the family division and all of the marital masters that do the state's divorce inc. bidding. HOLD THIS MAN'S FEET TO THE FIRE.

Friends & Fellow Victims of the N.H. Family Court System:

NH Attorney Jaye Rancourt an Unethical Attorney: Friends & Fellow Victims of the N.H. Family Court System:

We KNOW you have a story to tell. We also know that many people are here just to feel the comfort of knowing that they are "not alone." Heck, that is a great reason to be here.

CPS Wrongful Removal Costs Tax Payers

Children Need Grandparents NOT Foster Care: Marlene Jones Says CPS Wrongful Removal Costs Tax Payers

Is D.C. Neglecting Neglect?

Why D.C. Keeps Sending Vulnerable Kids to a Troubled Treatment Facility - Washington City Paper

Why D.C. Keeps Sending Vulnerable Kids to a Troubled Treatment Facility
This past October, Norfolk’s Virginian-Pilot published one in a long line of scathing editorials demanding better state oversight of The Pines. Back in D.C., though, the facility had a defender: the same city government that had sent so much business its way.

$500 Million Obama Administration Program Will Help Kids 'Sit Still' in Kindergarten

$500 Million Obama Administration Program Will Help Kids 'Sit Still' in Kindergarten | CNSnews.com

(CNSNews.com) – Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told CNSNews.com on Wednesday that the administration's new $500 million early learning initiative is designed to deal with children from birth onward to prevent such problems as 5-year olds who "can't sit still" in a kindergarten classroom.

Unbreakable: Despite brittle bones, 4-year-old leads full life

Unbreakable: Despite brittle bones, 4-year-old leads full life | Deseret News

TAYLORSVILLE — Before their first child was born, Rachel and Ryan Glad shopped for the happy toys and trinkets that nearly shout a baby's on the way. At the same point in their second pregnancy, they picked out a single outfit, one blanket and a tiny coffin. They signed an autopsy permission form.

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights-What about CPS?

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
Conspiracy Against Rights

This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or enjoyment of any rights so secured.

Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Foster Care Abuse Ppt Presentation

Foster Care Abuse Ppt Presentation

Respected head of local SRS office fired

Respected head of local SRS office fired | Wichita Eagle

Jean Hogan, for six years the respected and innovative regional director in Wichita for the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, has been fired by the state secretary of SRS.

Drugging kids for parents' relief called abusive

Drugging kids for parents' relief called abusive - CafeMom

Stressed parents might medicate their children to help them sleep, calm down or endure long flights.
Research estimates about 160 cases in which drugs were maliciously used on children
Most common drugs given to children: Analgesics, stimulants/street drugs, sedatives, hypnotics
Parents may give children drugs because of their stress or as a form of punishment

Drugging Children: STOP Drugging the Children

Drugging Children: STOP Drugging the Children

Foster Parents; Did you know? The Drugging of American Children? 3/7

Foster Parents; Did you know? The Drugging of American Children? 3/7 - National Foster Families | Examiner.com

We are researching a dangerous situation in America regarding innocent children removed from their homes and placed in the Foster Care System. Babies, toddlers and children being diagnosed with disorders at an alarming rate prescribed dangerous, mind-altering psychotropic drugs.

Legal & Illegal Drugs; What is the difference in the meanings of legal and illegal drugs; illegal drugs are drugs people are not allowed to have, and if a person in possession of illegal drugs is caught they are punished. If a foster parent, a caregiver, put in charge of the psychotropic drugs they are required to distribute to the children in their care although these dangerous drugs are classified as illegal drugs, become acceptable as prescribe medication to give to the children. Have we grasped the meaning?

Continue reading on Examiner.com Foster Parents; Did you know? The Drugging of American Children? 3/7 - National Foster Families | Examiner.com

Foster Parents; Did you know? The Drugging of American children? 2/7

Foster Parents; Did you know? The Drugging of American children? 2/7 - National Foster Families | Examiner.com

We are discussing a dangerous situation in America regarding the drugging of innocent children. Now let us continue with our subject.

Note; please read part one in order to understand the research we are presenting to you.

Questions; are we placing them on drugs so that these behaviorally/emotionally challenged children are more manageable?
Now we ask a very tough question and one you need to consider, are we, as foster parents, contributing to damage by cooperating with those who traumatized children, diagnose them with created disorders, and then to cope with the damage they caused place them on drugs?

Continue reading on Examiner.com Foster Parents; Did you know? The Drugging of American children? 2/7 - National Foster Families | Examiner.com

Foster Parents; Did you know? The Drugging of American children? 1/7

Foster Parents; Did you know? The Drugging of American children? 1/7 - National Foster Families | Examiner.com

In this article, we are going to look into an extremely serious problem within our society, one that effects children in the Foster Care System, as well. When we complete our investigation, you will have read the facts presented to you, irrefutable evidence, our society by way of protection is creating a generation of doomed to fail children? What do we mean by that?

Continue reading on Examiner.com Foster Parents; Did you know? The Drugging of American children? 1/7 -

Deputy charged child abuse: Polk detention deputy charged with whipping kids, distributing video

Deputy charged child abuse: Polk detention deputy charged with whipping kids, distributing video - OrlandoSentinel.com

A Polk County sheriff's deputy filmed herself strapping naked children to a desk and spanking them with sex toys, then sent the videos to a boyfriend she met on a fetish website, investigators said.

The Truth Bites "NH": Interesting Case

The Truth Bites "NH": Interesting Case

"To take away all remedy for the enforcement of a right is to take away the right itself. But that is not within the power of the State." Poindexter v. Greenhow, 114 U.S. 270, 303 (1885).

DCYF to investigate teen's visit to facility for delinquents

DCYF to investigate teen's visit to facility for delinquents - Projo 7 to 7 News Blog | Rhode Island news | The Providence Journal

CRANSTON, R.I. -- The acting director of the state Department of Children, Youth and Families has launched an investigation to determine why staff at the Youth Development Center for delinquent girls and boys allowed a troubled teenager to spend time inside the juvenile corrections facility to see what it's like to be jailed.

Foster children at risk

Foster children at risk | Rhode Island news | projo.com | The Providence Journal

PROVIDENCE — Hundreds of children living in foster care bounce from one school district to another, increasing the disruption in their lives and raising the risk that they’ll fall behind or drop out.

Are American Children to be Uses in Medical Experiments to Test Anthrax Vaccine?

Are American Children to be Uses in Medical Experiments to Test Anthrax Vaccine? « Losing Freedom

(NaturalNews) The highly controversial and potentially lethal anthrax vaccine may be tested on US children if the federal government gets its way. Although adverse event reports related to the vaccine among adult test subjects have included hospitalization, disability and even death, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is exploring the possibility of testing the vaccine on children.

UPDATE: Child abuse hotline supervisor, boyfriend face drug, endangerment charges

UPDATE: Child abuse hotline supervisor, boyfriend face drug, endangerment charges

GLENVILLE — A supervisor for the state child abuse hotline and her boyfriend have been accused of possessing more than four pounds of marijuana within reach of three young children.

Ky. Supreme Court: Fathers of children conceived during affairs have parental rights

Ky. Supreme Court: Fathers of children conceived during affairs have parental rights | NKY.com | cincinnati.com

FRANKFORT - Men who father a child during an affair with a married woman have the right to seek a role in the child's life, the Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled.

Friday, May 27, 2011

DCF reform passes in Senate

DCF reform passes in Senate

Today state Senator Anthony Musto (D-Trumbull), Senate Chairman of the General Assembly’s Human Services Committee, said the Senate unanimously approved legislation late last night, changing the way the Department of Children and Families (DCF) will respond to some reports of child abuse or neglect.

"Our first impulse should be to keep families together whenever possible,” Musto said.


Boy kidnapped by parents again-Hmm, I wonder Why!

Boy kidnapped by parents again, police say | Inland News | PE.com | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

Moreno Valley police are looking for a 3-year-old boy who detectives say was kidnapped by his biological parents -- for the second time in three months -- outside a Child Protective Services office in Moreno Valley on Monday night.

DCF Budget Cuts-Florida

WEAR ABC 3 :: Top Stories - DCF Budget Cuts

FLORIDA - Five hundred Department of Children and Families employees are losing their jobs due to state budget cuts.
The layoffs come as DCF searches for answers in child death cases that happened on the department's watch

Richmond Social Services Audit: Auditor: City's Social Services Department mismanaged thousands; put kids at risk

Richmond Social Services Audit: Auditor: City's Social Services Department mismanaged thousands; put kids at risk - wtvr 

RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) – The city auditor's office released a scathing report Thursday showing Richmond's Department of Social Services CSA and Foster Care put children at risk and misused funding.

In fact, the audit of operations from June 2007 to June 2009 shows the department mismanaged thousands of its $74 million budget.

Child advocacy agency will review 500 foster care files » Corpus Christi Caller

Child advocacy agency will review 500 foster care files » Corpus Christi Caller-Times

CORPUS CHRISTI — Attorneys for a New York-based child advocacy agency will examine the files of 500 children, a sampling of Texas’ permanent foster care system in an attempt to prove mistreatment and mismanagement plague the system.

It’s part of a federal lawsuit targeting the state’s foster care system, filed in the federal court in Corpus Christi in March. It asks for sweeping reforms of a system it claims puts children in harmful, mismanaged situations and overmedicates children who are shuffled from one place to another.

Hatch introduces legislation to expand alternatives to traditional foster care

Hatch introduces legislation to expand alternatives to traditional foster care | Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch is sponsoring federal legislation that would expand state programs that provide alternatives to traditional foster care.

The State Child Welfare Innovation Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., would build upon an existing program that enables states to seek waivers to use federal foster care money more flexibly to provide alternatives to traditional foster care placements.

Judge: Texas foster care lawsuit can proceed

Judge: Texas foster care lawsuit can proceed - San Antonio Express-News

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) — A judge says she will allow a lawsuit challenging Texas' foster care system to proceed as a class action.
U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack said during a hearing Thursday that she will grant class certification for the suit initiated by the advocacy group Children's Rights

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pro-Life Groups: Boycott Pepsi for Using Aborted Fetal Cell Lines

Pro-Life Groups: Boycott Pepsi for Using Aborted Fetal Cell Lines | LifeNews.com

Dozens of pro-life groups are calling on pro-life Americans to boycott PepsiCo because it has contracted with a company that uses fetal cells from babies victimized by abortions to test and produce artificial flavor enhancers.

LifeNews.com reported on the controversy in March when information came to light showing biotech company Senomyx was found to be testing their food additives using fetal cells from abortions. Senomyx ignored a letter from the pro-life group Children of God for Life, which complained about its practices.

Not in Your Back Yard?

Not in Your Back Yard? - Parentalrights.org - Protecting Children by Empowering Parents 

This week is National Backyard Games Week, a time to remember the games you played as a child and pass them on to the next generation. But be sure you take the chance now, before those games are outlawed.


C.P.S. Is Raking In The Profits Using A Corrupt Mental Health Tool- MMPI-2- REPORT IT!!
by Felicita Luna on Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 4:03pm

‎" Use your State consumer protection laws by filing complaints with your State Consumer Protection Agency or Attorney General if you have or are ordered to take the MMPI-2 or any other psychological evaluation test scored the same way. Use the Science Fraud section of the Compedium of Organized Crime Methods and Procedures at http://thesociologycenter.com/EvidenceBooks/COMPENDIUM.pdf as evidence to support your consumer protection complaint."

Second Class Citizen - What We Stand For

Fraud upon the Court

Fraud upon the Court

Fraud Upon the Court is where the Judge (who is NOT the "Court") does NOT support or uphold the
Judicial Machinery of the Court. The Court is an unbiased, but methodical "creature" which is governed
by the Rule of Law... that is, the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Rules of Criminal Procedure and the
Rules of Evidence, all which is overseen by Constitutional law. The Court can ONLY be effective, fair
and "just" if it is allowed to function as the laws proscribe. The sad fact is that in MOST Courts across
the country, from Federal Courts down to local District courts, have judges who are violating their oath
of office and are NOT properly following these rules, (as most attorney's do NOT as well, and are
usually grossly ignorant of the rules and both judges and attorneys are playing a revised legal game with
their own created rules) and THIS is a Fraud upon the Court, immediately removing jurisdiction from
that Court, and vitiates (makes ineffective - invalidates) every decision from that point on. Any judge
who does such a thing is under mandatory, non-discretionary duty to recuse himself or herself from the
case, and this rarely happens unless someone can force them to do so with the evidence of violations of
procedure and threat of losing half their pensions for life which is what can take place. In any case, it is
illegal, and EVERY case which has had fraud involved can be re-opened AT ANY TIME, because there
is no statutes of limitations on fraud. This is a trillion dollar "justice industry" just waiting to be tapped.


Kid's For Sale-Adoption: A Path of the Heart: Updated Situations and a huge thank you to my clients/fellow adoptive parents!

Adoption: A Path of the Heart: Updated Situations and a huge thank you to my clients/fellow adoptive parents!

Updated Situations and a huge thank you to my clients/fellow adoptive parents!

Video Clips of Attachment Therapy

AT — Videos

Attachment Therapist Neil Feinberg Terrorizes Adopted Child

More video's at the above link


Lobbying to convince any individual of the merits of your position requires an understanding of the
rationale that supports that belief. Your goal is not to threaten or antagonize, but to influence on
the basis of your knowledge and understanding of the issues.
Be Prepared —Before You Lobby, Do Your Homework
Know Yourself
Be aware of your own personal prejudices or biases. Such knowledge will enable you to maintain objectivity
by anticipating your own response in a given situation.
Know Your Organization
If you are speaking on its behalf, you will want to be a credible representative. Be fully aware of your
organization’s positions and their development as well as the relationship it maintains with other
organizations and with the legislature.
Know Your Legislator
Make an attempt to understand the basis for your legislator’s positions which may include his or her:
• record on related legislation and/or votes (be aware of any prior favorable commitment to your
• party, position, and tenure in legislative and political power structure;
• constituent pressures;
• general predispositions;
• responsiveness to various kinds of personal interviews (sensitivity to legislative attitudes about
approach is essential).
Your appearance as an objective individual, able to deal sympathetically with the concerns of both sides, will
be enhanced.
Know Your Issue
Phrase the argument in your own words. Don’t be surprised if it appears you are more knowledgeable than
the individual you are lobbying. No one can be expected to address every question or matter of concern
regarding an issue, however so don’t hesitate to admit your lack of knowledge on a particular point. Be
willing to pursue the answer and report back.
Know Your Opposition
It is preferable to anticipate the opposition and answer their arguments positively before those arguments
surface publicly.
Effective Individual Communication
Your maximum influence comes in addressing your comments directly to your own legislator.
The Personal Visit
Perhaps the most effective method of transmitting your message, a personal visit allows both of you to
connect names with faces. In communication afterward, you will have established yourself as a known
concerned constituent. If your legislator is holding a hearing or workshop, try to attend. It is a good time to
meet your legislator informally.
If your representative is not available, ask to meet the legislative assistant. S/he can generally be expected to
be at least as well informed as your representative, and may have more influence than you suspect.
The Telephone
The telephone can be an effective tool. Remind the legislator of any previous contact. If the member is not
available, speak with the legislative assistant. During the legislative session, a toll free “hotline” is available (1-800-562-6000) through which information
on the status of bills can be obtained. Messages can be left for your legislator. They should be brief and
specific. Leave your name, address and phone number.
The Letter
Letters are important for the legislator and/or staff. The amount of mail on a particular piece of legislation
frequently helps determine the legislators’ approach to an issue. One well written letter will often prove
more weighty than a formal petition with many signatures. For this reason, it is generally considered better
to express your opinion as an individual rather than as a member of an organization whose positions may
already be well known to legislators.
Mailgrams are a quick, dramatic alternative to the standard letter. They may be sent anywhere and delivered
the following day. The minimum charge allows for 50 words.
Faxing is a way to get your message to the committee immediately. You can also call the committee directly
with your message, be sure to get their fax number at the same time.
Email can be an efficient way to send messages for those with computer capability. You can find individual
addresses under Senate or House Home Pages www.leg.wa.gov
Timing is everything. Make your call at a strategic time — just before a vote, for instance, or immediately
following action by your legislator in support of your cause. Write when you know a particular piece of
legislation is pending before a committee or when a bill is about to come before the full House or Senate.
Some DOs and DON’Ts for Lobbyists
9 Address your Senator or Representative properly.
9 Identify yourself immediately at each contact. Public officials meet too many people to remember
9 Know the status of the legislation. Refer to a bill by number whenever possible.
9 Use your own words.
9 Be brief and explicit, courteous and reasonable.
9 Establish your own credentials or expertise on the subject of legislation under consideration.
9 Give legislators succinct, easy to read literature; highlight important facts and arguments. Their time is
9 Write the chair or members of a committee holding hearings on legislation in which you are interested if
you have facts that you think should influence his or her thinking.
9 Get to know legislative staff and treat them courteously. Their cooperation can make or break your
chances to reach the legislators themselves.
9 Always keep off-the-record comments confidential.
9 Write to say you approve, not just to criticize or oppose.
9 In a letter include your address and sign your name legibly.
9 Keep the door open for further discussion in spite of any apparently negative attitudes.
9 Don’t begin, “As a citizen and tax payer” (your elected representative knows we all pay taxes).
9 Don’t apologize for taking his or her time. If you are brief and to the point s/he will be glad to hear from
9 Don’t be arrogant, condescending or threatening toward legislators or their staff.
9 Don’t argue or back recalcitrant legislators into a corner where they take a definite position against you.
9 Don’t make notes of a conversation while talking to a legislator.
9 Don’t send copies or form letters unless you have taken the time to include a personal note.
League of Women Voters of Washington 2004


Center on Children and the Law

Center on Children and the Law | Center on Children and the Law

Come to DC July 13-16 Over 55 CLE programs
2nd National Child Welfare Parent’s Attorneys Conference July 13,14

Pre-conference: Role of Attorney in Safety Decisions for Children, Addressing Cultural Bias in Decisionmaking (limit 60 people) July 14 - Preconference Agenda

14th National Conference on Children and the Law July 15, 16.

2nd Parent Attorney Agenda 14th Children and Law Agenda

Online registration. Register by mail or fax this form. Register NOW, early tuition ends May 31.

Grandfamilies State Law and Policy Center


NEW JUDICIAL RESOURCE - Judicial Guide to Implementing Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008
ABA Center on Children and the Law 14th National Conference (July 15-16) and 2nd National Parent Attorneys Conference (July 13-14)
For information go to: http://www.americanbar.org/groups/child_law.html
Generations United 16th International Conference: Rethinking and Revitalizing Intergenerational Connections (July 26-29)
Register for the Conference

DCF Fraud - Families Regulating Authority Under Duress

DCF Fraud - Families Regulating Authority Under Duress

CPS/DCF True Colors Links

C.R.I.S.P.E. Connecticut DCF Watch Kidjacked Model Family

J.O.P.Home Fraud on the Court TN CCC CPS Watchdog

Coppercards Fight CPS NCCPR NCCPR Blog

Protected to Death Fight to End Corruption Mothers Against DCF Defeat DCS

Family Rights Association United Civil Rights Organization

National Family Preservation Search - If you need help, utilize this site to find a family advocacy center near you.

RCW 13.34.215: Petition reinstating terminated parental rights — Notice — Achievement of permanency plan — Effect of granting the petition — Hearing — Child support liability — Retroactive application — Limitation on liability.

RCW 13.34.215: Petition reinstating terminated parental rights — Notice — Achievement of permanency plan — Effect of granting the petition — Hearing — Child support liability — Retroactive application — Limitation on liability.

*** CHANGE IN 2011 *** (SEE 1774-S.SL) ***

(1) A child may petition the juvenile court to reinstate the previously terminated parental rights of his or her parent under the following circumstances:

(a) The child was previously found to be a dependent child under this chapter;

(b) The child's parent's rights were terminated in a proceeding under this chapter;

(c) The child has not achieved his or her permanency plan within three years of a final order of termination; and

(d) The child must be at least twelve years old at the time the petition is filed. Upon the child's motion for good cause shown, or on its own motion, the court may hear a petition filed by a child younger than twelve years old.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DCF Gives Day-Care License, Foster Parent Approval to Woman with Child Abuse Past

DCF Gives Day-Care License, Foster Parent Approval to Woman with Child Abuse Past | firstcoastnews.com

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Annette Smith was licensed as a day care operator in 2001 and as a foster parent in 2004.
"The fact she was a foster parent is mystery number one," said attorney Brian Cabrey.

Psychiatric Drugs Side Effects

Psychiatric Drugs Side Effects « CCHR International

Psychiatric Drugs
Common and well-documented side effects of psychiatric drugs include mania, psychosis, hallucinations, depersonalization, suicidal ideation, heart attack, stroke and sudden death. And that is a very partial list of the side effects documented by international drug regulatory agencies the world over.

CITIZEN ACTION - Judge being arrested for treason later released by freemason police

Stand Up and Fight!

How to Press Charges for False Accusations

How to Press Charges for False Accusations | eHow.com

Recent cases involving DNA have brought to light hundreds of people falsely accused of crimes they did not commit. It is a grave injustice when an innocent person is accused of committing a crime. Therefore, filing charges against people who make false accusations is important. However, it is often difficult to prove a person intentionally deceived the police and prosecution beyond a reasonable doubt. This is because the criminal justice system encourages the reporting of crimes, but makes crimes difficult to prove.

Mother offers teen daughter to man for $10,000

Mother offers teen daughter to man for $10,000 | Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — A Salt Lake woman was charged Monday with attempting to sell her 13-year-old daughter's virginity for $10,000.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Failure of Family Court System

Family Court System | Parents Rights Blog

Are children, fathers and mothers (in alphabetical order) just complaining about the family court system for the sake of it?

In London’s Civil Appeal Court, Lord Justice Ward said:

“The father complains bitterly, passionately, and with every justification, that the law is sterile, impotent and utterly useless.”

Parental Rights in Florida Regarding DCF

Parental Rights in Florida Regarding DCF | eHow.com

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is responsible for investigating claims of abuse and neglect toward children. Once its investigation is complete, the department makes recommendations to the court as to what is in the best interest of the child, based upon its findings. Florida courts must walk a fine line between protecting the rights of parents and ensuring the health and safety of a child in cases where allegations of abuse is a concern.

Divorced Soldier Takes A Stand And Changes A Law - News, Weather and Sports for Sioux City, IA: KCAU-TV.com

Divorced Soldier Takes A Stand And Changes A Law - News, Weather and Sports for Sioux City, IA: KCAU-TV.com

One Siouxland soldier and his mom took a stand and helped create a state law that will keep deployed military parents who are divorced from suffering child custody battles and allow the kids to spend time with all of their loved ones.

Signs of abuse weren't pursued by various authorities

Signs of abuse weren't pursued by various authorities | Anchorage Daily News - The News Tribune

Child welfare, police and other authorities had numerous opportunities over the years to discover and stop the abusive discipline, over-medication, hunger and other harmful practices that Anya James is alleged to have inflicted on six of her adopted children.


Dosed in juvie jail: Drug firms pay state-hired doctors

Dosed in juvie jail: Drug firms pay state-hired doctors

Drugging juveniles: Doctors hired to evaluate kids in state custody have taken huge payments from drug companies
Interactive: Compare prescribing habits among DJJ psychiatrists who received payments. Plus, see prescribing habits for more than 3,800 psychiatrists around Florida who billed Medicaid.

Should journalists attend court?.. Part 2

Should journalists attend court?.. Part 2 « UK Human Rights Blog

I asked in a recent post whether journalists need to attend court hearings to report accurately. The post arose from judgment in a family court case involving a mother’s abuse of her baby. The judge took the unusual step of criticising the Sunday Telegraph’s Christopher Booker’s reporting, which he called “unbalanced, inaccurate and just plain wrong“. That criticism was then supported by the most senior family judge in a different judgment.

WARNING To Michigan Parent's!!! More Baby Stealer's Sworn In!!

Oakland County | Hundreds join Michigan's child welfare worker ranks | The Detroit News

Hundreds join Michigan's child welfare worker ranks
Some of more than 700 new hires will be sworn in today

Madison Heights— More than 200 new child welfare workers will be sworn in today by Gov. Rick Snyder and Department of Human Services Director Maura D. Corrigan in response to federally sanctioned deadlines for reform.

More Rats reporting suspected child abuse-84.3% are False

More suspected child abuse being reported - Silver City Sun-News

LAS CRUCES - Of 4,741 reports of child abuse in Doña Ana County last year, just 745 - 15.7 percent - were substantiated, according to a Children, Youth and Families Department draft report.
That's a sign that people aren't willing to keep suspected abuse quiet, said Dr. Earl Nissen, a member of the CYFD Advisory Board.

Ending The Cycle Of Bullshit In Child Welfare - Baby LK Report For May 22nd 2011

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How to Report CPS Caseworkers in New Hampshire-Total Crock!

How to Report CPS Caseworkers in New Hampshire | eHow.com

If you believe any of this BS, I have a bridge to sell you!

New Hampshire's Child Protection Services, often known as CPS, works to help children that are in danger of being abused or neglected. While this government service is meant to help children, occasionally there are problems with the caseworkers in the field. It is important to understand that you have the right to file a complaint against a caseworker if you believe that he has done something wrong in an investigation or another area of the job.

Searching for Tangenique


Searching for my daughter Tangenique (birth name) born on November 2, 1990 at Providence Hospital in Seattle, WA. Tangenique was adopted during or after 1993. The adoption was supposed to be an open, with family, but once I signed the papers everything went amuck. All attempts to find her have failed.

Thank you! email is the easiest way to contact me: tangenique@gmail.com

New Message to Austin Knightly

Hi Austin. I felt I needed to write to you again and give you more information that DCYF won't tell you and I'm sure they never told the people who adopted you.

I'm sure you were never told Leah and Brenda did a home study so you could come live with us. They both told us they were advocating for you to be placed with us. They both told us we had nothing to worry about. That you belonged with us. They knew, CASA knew, Lucy from St. Charles knew and your Counselor all knew the strong bond you shared with Grampie. They even testified in court to the fact that you wanted to live with us. Lucy even told us how you cried when you were placed in the Children's Home. She said she asked how she could take your pain away and you answered you wanted Grampie and your dog Belle.

The Home Study was turned in unfinished. Tracey Gubbins made many false statement's and signed it off as finished, but it never was. It took eight month's and before you were to be placed with us, they found another family who wanted you, so of course they went back on their word like alway's. If that family didn't come along, you would be with us today.

Lorraine Bartlett told your grandfather and I that they were afraid I would take you off the medication they put you on, therefore we couldn't have you. That was their excuse. You see, if we took you off the medication, DCYF would not get the extra federal funding for you. One of your uncles was much more hyper than you. He even got into more than you did. He was ten times more hyper than you, getting into thing's and never sitting still. Grampie and I handled it. We never put any of our kid's on medication. Keeping a hyper child busy is the key. DCYF and many of the foster stranger's don't know how to deal with hyper children, so their easy way out is to drug them.

They first fed you drug's after you tried to hang yourself because you couldn't see Grampie. They drugged you for violent behavior. Then DCYF changed their diagnosis to ADHD. It's odd, but when you were in school in Nashua, you were tested for ADHD and didn't have it and you never had violent behavior either.

Also, the people who have you were only told what DCYF wanted to tell them. They were never told the truth. If they were, they would never have gone along with keeping you drugged and keeping you from your family. If they knew, they would have felt guilty about adopting you. They would have known we were promised placement of you if they hadn't come along. I hope they're treating you good and I hope they understand how much you love us and we love you.

Do you remember your Aunt Candy now, because you couldn't remember her at the Children's Home when you were first drugged? She loves and misses you and so does the rest of your family.

Oh, one last thing. One of your new cousin's comes over the house often and takes your picture from next to the computer and walk's around kissing it. We keep telling her, "This is Austin, your cousin and someday you'll get to meet him." I hope that someday is very soon.

We love and miss you Austin. Please don't forget us. We will be right here waiting for you for as long as it takes.
And below is a video Uncle Bob made for you. I hope you like it.
Love Grammy and Grampie



The background, limitations and results of federal and state child abuse legislation

By Damon Coffman
I feel the focus is often on some of the micro players instead of the global picture in attempting to understand how we as a nation came to be in our present situation regarding government control of family life.

In the end the power and money drive the entire mess.

Below is an article I wrote in 93, after doing extensive research following the loss of my two daughters.

On January 31st, 1974, President Nixon signed Public Law 93-247, The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA). This act ostensibly addressed a growing awareness of the problem of child abuse (ranked by some polls as one of the three most pressing national problems in the early '70s). It resulted in effects more far-reaching and consequences more devastating than the designers could have imagined.

Federal Congress

Congress unsuccessfully proposed multiple child protection bills during the period from 1964 to 1973, but it was Walter Mondale's adoption of this potent issue in his movement toward presidential candidacy that resulted in CAPTA's ultimate success. He championed this relatively non controversial issue, using the well remembered phrase "Not even Richard Nixon is in favor of child abuse!"

Social legislation was not widely popular at that time, but child abuse was a potent archetypal issue that everyone understood emotionally, and therefore acted as a powerful bond tying national "pulse points" to candidate recognition. The success of this unidimensional argument remains remarkably effective - Janet Reno's popularity soared when she claimed child abuse intervention as the purpose for the Waco Texas raid that incinerated 87 children and adults.

It is of interest to consider some of the key testimony before CAPTA during the sub-committee hearings of 1973. Under Walter Mondale's probing, Brandeis professor David Gil linked an increase in factors adverse to family life among the poor to a concomitant increase in abuse found among that social class. Class character distinction then, as now, was politically incorrect, and discussion which should have moved investigation in that direction was actively thwarted. More than once, skillful questioning by Mondale deflected problems of neglect and focused on abuse. This deflection stood in stark contrast to the vastly greater scope of the problem of neglect, which has its roots firmly linked to poverty.

The Director of the Washington DC office of the Child Welfare League of America, William Lunsford, articulated the resultant dichotomy in terms of the medical view versus the state's view. Medical professionals define abuse as an individual problem to which individual treatment must be applied. Child welfare services, however, view the government as a provider with equal or greater responsibility in bringing up a child. As in most bureaucracies, global programs and universal maxims are easier to apply than individual treatment.

The committee's neglect of fundamental problems in favor of a simple "stop beating the child" approach, ultimately supported punitive social agency response instead of facilitating family health and stability.

An even more important minimization occurred in debate around the proper role of the state in the upbringing of children. To retain the powerful single issue quality (necessary for voter support) of the proposed legislation, child abuse had to be separated from the parent's right to discipline the child. This was accomplished with the help of the gripping testimony of Jolly K., former child abuser and founder of Parents Anonymous. She spoke of how her children were almost killed in incoherent rages, and how powerless she felt to stop the frenzy once it began. Her figurative example of sin (compounded by the complicit lack of public response) and redemption (to be supplied by programs to be funded under the law) skewed the discussion in the direction of physical abuse alone. The subcommittee saw only one 'sin' (physical abuse) and one 'redemption' (governmental intervention).

In its nascent form CAPTA primarily provided minimum funds to study and collect information on the extent and nature of child abuse and neglect.

Its final form, however, replaced simple investigative funding with a comprehensive series of restrictions and rewards. Most important of these were the criminal penalties to be levied against professionals who did not report suspected child abuse, and the availability of federal funds to those states which passed laws which conformed to the federal act.

As Barbara Nelson states in her seminal book Making an Issue of Child Abuse,

"National child abuse legislation was good for its sponsors, good for the professionals who supported it and constructed on the faith of good intentions and the hope that the whole of all categorical social programs will be greater than the sum of their parts. This is rarely so."

Nelsons statement is born out in numerous incidents, of which the Swan Case (Washington) is a fairly typical example. Bill and Cathy Swan each spent over 3 years in prison on child abuse charges which were supported by evidence so contradictory and misleading that Harvard Senior Law Professor Charles Nessen refers to the Swan case in his classes as the worst miscarriage of justice in the American Legal Profession. Nessen also wrote an amicus curiae brief to the court of appeal urging the case be overturned.

In an ultimate parody of justice, the Swan case is now precedent for the use of hearsay evidence to corroborate hearsay evidence.

State Legislative Response

By 1976 many states were well into a funding crisis following the recent recession. Significant potential federal funding provided motivation for rapid passage of laws which conformed to CAPTA's requirements.

If one compares the rapidity with which states changed laws related to child abuse with their speed in adopting other federally supported social programs, the results are astonishing. Instead of the 15 to 25 years it usually takes for federal mores to percolate down to the state level, all 50 states passed within 5 years laws that entitled them to take advantage of these federal social welfare funds.

The speed of adoption and the related lack of legislative investigation brought with it a host of problems, many of which will take the next decade to rectify. Not the least of these was the problem of "outplacement." Title IV-E Federal funds require outplacement or removal of children from their immediate and/or extended family to a foster or group home.

One can charitably surmise that the framers of CAPTA considered only the most critical cases deserving of radical intervention. The resultant creation of a vast bureaucracy of children's aid agencies, supported by contradictory and poorly written laws, has instead motivated case workers to strive for outplacement at the expense of reconciliation. The amounts of direct and indirect moneys that states receive from the federal government as a result of CAPTA are substantial.

In addition to Title IV-E funds, Social Services Medicare/Medicaid funds (Title XX) are available for flexible disbursement. These two pots constitute the bulk of federal money flowing into the state child welfare coffers. The state of Oregon in 1992, by way of example, with less than 700,000 total families, receives about $80 million (direct) per biennium in federal matching funds - or approximately 40% of the total child welfare budget. Most states are much more aggressive in qualifying their programs, receiving 80% or more budget reimbursement from the federal government.

Social Service Agencies

As the burden of mandated child protection has shifted from the parent(s) to the government, a continuous redefinition of what constitutes abuse has occurred.

The lines between physical abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse have been blurred, even though the causes and cures for these problems are vastly different. Child welfare agencies over the last 20 years have re-shaped their original charter of child protection to one of punitive response. Quoting from The Oregon Child Protective Services Performance Study of 1992,

"Part of the reason for this change is the increasing disparity between what counts as abuse or neglect from a legal and [mental health] professional point of view and what is imagined by the public when the words "abuse and neglect" are used. The former is a far broader concept than the latter, and in fact the majority of abuse and neglect complaints do not involve any assault, either physical or sexual, upon the child, which is the public's image of abuse. Indeed, most reports do not involve even an incident which the agency can verify occurred at all."

From the agency's point of view, however, these changes are sensible, since they contribute to sustained department funding and continuance of existing programs, and provide for increased power, responsibility, and job security.

The ultimate well being of the family unit in general or child in particular is usually not of concern.

There remains a significant problem with the redistribution of responsibility from the parent to the government. It requires only an anonymous phone call to start an investigation, in which the first response is to remove the child. Poverty places single mothers in a predicament where they cannot refrain from acts that fall under the new definition of neglect. Case histories abound of good mothers who ran to the corner store for milk, only to have the child removed for years, often life, because of a few minutes of "abandonment." Government funding to provide services which help the indigent mother are rejected in favor of services which provide federal reimbursement.

Discipline in some states has been defined to be abusive if it includes any form of coercion, such as requiring a child to take a time-out when they don't want to. Raising one's voice over a screaming teenager to request quiet can be and has been defined as emotional abuse. Adolescents are taught that they are "violated" if a parent enters their room, even after knocking, without express permission.

Corporal punishment has been banned in most states for the last decade, and affection in the form of a hug or squeeze from an opposite sex parent is readily defined as sexual abuse by super vigilant social workers. Children are warned to watch for affection as evidence of potential pedophilia in classrooms all around the nation. This is in spite of the famous studies completed in the 1960's that specifically linked childhood development and intelligence to physical touch and holding.

Day care workers must now tell children to hug each other since they as adults are prevented by law from providing what all previous human history had defined as proper nurture of children. Not surprisingly, social workers and psychologists have defined a new form of sexual abuse among children, and are seeking to label even pre-school children as sexual predators.

Different cultures are also suspect as exampled in Washington, where two pre-school children were removed from their Swedish parents when the weekly family saunas were uncovered in a "good touch - bad touch" training session at the children's pre-school. The children were unaware of their peril in responding affirmatively to the question "Has anybody seen their parents without clothing?" In this case the children were severely traumatized by the mandated immediate removal and multi-week separation from their parents. Ultimately the family fled back to their native Sweden to prevent further repercussions.

Children are becoming increasingly aware of their power over parents; they learn from peers and schools just exactly what they do and don't have to do. In many states, Florida, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon being key examples, children cannot be required by their parents to do anything, from washing dishes to going to school. Testimony offered before the 1993 session of the Oregon legislature documented a sharply increasing number of cases where teenagers made false reports on their parents, simply because they were angry about a parental restriction. In every case known to the author, the teenagers were removed from their families, sometimes permanently, and to their great sorrow. It is not possible to reference by name or case the families affected, due to the potential for repercussions against them by the Children Services Division.

Noted child psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gardener of Columbia University addressed this problem of punitive agency response in several national articles. He notes that proper training of case workers to administer their increased responsibility (and vastly superior enforcement advantage) in governmental family control is almost criminally lacking.

Many states require case workers only to have a high school education which is supplemented with a two week course in completing forms. This may explain why two of the compelling indicators of pedophilia the state of Washington Child Protective Services applied to the father of four year old Alica Wade was that he was in the Navy and he was overweight. This in spite of the fact that the police actually apprehended and prosecuted the prowler who did molest Alicia in her bedroom. It took 4 and 1/2 years and a federal court order before the Wades were allowed to see their daughter again.

Families in Retreat

How then does the government perceive the effectiveness of the children and family services programs, and how does the public respond? The Oregon Child Protective Services Performance Study of 1992 provides some universally applicable insights. Contracted to the University of Maine by the Oregon legislature, participants in the study team included primarily persons with long backgrounds in child welfare social services - hardly an unbiased team. Even so the results were profoundly disturbing to those who read the report carefully.

The study praised Oregon's child protection services as one of the best in the nation, and yet the members were "immediately struck by the level of public hostility towards Childrens Services Division as an agency. In experiences ranging from newspaper accounts dealing with CSD to attending public meetings to listening to clients, to casual conversations ... the lack of support for CSD has been revealed again and again."

This experience is in keeping with various family groups across the country who are now recommending that a child be kept home until accidental bruises (due to normal childhood activities like climbing trees or biking) completely fade. School teachers are required by CAPTA to report any bruise or statement that might be construed as potential child abuse (with criminal penalties if personal judgment is used).

In attempting to understand the ubiquitous animosity toward children's services agencies, one should consider a number of related laws, methods, and networks which combine to create a situation never properly investigated in the simple minded preparation of CAPTA. Again from the Oregon study:

"One might have guessed that, if anything, the law would define a wider range of child maltreatment to be reported and investigated than the range of child maltreatment that can lead to juvenile court proceedings. After all, a far smaller proportion of cases require the drastic remedy of juvenile court proceedings [with the almost rubber stamp long term removal or termination of parental rights] than those which require investigation and services. Yet, the definition for reporting and investigation is in fact narrower [emphasis added] than the definition applicable to juvenile court proceedings."

The study goes on to state that this is due first in order to comply with the reporting requirements of CAPTA, and second because the "definitions in the reporting act have fundamentally different effects on the operations of agencies [read: financial impact and reimbursement] and courts than language delineating child maltreatment in the juvenile court act."

Completely ignored in the study, but documented by experts like psychologists Dr. Gardener (Columbia), Dr. Lee Coleman MD., Dr. Stephen Ceci (Cornell), Dr. Richard Ofshe (Berkley), is the effect and industry created by prevailing laws and social agency tactics. Just as in the 1950's fear of communist domination created the defense industry iron triangle and McCarthyism, in the 1980's and 1990's fears have created an industry which could be called the victim abuse triangle.

The players in this triangle are the social protection agencies, the lawyers and juvenile court system, and the mental health profession. The part played by social agencies can be understood in the framework presented above; specifically the power to enforce their decisions coupled with the concept of government right above personal rights, and exacerbated by the abysmal lack of training. Lawyers and juvenile courts are not disposed to change a system they are familiar with and which provides continuous employment for their profession.

In the state of Oregon in 1993 over 22,000 cases of child abuse were entered, of which a large proportion required one or more juvenile court hearings. Testimony before the 1993 legislature indicated that parents who were not completely indigent were routinely stripped of thousands of dollars in legal fees through attempting to regain the rights to their children. Most of these families were low-income and impoverished by the court proceedings. Those that were able to retain their children were placed in the position of extreme financial hardship for years to come, and usually required to pay for long term weekly counseling by a state approved therapist.

The dictated counseling is little more than a hostage release requirement enforced by agencies with little or no accountability.

An argument in favor the current system would be acceptable if child protection were truly engendered. Douglas Besherov, the first director of the National Center for the Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (established as a result of CAPTA), has reported otherwise.

In the late 1970's the center stated that the ratio of false reports (of child abuse or neglect) to true was about 50%.
By the mid 1980's the probability of correct reporting had declined to 1 out of 3,
and by the 1990's Mr. Besherov has stated that there are approximately 9 false reports for every true one.
Statistics from the American Humane Association's 1986 study "Highlights of Official Child Neglect and House Reporting", agree with Mr. Besherov. They reported that 195,000 of the 328,000 child sexual abuse reports were unfounded. Other comprehensive studies of the remaining 133,000 found that 70,000 to 90,000 were probably falsely accused also.

These statistics do not sit well with the mental health profession which has seen an unprecedented growth in the area of state-mandated family and child counseling. However, their complicity is suspect just from the manner in which references are supplied from juvenile court hearings. Almost every children's services agency in the country has a core of mental health workers they use to evaluate each child brought in.

Mental health professionals who are willing to validate the pre-disposed conclusions of case workers will continue to receive referrals as a result; those that don't won't. Since removal of the children from their family is almost always the first response of children's agencies to any reporting, psychological evaluation is a required if the agency wishes to continue to deny family reunification where no evidence of abuse exists.

Mental Health Therapy

Many whose families have been irretrievably damaged have alleged a conspiracy among mental health professionals. Citing debacles like the McMartin case, the Kelly Michaels case, the Daniel Akiki case, the Sousa case, the Swan case, or the Little Rascals Day Care case, a clear argument for complicity can certainly be made (and may in fact be true for those cases). In general, however, the mechanism by which psychiatry became enmeshed in law is a labyrinth of paths and agendas, most of which were initially independent of child welfare.

It began with the use and abuse of the insanity plea in the late '50's and grew to such proportions that by 1981 the general public was outraged to see John Hinkely declared not guilty of the assassination attempt on President Reagan, in what was just a classic and well accepted insanity defense.

Not all of the psychiatric profession is happy with the carte blanche power they have been given. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) filed an amicus curiae brief with the Supreme Court in 1983 proclaiming the inability of psychiatrists to predict violent behavior. However, the legal systems in this country have accepted almost universally that a psychiatric evaluation provides an accurate understanding of the current and future potential state of the examined in matters from violence to depression to sex to pedophilia.

This belief has been widely promoted by the media and well accepted in the general population. The Supreme Court responded to the APA argument saying

"The suggestion that no psychiatrist's testimony may be presented with respect to a defendant's future dangerousness is somewhat like asking us to disinvent the wheel," and "To accept such argument would call into question other contexts in which predictions of future behavior are constantly made."

As Dr. Coleman states in his book Reign of Error, the court needed to continue to use the worthless predictions, "otherwise the bankruptcy of our society's widespread use of these judgments would become so obvious that dozens of social policies would be suspect."

Unfortunately it stands in stark contrast to what research psychiatrists have been saying all along. Dr. Coleman goes on to document studies in the 1960's and 1970's which demonstrated conclusively that psychiatric predictions of dangerousness were no better that flipping a coin - and were in fact worse due to hidden personal factors that often led to injustice. Almost every scientific outcome based study (i.e. utilizing accepted statistical methods and principles) which examines psychiatry, psychology or mental health has shown that the probability of correct diagnosis is random at best.

In juvenile and criminal court hearings, however, the evaluation of the mental health specialist contributes from 25 to 50% of the weight of the final decision. Social workers tend to base their entire argument on the mental health input. This may be in part due to the large case load and inadequate time to investigate as should be done in any proper evaluation of child abuse allegations.

As the public has blindly accepted the inerrant mental health premise, poorly trained or unscrupulous therapists have discovered a gold mine.

Insurance companies and the public have become the bank for costly therapies and settlements. Testimony given on various talk shows by recanters (persons who were convinced by therapists that they were victims of abuse and later denied it ever having happened), revealed that therapist's fees in excess of $300,000 over several years are not uncommon.

Other therapists working closely with juvenile courts provide penile plethysmograph diagnosis on demand for a fee. Lawyers unaware of the utter lack of scientific basis (and rejection as invalid by the AMA) often recommend that an accused parent comply with the social services agencies' demand for this test. This bizarre investigation hooks the genitals of the accused to sensitive electronics which record responses to previously acquired (usually confiscated) videos of child pornography.

Prisoners serving time for sex crimes provide the control group for this "scientific" measurement. Only one diagnosis is possible, regardless of response: subject is a potential pedophile.

No social workers have been willing to submit themselves to the same inspection.

Justice for All

A complete understanding of the problem is not possible until the role of the justice system is covered. A quick history of judicial response to criminal law is required. Prior to 1970, criminal law was based on the concept of innocence and guilt, as determined in trail by jury. Then in 1971 a case occurred which had far reaching implications. In Santobello vs New York a plea bargain deal with the district attorney was not honored by the judge during sentencing, and was subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court.

In their review of the case the court made a landmark ruling that established plea bargaining as constitutionally acceptable, and the resulting agreement between the D.A. and accused as binding. At the same time, America was riding a get-tough-on-crime agenda, and prosecutors were being pressured to bring more and more convictions to prove their effectiveness to the public. Plea bargaining provided a bonanza for the D.A.'s. Defendants who accepted a plea bargain reduced time and money spent on each case, allowing the D.A. extra resources to obtain more convictions, thus validating their effectiveness to the community they pledged to serve.

Criminals and lawyers picked up on the system very quickly and learned to use it to their advantage, bargaining with the D.A. over the plea agreement to maximum advantage. In most areas of activity, criminal indictments were over 98% accurate, and the guilty party could almost always be counted on to acquiesce to plea bargaining. The alternative of jury trial boasted a conviction ratio of better than 3-to-1, and a much harsher sentence .

One significant problem, however, was that in order to motivate plea bargaining, those who refused to bargain had to be made an example of in order to keep the conviction train rolling. This problem has been eminently recognized - even entry level college political science courses teach that no matter how many prisons are built, they will be filled to capacity under the current system.

There is direct empirical evidence for that statement. America incarcerates up to 80 times more per capita than any other civilized nation. Numerous cases have been documented by columnists like Phil Stanford of the Oregonian where an innocent party was encouraged to plea bargain by their lawyer, completely unaware of the future impact a criminal conviction would have on their life.

Prosecutors will generally bring an indictment if

(1) there is credible evidence,
(2) the defendant doesn't appear unimpeachable,
(3) the prosecution witnesses do appear unimpeachable, and
(4) it is politically expedient (read: popular vote getter).

Into this environment comes alleged child abuse, which is politically a sure vote getter, where hearsay evidence is admissible, where the defendant can be refused the right to confront his accusers, and where the defendant is emotionally devastated and somewhat incoherent due to the absurd nature of the accusations. Parties guilty of child abuse or molestation, aware of their risk in a court case, almost always plea bargain.

Innocent persons, however, tend to be ignorant of the legal system, and believe they will be acquitted. If they are indigent counsel is appointed.

The average case receives about $600 legal and investigative services, against which is arrayed the unlimited pockets of the D.A.

Sir William Blackstone stated famously that it was better for ten guilty men to go free than for one innocent man to be convicted. Place this statement against the background of child abuse allegations, in which 9 out of 10 reports are false, and where therapists are creating a revenue generating class of victims.

One must ask who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.

One such case was that of 22 year old Kelly Michaels, in which a counsel who had not even completed law school was appointed to defend her against multiple counts of sexual abuse. Her lawyer's anemic defense allowed the prosecution present evidence to support charges so patently ridiculous that her conviction was a crime.

Fortunately, after spending only five and one half years in prison, an appeals court threw out her conviction, stating that the case presented against her was fraudulent. Most innocent defendants are not so fortunate.

This country has not been immune to gross injustice, as a result of hysteria, throughout our 200 plus year history. From the Salem witch trials to McCarthy, special groups have been singled out for disclosure and destruction.

What makes the current injustices so devastating in their application is that they strike directly at the fundamental unit of any structured society- the family.

Although Europe is no stranger to these tactics, having within the last generation thrown off both a Holocaust and the Gulags, this is America's first real foray into a national hysteria of similar epic proportions.

That may also be the reason Europe has not seen fit to follow America into our current divergence. From inauspicious beginnings come great results, both good and evil.

The time has come to rethink CAPTA and consider children for what they are, individuals that breathe and love, not statistics to be used.

http://familyrights.us / bin / brochures / 20_years_CAPTA / capta.html

Huge doses of potent antipsychotics flow into state jails for troubled kids

Huge doses of potent antipsychotics flow into state jails for troubled kids

Drugging juveniles: Doctors hired to evaluate kids in state custody have taken huge payments from drug companies
Interactive: Compare prescribing habits among DJJ psychiatrists who received payments. Plus, see prescribing habits for more than 3,800 psychiatrists around Florida who billed Medicaid.

HALT - Legal Information Clearing House

HALT - Legal Information Clearing House

Going It Alone In Court
A Special HALT Primer
This primer is intended for all those who wish to represent themselves in court - called pro se or pro per representation. It is also useful for those who simply want basic information about how a case progresses through the courts. It provides a short description of the court system, a summary of pre-trial and trial procedures, ways for pro se litigants to get help and suggested materials to read. In effect, it explains to you the steps you or a lawyer would take in handling a case.

Fatherless America? A third of children now live without dad

Fatherless America? A third of children now live without dad | Deseret News

OGDEN — Two stints in prison, rehab and a probation officer failed to inspire Mike DeBoer to give up the drugs. Dirty diapers, peanut butter sandwiches, playing "tickle monster" with a giggly redhead who smiles his daddy's smile — that's what did it.

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Nubia Barahona's death prompts changes at agency that monitors foster kids -It's About Time!

Nubia Barahona's death prompts changes at agency that monitors foster kids - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com


WEST PALM BEACH— Leaders of the private agency once charged with ensuring Nubia Barahona was safe with her adoptive family say the girl's death has led to changes that could help caseworkers detect threats to foster children.

Restraint and Drugging of Children in Care - Looked After Children No 2

Child protection inquiry

Child protection inquiry - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge on the case of a pregnant 12-year-old in State care.

Stillwater man threatens social worker with machete

Stillwater Gazette > Stillwater > News > Stillwater man threatens social worker with machete

A 19-year old Stillwater man will appear in Washington County Court this week on charges of terroristic threats and stalking with intent to injure.

Shane Lewandowski allegedly threatened a county social worker on Feb. 3 over the phone after he was told to have his apartment clean for the social worker's scheduled visit the next day.

Welfare worker on child rape charges

Welfare worker on child rape charges - Times LIVE

A man at the Child Advocacy Centre in Pietermaritzburg is to be charged with raping a teenager under his care.

Brother of Camden Hughes devastated | New Hampshire

Brother of Camden Hughes devastated | New Hampshire NEWS03

HAMPTON — Ian McCrery's message to his mother is simple: “I love you. I forgive you.”

It is not easy.

His six-year-old brother, Camden Hughes, the center of his universe, is dead. His mother, Julianne McCrery, 42, is charged with his murder.

Vicky Haigh saves her baby from the clutches of the social workers

Vicky Haigh saves her baby from the clutches of the social workers - Telegraph

A British woman has given birth in Ireland to stop Nottinghamshire social workers from seizing her child, says Christopher Booker.

(KS) Daughter Behind Bars for an SRS 'MISTAKE' Bambi Hazen Fighting for her daughter's RIGHTS

Child Services Procedures Scrutinized Amid Abuse Allegations of Adopted Children

Child Services Procedures Scrutinized Amid Abuse Allegations of Adopted Children | KTVA CBS 11 News | Outbound XML Feeds

Wednesday, an Anchorage woman was arrested on several counts of child abuse. Several neighbors say they alerted authorities, but nothing happened

All That I Am: Stolen, the Truth for Them (book) and Stolen Lives Awareness (blog)

Home - All That I Am: Stolen, the Truth for Them (book) and Stolen Lives Awareness (blog)

Welcome To the All That I Am book page and Stolen Lives Awareness site
The book ALL THAT I AM: STOLEN, the TRUTH FOR THEM is about a very young mother's teenage life, the fight for her children, and the truth about the events and people that tore them apart. This is a shockingly honest story of how a mother struggled with her own mistakes, and made peace with herself for her errors. She continues to seek justice for her children's safety from the lies and for the loving mother she has always been, regardless of her own chaos due to growing pains and the vicious stories against her from the man she once loved and his well connected mother. Author: Ember Rain (2011)

Public employee salary - Sunshine Review

Public employee salary - Sunshine Review

Public employee salary

1 Growth of public sector, decline of private sector
1.1 Employee training sessions
2 Federal
2.1 President
2.2 Federal public employees
3 Salary impact on state budgets
4 Public v. Private sector
5 Corruption
6 State public employee salary resources
7 Additional resources & reading
8 References
Public employee salary information is provided by some state government transparency websites, such as Missouri's Accountability Portal. Some states, however, do not provide such information, even if a spending database is already in place. Public employee salary information is important, given the large salaries that many government employees receive.[1]

Our view: Foster children deserve better

Our view: Foster children deserve better - Norwich, CT - The Bulletin

We recently published two letters to the editor promoting the fact that May is National Foster Care Month, an annual designation intended to draw attention to the plight of children in state custody and in need of adoptive and foster families. There are roughly 4,700 children here in Connecticut living as wards of the state.

A Right Royal Visit! « World4Justice

A Right Royal Visit! « World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum.

Here in the UK there is currently a Family Law review taking place at the Ministry of Justice in London under the chairmanship of Sir David Norgrove, it is hoped this will reveal the injustices that betrays families, most often vulnerable children and society as a whole.

Longview couple accused of abusing adopted children post bail

Longview couple accused of abusing adopted children post bail: "A 13-year-old Cowlitz County boy was starved so badly by his adoptive parents that he stopped growing and, even as an adult, will be about 10 inches shorter than if he'd grown up in a more stable home, according to court documents released Friday."

DCF takes blame for beating death of Tampa baby

DCF takes blame for beating death of Tampa baby - St. Petersburg Times


Child protection investigators worried all month that 13-month-old Ezekiel Mathis might be in danger in his mother's home. In early May, they tried twice to put him in foster care. Each time, the state Attorney General's Office wouldn't allow it.

Biological Mother Reacts to Allegations of Child Abuse

Biological Mother Reacts to Allegations of Child Abuse | KTVA CBS 11 News | Outbound XML Feeds

The biological mother of three of six adopted children who Anchorage police say were abused by 51-year-old Anya Ardin James is speaking out about the alleged abuse.

5 Adopted Children Beaten, Forced To Eat Pet Food

5 Adopted Children Beaten, Forced To Eat Pet Food - News Story - KIRO Seattle

LONGVIEW, Wash. -- After being starved, forced to eat pet food and beaten, five adopted children in Cowlitz County are in protective custody while their parents are in court.
Police arrested Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock in Longview Thursday after a two-month investigation that started when the couple’s adopted 13-year-old son was taken to a hospital.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Child Abuse: Adoptive Parent Allegedly Abused 6 Kids Over 10 Years

Child Abuse: Adoptive Parent Allegedly Abused 6 Kids Over 10 Years - ktuu.com


A 50-year-old woman was arrested by Anchorage police Tuesday after allegedly abusing six children she adopted from 2000 to 2010. Anya James was charged with 10 counts of kidnapping and six counts of first-degree assault following an eight-month investigation.

DCF contractor may be asked to repay misused public funds

DCF contractor may be asked to repay misused public funds

While Our Kids of Miami-Dade and Monroe is overhauling how it serves foster families, after the February death of 10-year-old Nubia Barahona, the agency may now face sanctions for how it spends taxpayer money and follows purchasing and bidding guidelines.

DHS slammed in child protection inquiry

Bill could change rights of grandparents in TN

Bill could change rights of grandparents in TN | wbir.com

One legal expert who reviewed a law intended to boost visitation rights for grandparents who want to see thier grandchildren said the bill could transform the rights of grandparents in Tennessee.

'Botox Mom' Says It Was A Hoax For Cash

'Botox Mom' Says It Was A Hoax For Cash - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire

Woman Claimed She Injected 8-Year-Old Daughter With Drug

The mother who claimed she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox now claims it was all a hoax for cash.

McCrery's Older Son: As A Mom She Was No. 1 - New Hampshire

McCrery's Older Son: As A Mom She Was No. 1 - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire

Older Son Of Woman Charged In Boy's Death Speaks Out

BOSTON -- The older brother of a young Texas boy allegedly killed in New Hampshire said their mother was extremely devoted, even as she stands accused in the death of her young son.
Julianne McCrery's 23-year-old son, Ian McCrery, is serving in the Navy, on the USS Oak Hill in Virginia. He spoke out Thursday about the death of his 6-year-old brother, Camden, whose body was found on a rural Maine road earlier this week.

Family To Claim Boy's Body - New Hampshire

Family To Claim Boy's Body - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire

AUGUSTA, Maine -- Julianne McCrery's family will be traveling to New England to claim her 6-year-old son's body after police said she killed the boy and left his body on the side of the road in Maine this past weekend, the attorney general's office said.

DCF Fails Foster Stranger's as Well as REAL Families

Foster families quit for lack of respect - Courant.com

When it comes to foster families, the more the better. They are a central part of ensuring that abused and neglected children are taken out of group homes and given a better chance to lead stable and fulfilling lives.

Unfortunately, the state Department of Children and Families is not only failing to add new foster families, as it is legally required to, it's losing the ones it already has.

CPS Puts 3-year-old on Psychotropic Drugs

CPS Puts 3-year-old on Psychotropic Drugs

CPS Puts 3-Year-Old on Psychotropic Drugs: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

HOUSTON - For now, 4-year-old Rachel Harrison is back with her parents.
"She belongs with her mother and her father" Rachel's father David Harrison said.
But if Child Protective Services has its way, Rachel's 28-year-old father David and her 24-year-old mother Christina will not be her legal guardians. CPS wants her to be adopted by non-relatives.

Free Legal Volunteer Training Offered


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Free Legal Volunteer Training Offered
Constitutional lawyer and ParentalRights.org president Michael Farris will host a webinar on Thursday, June 23 at 3:30 p.m. EDT to provide key talking points on the Parental Rights Amendment and the threat of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This training webinar is offered to volunteers with legal backgrounds (lawyers, paralegals) interested in testifying before their state legislature on behalf of the Amendment or in opposition to the CRC.

Several weeks ago I sent an email asking those of you with legal training to let us know if you would be willing to testify for the Parental Rights Amendment before your state legislature. We are now able to offer this training to those of you who replied.

Given the delay in the meantime, I wanted to give anyone else with legal background the opportunity to sign up as a testimony volunteer and to participate in this webinar as well.

If you have already signed up as a legal testimony volunteer, please email me and let me know if you can attend the webinar so I will know to send you additional information.

If you have not already signed up but would like to do so now, please email me and provide your contact information as well as a brief description of your legal background (“paralegal,” “real estate attorney,” etc.). Be sure to include your state, and let me know if you can attend the webinar.

If you do not have a legal background, we would still welcome you to volunteer as a potential hearing speaker. Just email me with your contact information, including which state you live in, and include your occupation. I regret that we cannot open the webinar to non-legal volunteers at this time due to space limitations.


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