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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Today Makes 15 Month's Since the MURDER of My Husband, Bill Knightly by St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, NH 4/26/2017

Me and My Knight-2013- Before St. Josephs Hospital got a hold of him and deemed him unworthy to live.

Today makes 15 months since the MURDER of my Husband, by the Hospital we once trusted. Don't let anyone try to tell you that Death Panels DON'T exist, because thanks to Obamacare they most certainly do. My husband's fate was sealed the day he WALKED into that DEATH TRAP on March 16th, 2017. He requested treatment and was MURDERED instead!
My husband was diagnosed in January of 2017 with Lung Cancer. Two NEGATIVE Lung biopsies prove otherwise. We were told by Dr. Death, unknowing he was Hospice/Palliative Care, which we REFUSED, than my husband had non-small cell Adenocarcinoma of the lung. This was AFTER the two Negative Lung biopsies performed by a Doctor at St. Joes who soon after fled to Dubai. I wonder why? I have tried contacting him, but he doesn't respond.
My Husband was also diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Surgery was set up to remove his kidney withing less than a week of diagnosis. There was NO biopsy. The day of the scheduled surgery my husband was having chest pains and trouble breathing, due to COPD that was just recently discovered by the runaway Dr. Thank's to the sucky Insurance coverage he had through Medicare, the two inhalers he was supposed to be on weren't covered, therefore the surgery was canceled.
An appointment with the quack Oncologist at St. Joes revealed the lung biopsies were "inconclusive." We weren't told they were Negative for malignant cells. I then questioned the kidney cancer diagnosis. The quack stated, "He might not have kidney cancer. We won't know until its removed." My husband then refused. There was a big rush for that kidney, but it was never removed, which didn't make the quack very happy. Black Market Kidney maybe? After the death of my husband and only told he had lung and kidney cancer, never told about the illnesses they found, I poured through my husband's Medical file. Lab results show there was NOTHING wrong with his Kidneys. They were perfectly healthy and he had no symptoms of kidney cancer. I also spoke with the VP of Medical Affairs on August 9th, 2017 who told me, "and by the way,Your husband did NOT have Kidney Cancer." I told him I didn't think he did. Aware that my husband was put on Hospice/Palliative Care ILLEGALLY, he asked, "So what do you want me to do? We can't bring him back." What a way to run a Hospital. A Hospital that's "SUPPOSED" to care for people. Not kill them!
While my husband was at St. Joes, a biopsy on his gluteus muscle was performed. The results stated he had LUNG cancer of the gluteus muscle. That's kind of odd since he DIDN'T have lung cancer to begin with.
A few months ago, I was made aware that I could have the biopsies retested, so I contacted a REAL Cancer Hospital that knows what they're doing. The test result's came back, NO lung cancer found. The gluteus muscle biopsy came back positive for Squamous cell Carcinoma. NOT Squamous cell "Lung" Carcinoma. My Husband was MURDERED for SKIN CANCER. The illnesses that were found by this shithole hospital could have been treated and he would be alive today. Instead he was denied treatment, overdosed with Morphine, denied a cat scan to see if he had a stroke because the scumbags didn't have the decency to tell us he had a heart attack, denied a blood transfusion because the scumbag Hospitalist said, "Why waste the blood on him when someone else could use it more?" And he was denied a transfer to a REAL Cancer Hospital by the same jerk.
I'm still fighting for Justice, filing complaints everywhere. So far EVERY Government agency is doing nothing. This is the new standard of care. There is NO care. The Health system in our Country is a disaster. I also keep hearing that once you turn 65, you're considered Useless and Expendable. My husband was neither. He had just turned 66 years old and should be here enjoying his family. Enjoying his life. Enjoying his grandchildren he loved so much.
 My husband died of UN-TREATED SEPSIS at this shithole and I've heard of many more deaths at this shithole from Sepsis, but people are afraid to speak up. Nothing get's done if you don't speak up, but it's going to take more than just me to put an end to the ILLEGAL Euthanasia being practiced by Hospice/Palliative Care against our Loved ones. Our Loved ones who in many cases are NOT terminal and don't want to die. We were told NOTHING! My Husband of almost 43 years was MURDERED on April 26th, 2017. And Medicare denies he was on Hospice. That's funny because they paid the bills for it which they shouldn't have.
My husband went into that shithole with an infection. An infection we weren't told about. An infection he was never treated for. All he was offered was a Morphine drip to hasten his death. We REFUSED, but they still killed him!
If you want to live, stay away from St. Joes and don't go on Medicare. You're worth more dead than alive!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Sepsis is the leading cause of death from infection

Sepsis is the leading cause of death from infection

Here is something that may surprise you about sepsis, it is the leading cause of death from infection.  
Sepsis is more deadly than prostate cancer, breast cancer and AIDS combined, with approximately 1.5 million cases annually.  It's the number one cause of non-cardiac deaths in intensive care units, and the eleventh leading cause of death overall. 
According to the CDC, sepsis kills 250,000 Americans every year.  Yet many of us have never even heard of it. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

NH- Mother of child that suffered brain damage at hastily licensed foster home sues DCYF


Mother of child that suffered brain damage at hastily licensed foster home sues DCYF

A 22-month-old boy suffered traumatic brain injury at the hands of foster parents whose license was rushed through by child protection workers, according to records and reports contained in a lawsuit brought by his mother.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

James Walker: Snatched? Where are the tears for American kids?

James Walker: Snatched? Where are the tears for American kids?

Here in the United States of America, snatching kids out of the arms of parents is nothing new and is as common as the common cold.
I doubt a day goes past in America where some kid isn’t snatched from his or her parents due to a law their parents broke.
But nobody is talking about that.
There are thousands of children here in Connecticut under the care of the Department of Children and Families without their parents.
Where are the tears for them? Where are the thundering hooves of protests and the bullhorns of rage for them?

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The U.S. Has A Long History Of Drugging Distressed Kids In Its Custody-My Grandson included

The U.S. Has A Long History Of Drugging Distressed Kids In Its Custody

Among the most disturbing allegations against privately operated shelters publicized last week by a Reveal and Texas Tribune investigation was the charge that the Office of Refugee Resettlement “routinely administers children psychotropic drugs without lawful authorization,” according to court filings.