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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Thursday, October 26, 2017

My Knight

My Knight
It’s been six months since you left me,
Alone and feeling blue,
The thought of never seeing you again,
Is something I can’t do,
Your loss has clearly shaken me,
My life is so unclear,
My Knight who always loved me,
My Knight I hold so dear,
The times we spent together,
We never were apart,
The day you were taken from me,
Was the day you broke my heart,
I’m not the same person I used to be,
While you were by my side,
I feel an emptiness inside me,
And pain that won’t subside,
The pain grows worse each and every day,
The nights are even worse,
I pray to God to bring you back to stay,
And make this nightmare end,
I need your arms around me,
I need to see your smile,
I don’t know how much longer I can do this,
I feel so alone,
I will love you for all eternity,
I hope you wait for me,
Life just isn’t the same without you,
And it never will be,
Please be waiting for me,
I’ll meet you at Heaven’s Gate,
Our love will last forever,
How much longer must I wait,
I can’t wait to be together again,
And my heart will finally heal,
We won’t be torn apart again,
Our love is just too strong,
I can’t wait to see you,
It’s been way too long,
So far now please don’t forget me,
Remember the Love we share,
Our Love will last forever,
You are my Knight that I hold most dear.
I’ll Love you Forever and Always, Dot xoxoxoxo

Today is the 6 month Anniversary of my Husband's SENSELESS Death, Murdered by UNWANTED, UNKNOWINGLY FORCED Palliative Care

Today is the 6 month Anniversary of my husband's death. Murdered by UNWANTED, UNKNOWINGLY FORCED Palliative Care by a Hospital in Nashua, NH where my husband died of UNTREATED SEPSIS which he contracted there. He was treated for absolutely NOTHING, yet blood tests were done almost daily which show he had an infection and other illnesses that SHOULD have been treated. Medicare FRAUD?????And 
they never told us anything. I didn't even know he had SEPSIS. The Undertaker told me. I was shocked just as I was when I went through his Medical file. I couldn't and still can't believe what I found. He adamantly stated he wanted treatment and did NOT want to die. So why are these people getting away with ILLEGALLY putting him on Palliative Care and killing him?
Whoever said life get's easier as time goes on is full of it. When a husband and wife are inseparable for over 42 years, life never gets easier. It get's worse. I am no longer a whole person. He IS the Love of My Life and always will be. He always loved me unconditionally. I always came first. He gave me the love I never got growing up. From the time we started dating, we were inseparable. Always together. We knew right away we were meant to be together forever. We did everything together. Yardwork, housework, cooking,working on the cars, EVERYTHING! I am so lost without him. I can't stop crying. I just can't fathom how the Hospital we always trusted with our lives could do such a thing. I'm praying this is all a nightmare and my husband will wake up beside me each morning.
I know he was ILLEGALLY put on Palliative Care without our consent. We weren't even told. When it was offered, we refused. It's all in his Medical file, but the Medical board claims they did nothing wrong. We were never told who theses Doctor's and APRN's were. It was all a big secret. What I don't understand is how the State of NH will not press charges against the people responsible for murdering my husband. The County Attorney told me to go to the Police Station to press charges. The cop I had to speak to was extremely rude and thought it was a big joke. He told me private citizens can't press charges, that the State has to. So what are they waiting for? Criminal charges need to be brought against these death mongers! Euthanasia is "supposed" to be ILLEGAL in NH, but you can't prove it by me. My husband was MURDERED and I won't stop until he gets the Justice he deserves!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Palliative Care APRN Murdered My Husband at a Nashua, NH Hospital

                                                            Me and My Knight 9/28/74
My husband REFUSED Hospice/Palliative Care when he was admitted into this Nashua Hospital for weakness. His Oncologist stated he would be there for a short time to get his strength back. Instead my husband was ILLEGALLY, UNKNOWINGLY put on Palliative Care. We were never told. My husband stressed the fact he wanted treatment and didn't want to die.
I had no clue who ILLEGALLY put my husband on Palliative Care until after his death when I read through his Medical file. An extremely insensitive Hospitalist, who stated "If your heart stops, you don't won't to be resuscitated do you? I don't see any sense." My husband responded with, "Of course I do. I don't want to die." This unethical so called Doctor was responsible for putting my husband on the Unwanted Palliative Care which he refused.
The second day he was there a Doctor came in and took over his medication. He proceeded to overdose him with morphine, so the only thing he was able to do was sleep. Nobody told us this so-called Doctor was Palliative care.
After three weeks of being overdosed and my husbands refusal many times to take more morphine, because he said they were trying to kill him, a different Hospitalist came in to see him and saw that he was overdosed. He took over my husband's medication and the Palliative care Doctor left never to be seen again. My husband was discharged that day. It's just too bad we were never told about the illnesses that were found in the daily blood tests he was having, nor were ANY of the illnesses ever treated.
A woman came in to my husbands room before he was discharged and tried to coerce my husband into Hospice Care coming to our home. We refused again. We opted for the AIM Program. We did NOT want Hospice or Palliative Care and the booklets we received don't state any Palliative Care APRN's would be visiting our home, but guess what? Someone sent a Palliative Care APRN from Home Health and Hospice to my home. Again we weren't told she was Palliative Care. The third time she came, she taunted by husband with death rants and brought up the Doctors name that overdosed him in the Hospital. He threw up his arms and tried to scream. He had a heart attack thanks to her verbal abuse, but of course we weren't told. I found that in his Medical file also. She walked out and left him unresponsive. I reported all this to the NH Board of Nursing who couldn't care less. They found nothing wrong with what this Death monger did. No-one is safe anymore with people like this "Supposedly" caring for patients.
My husband ended up back in the same Hospital. If I had known what was going on there, he never would have went back there. He would have gone elsewhere, to a REAL Hospital where he would have gotten the treatment he deserved.
The ER Doctor told us he had an infection, but he didn't know what it was or where it was. He put him on antibiotics and an IV. The woman from the Oncology Doctors office came in. We thought she wa there for support. We were never told she was a Palliative Care APRN. Nobody told us she was now calling the shots, nor did we give permission. Nor did we ever consent to Hospice or Palliative Care. She was in the room when my husband refused, so why did she step in? My husband's own Primary Care Doctor was never even contacted or consulted.
The antibiotics were discontinued that night after he was put in ICU. No-one gave us a reason why, so we thought they caught the infection. Then he was put in a regular room that day. We thought he was getting better, but he started doing worse. He died a week later, from SEPSIS. UNTREATED SEPSIS. The Palliative Care APRN is responsible for the death of my husband. She took it upon  herself to discontinue the antibiotics and all treated, which she had no business doing. She was NOT his Doctor and all family member's stated we wanted him saved and on whatever medication he needed to live. Again, I found out in the Medical file that she was the one calling the shots. I spoke to her on the phone and she denied everything. I told her she better read his file because her name is all over it.Again, I filed a complaint with the NH Board of Nursing. They found nothing wrong with her unethical practices either. Total Bullshit. She MURDERED my husband and gets away with it!What is the world coming to?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lung Institute | The Dangers of Painkillers and COPD

Lung Institute | The Dangers of Painkillers and COPD:

Painkillers have their place in society, but at what cost?
Simply put, opioids are painkillers. And throughout the early 2000’s they were prescribed heavily for the treatment of chronic pain. For those suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), opioids are used to alleviate chronic muscle pain, insomnia, and reduce refractory shortness of breath and cough. Despite the positives opioids present, they come with a variety of negative side effects that can directly challenge the benefits, particularly in their susceptibility for addiction and overdose.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Allowing PRN Orders for Morphine May Result in Untimely Death For COPD Patients

Hospice Patients Alliance:

Patients in hospice who have diseases without severe pain may not need morphine for comfort. Some take other analgesics and some take none. But patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or "COPD" may especially be sensitive to the adverse effects of morphine. COPD patients have breathing difficulties and anxiety which can sometimes be lessened by very small dosages of a sedative and/or a very small dosage of morphine. However, given in too high a dose, morphine can seriously interfere with a patient's ability to breathe. In fact, anyone who is given a dosage of morphine which is much higher than they are accustomed to, may stop breathing.

One of morphine's main adverse effects is slowing down the respiratory rate, i.e., respiratory depression. If the dosage of morphine is too high for what the patient is accustomed to, the respiratory depression can become severe and actually stop the breathing periodically for a few seconds or many seconds. This pattern of breathing where the patient stops breathing (skipping breaths) and then starts breathing again is termed "apnea." Apnea commonly occurs as a result of the terminal illness and the dying process, when certain metabolic changes occur in the patient's body. If the breathing is stopped completely without restarting, the patient dies. Because COPD patients have compromised breathing already, ... very inefficient breathing, overly high doses of morphine can quickly cause these patients to stop breathing.

Case Three: Mother Killed by Hospice With Morphine Overdose

Case Three: Mother Killed by Hospice With Morphine Overdose:

Note: the following is the account given by a daughter showing how her mother was medically killed by a hospice, its medical director and its nurses: involuntary euthanasia. Names have been withheld to maintain confidentiality.

My mother was recently a hospice patient in _________. She had chronic lung disease (C.O.P.D.) which we all expected would eventually take her life. However, while under hospice care she died of "acute morphine intoxication." This has been confirmed by an autopsy by the coroner's office, and now is being investigated by the county D.A.

Sound Familiar?????

Always Care, Never Kill: How Physician-Assisted Suicide Endangers the Weak, Corrupts Medicine, Compromises the Family, and Violates Human Dignity and Equality

Always Care, Never Kill: How Physician-Assisted Suicide Endangers the Weak, Corrupts Medicine, Compromises the Family, and Violates Human Dignity and Equality | The Heritage Foundation:
Allowing physician-assisted suicide would be a grave mistake for four reasons. First, it would endanger the weak and vulnerable. Second, it would corrupt the practice of medicine and the doctor–patient relationship. Third, it would compromise the family and intergenerational commitments. And fourth, it would betray human dignity and equality before the law. Instead of helping people to kill themselves, we should offer them appropriate medical care and human presence. We should respond to suffering with true compassion and solidarity. Doctors should help their patients to die a dignified death of natural causes, not assist in killing. Physicians are always to care, never to kill.
The Hippocratic Oath proclaims: “I will keep [the sick] from harm and injustice. I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect.”[1] This is an essential precept for a flourishing civil society. No one, especially a doctor, should be permitted to kill intentionally, or assist in killing intentionally, an innocent neighbor.

86 Children Died in This Foster Company's Care Over the Course of a Decade

86 Children Died in This Foster Company's Care Over the Course of a Decade | Teen Vogue:

An investigation by the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance revealed that at least 86 children died over a 10-year period while in the care of the for-profit foster company The Mentor Network, the largest for-profit foster care company in the United States.

Police agencies in Oakland County among those involved in busting child sex trafficking ring, 84 kids recovered

Police agencies in Oakland County among those involved in busting child sex trafficking ring, 84 kids recovered:

Law enforcement agencies in Oakland County are among those credited with partnering with the FBI in busting a child sex trafficking, resulting in the recovery of 84 minors and the arrest of 120 alleged traffickers.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

What to Know About Managing COPD

VoteItUp - What to Know About Managing COPD:

Chronic lung diseases cause a great deal of inconvenient and distress for sufferers and their families. According to the National Emphysema Foundation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a leading cause of disability and mortality in the U.S. About 30 million Americans are affected across all 50 states.

The Hidden Faces of Sepsis, What do They Tell Us? Focal Points for Improving Patient Outcome

The Hidden Faces of Sepsis, What do They Tell Us? Focal Points for Improving Patient Outcome. — GSA:

Idelette Nutma published by: ICU Management & Practice. 2017;17(3):182-4. 
Based on the patients’ perspective Nutma sheds light on the hidden faces of sepsis, calling for more expertise on sepsis sequelae. She also offers recommendations to improve recovery and outcome.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

FYI-The Nashua Hospital responsible for my husbands death

FYI-The Nashua Hospital responsible for my husbands death misdiagnosed an aquaintance around the same time my husband was sick. He had all the same symptoms as my husband, weight loss, weakness etc. This Hospital ALSO told this man he was dying of lung cancer. Lucky for him he went to a Hospital in Manchester, NH. Guess what! He had an infection, NOT lung cancer, was treated and is very much alive and recovered! This Nashua Hospital is Sepsis central. If you cherish your life, steer clear!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Family Caregiver’s Guide to Hospice and Palliative Care

Family Caregiver’s Guide toHospice and Palliative Care 
Who decides about hospice care?

As the family caregiver, you and your family member are the ones
to decide about seeking hospice care. Many people find that it
helps to make this choice only after talking with other family
members, doctors, and caregivers. You must freely make the
choice – meaning that no one can force you to accept hospice

At one Nashua, NH Hospital you are unknowingly, illegally forced into Hospice/Palliative Care even though you refuse. Consent forms are "Supposed" to be signed. Not at this Hospital. You have no say!

Killing the Pain Not the Patient: Palliative Care vs Assisted Suicide

Killing the Pain Not the Patient: Palliative Care vs Assisted Suicide:
Some time ago an ad appeared in a medical journal promoting a new pain-killing drug. To emphasize that this new product could relieve pain without sleepiness or other side-effects, the ad began with a slogan: "Stop the pain. Not the patient."

"Let's be honest. Doctors commonly practice euthanasia now, under the guise of pain control. They give dying patients massive doses of morphine to suppress their breathing, and then call their death a mere 'side-effect.' They justify this hypocrisy by invoking an invention of Medieval theologians called 'the principle of double effect.' Sometimes they even sedate these patients into unconsciousness so they can starve them to death. This 'terminal sedation' is really slow euthanasia. It would be far more candid, as well as more humane, to practice euthanasia openly."

‘No place to put that baby.’ State takes more kids away from parents than it can handle

‘No place to put that baby.’ State takes more kids away from parents than it can handle. | AP /KPNS | Kentucky New Era:

FRANKFORT - Nearly all of the state’s child-welfare caseworkers say their workload is unmanageable — on average, it’s twice the recommended standard — even as the state of Kentucky removes more children from their parents every year because of abuse and neglect, according to a report released Thursday.

Petition · The American Patient Defense Union - A Union Of The Patient, By The Patient and For The Patient. · Change.org

Petition · The American Patient Defense Union - A Union Of The Patient, By The Patient and For The Patient. · Change.org:

"Unions empower individual Americans - isn't it time for the American patient to be empowered?"

This petition is your call to arms as a citizen or resident of the United States to build a union in defense of every patient in America - because that patient is, or could be, you or someone you love.