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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going over the Lies in the Home Study

When we got home from our meeting, I read through the home study, which by the way wasn't mean't to be given to us, but my husband insisted. So Tracy's copy was given to us.
After circling all the lies, I emailed the Administrator, the Adoption worker, the District manager plus other higher ups with the lies and wrote in the truth for each paragraph. I also told them I have proof of everything.
I also reminded them of a video which was taped of the removal of Austin and his sister, which may or may not surface, depending on what happens next. The video shows Anna the homewrecker and another worker along with four cops, snatching up the kids and turning my house into a total zoo. The Homewrecker wrote lies in the home study as to things that were supposedly said at the time of the removal. It's quite funny, but the Homewrecker keeps changing her story. Par for the course of a normal day of a DCYF caseworker. But the video tells the truth, as there is audio also. The video tells the whole truth, unlike Anna the homewrecker.
DCYF brought four Nashua cops with them, who dragged my grandson out the door and down the street, kicking and sreaming, while all the neighbors watched. Do you think my grandson will ever trust a cop again? Not in this lifetime. He'll never think very highly of DCYF either. I'm sure the medication he's on is calming down his hatred. DCYF believes I will take him off his medication, because I don't believe in medication in many cases. I do not believe in taking medication for myself. I didn't say it wasn't needed by other people. I would not do that to my grandson. They've screwed up his head enough.
Austin will never forget what they've put him through and the time he's been apart from his family. Someday the corruption will be exposed. I'm hearing it's on the horizon and Austin will come home. The sooner the corruption is uncovered the better.

The Fight For Austin Goes On

My husband and I went to a meeting on April 23rd at DCYF in Nashua. We had been notified by a DCYF Administrator, that they did not want Austin placed with us and asked us to meet with her to discuss the reason's. I then called the Nashua District manager and asked him to be there also, along with the adoption worker. I specifically stated I did not want Supervisor Tracy there, as she is very untrustworthy and has caused many problems in the Nashua office, not to mention denying me a foster care license after finishing the classes. Her reason, I'm too combative. Should I just sit around and let DCYF s--- all over me when I have done nothing to deserve being treated like dirt? I am a grandmother, who dearly loves her grandchildren and I believe my husband and I can better care for them than a greedy state agency.
When we got there, we headed downstairs. Tracy came out and started heading downstairs also. I asked her where she was going as she was leading the way. She told us she was going to the meeting also. I said,"Oh really?"
We got downstairs and immediately told the district manager, Tracy was not welcome in this meeting. I know how much she doesn't like me and I refused to have her there. He then told the Administrator and Tracy was told we didn't want her there. So she staid in the other room, watching and listening to us on camera I imagine.
The administrator wanted to know what we did for our two girls when their children were taken. She wanted to know what kind of help we got them. We told her DCYF told us to stay out of it. They had to do for themselves. So she believes we would not be able to take care of Austins needs because our daughters screwed up and she believes we did nothing to help them. Austin is now considered special needs, since DCYF involvement. He tried to strangle a baby and tried to hang himself from the bunkbeds in the foster home, because he wasn't allowed to see Grampie. He was then admitted into an adult psychiatric hospital by the bitch caseworker Anna the homewrecker, the same bitch that tried to get me fired from my job, the same bitch that made my daughter move out of her apartment she shared with her husband. The same bitch that sat in my daughters apartment complex for a week and watched and followed my daughter every day she left the apartment and reported back to my daughters husband, telling him every move we made after leaving the complex.
We got to talk to Austin on the phone once. He was extremely happy. When homewrecker Anna found out, she stopped all calls from us and his mother and we were not allowed visits. Only the foster strangers were allowed to see him and talk to him on the phone.
My daughter has never been allowed to go to medical appointments for Austin. She was told of a dental appointment which she was told to be there. I drove her there, only to be told my grandson was long gone. Another deceitful trick played by Anna the homewrecker. She was never even given her files from DCYF, even after petitioning the court many times. She even went without a caseworker for over four month's, when Anna was out on medical leave for her pregnancy. My daughter kept calling DCYF asking for visits with her children and drug tests. Tracy thought it was a big joke. She could have set up visits and drug tests, but instead just laughed at the torture they were putting my daughter through.
DCYF in Nashua is a total sham and the Judges in District court and probate court are no better. Anything DCYF says, goes. Are the Judges making out on the children they help steal? I'm sure they are.
As the meeting went on, the Administrator and the adoption worker told us they want us to tell Austin it's okay for him to move on with a new family. We told them no way. We will never stop fighting for our grandson. I told them I would do anything for my grandchildren. The Administrator said if I will do anything for my grandson, let him go live with a new family. I told her yes, I said I will do anything for my grandson. I didn't say I would do anything for DCYF to make more money off him. I guess the Adoption worker who promised to advocate for us must have been threatened by her Superiors. Why else would she now go along with them?
My husband and I spoke up and said who's going to want him besides us? He's bi-racial, special needs and on psychiatric medication and he's now nine years old. The Adoption worker spoke up and said plenty of people want special needs kids. I said of course they do. They get paid more.
After being there two hours and getting nowhere, the adoption worker said we would get together and write Austin a letter, telling him its okay to move on. Over my dead body. I told them I will never stop fighting for him. We let them know we have all proof of perjury and fraud. It didn't matter what we said. I knew from the start how much they hate me. I picketed them for weeks for grandparents rights. I was told by a former worker that's the reason they hate me. The feeling is mutual. I knew they would come up with any excuse to keep our grandchildren from us. After all, I am a fighter, something DCYF is not used to. Too many people just give up, but I never will.
In Nashua, services are not given to at-risk families before a child is taken and relative placement is never considered. As for reasonable effort's? Are reasonable efforts visitation and drug test's? Because thats all my daughters ever got. These are all Federal mandates, not followed by Nashua DCYF.
Is it legal to threaten parents into signing the case plan, telling them if they don't sign it there will be no federal funding to pay for a parent-aide, therefore they will never see their children again if they don't sign? Both of my daughters called me from the DCYF office and were very upset about the case plans. I told them I guess they had no choice but to sign. I was wrong. They should never have signed them. I asked the Administrator if this was legal. She told us no-one should be threatened into signing. It was illegal. I asked the Administrator if other grandparents have ever fought them the way I have. She didn't answer.
The district manager never said a word. I've heard he's trying to clean up the mess the ex-district manager left him. He's nice but it seems like he is being walked over by his collegues. He needs to start firing all the sheisty caseworkers, supervisors and Lawyers that have given Nashua DCYF such a bad name. I've spoken to many people, not just in Nashua. The word is Nashua DCYF is the worst in the State. Maybe even the worst in the country.
As we walked out, the Administrator asked what we were going to do when we got home after we calmed down. I answered with,"Call the Newspaper."
It's just too bad the Newspapers and all other media have no guts when it comes to DCYF. Are they being paid off also? Or are they just chicken? Even the Lawyers are afraid to fight them. Two have already been disbarred. Even the Lawyer fighting for the Hindu people who have a lawsuit against DCYF has already been threatened. Is our government so blind that they can't see what they are doing to this nation. They have given DCYF the power to play God. A power that they do not deserve. I never thought a government agency could be so ruthless with it's own people. I never believed DCYF would kidnap anyones children. I thought our government was elected to help us, not torture us. Boy was I wrong. More people need to stand up and rebel, otherwise our government will do nothing to stop this horrible injustice toward Family.