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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Austin Knightly's Name Changed Illegally by the State of N.H.

I filed for an Adminstrative Appeals Hearing with the State of N.H. due to the Fraudulent, half assed Home study, which was never finished, but was signed off by Nashua's most corrupt Supervisor Tracy. The home study was for placement of my grandson Austin Knightly.
A letter came in the mail today stating the Probate Court Judge said I have no standing to challenge Austin's adoption. Therefore I have no standing for an appeals hearing, so I guess the Administrative appeal unit is just as corrupt as DCYF and the family court in Nashua.
Lorraine, the bitch in Concord stated,the home study was performed only to assist me and my husband "to better understand the reasons why DCYF would not support a permanent placement with us." They really love spending Tax payer money don't they?
We were led on by DCYF in thinking our grandson would be returned. If we had known it was just another one of their games, they would never have gotten in our home.
The letter also states Austin's name has been changed. There has been no adoption, so changing his name was just another illegality they've pulled. The bitch states he is in a preadoptive home and adoption will take place in December 2009.
This isn't over by a long shot. They will never forget my name and they will wish they never messed with my family. They will go down. They must have doubled or even tripled Austins dose of Adderal, because he wouldn't be in some stranger's house willingly. If he's back in the first foster strangers home where he was first placed in Merrimack, NH, he'll be starved again, just like the first time when he dropped three clothes sizes and wasn't even there a year. Of course DCYF did nothing. All they wanted was their federal incentive money. Any bio parent would have had the children stolen from them by DCYF. None of the foster kids were removed. No surprise!
When he try's to commit suicide again, I'm sure he'll succeed. Nashua DCYF has made his life a living hell. If he dies they will never hear the end of it. Austin is worth more than the federal government is paying these animal's. Is the state that broke they need the 150 grand in blood money to auction off my grandson.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Austin is in a Foster Strangers Home Instead of with His Grandparent's

Austin's stepfather was told Austin is now in a foster stranger's home and Nashua, NH DCYF plan on letting the foster strangers adopt him immediately, which of course is illegal. But when does Nashua DCYF ever follow the law? They don't and the corruption and fraud keeps money in their pocket's, which is all they care about.
NH state law states a child has to be in the foster home six months before the foster strangers can adopt. But not in Nashua, because Nashua DCYF is "above the law." I'm sure they'll just get another pat on the back for not following the law, seeing as the state need's Austin's blood money that badly.
They didn't follow the law when they placed Austin's cousin Isabella in Hudson, NH either, with the foster strangers who moved hear from Massachusetts and were living in their home less than the two year minimum as stated in the foster care regulations under residence requirement's. It really astounds me how DCYF get's away with all of their deceitful practices and are never held accountable. How is it they have their own rules to follow, yet they are not mandated to do so? Is our federal goverment that blind that they can't see when their being screwed over by DCYF? Why don't they do anything to stop it? If our country is so broke, where is all this blood money coming from? Why are they giving money to DCYF when they aren't even doing their job's? They have to be falsifying the paperwork given to the federal government. How else are they getting away with stealing all these children and not giving services first? And what about relative placement before foster care, which isn't even an option in Nashua, yet it's mandated by the state and federal government?
Austin's stepfather told us Austin is close by in the foster stranger's home. I just pray he isn't in the home with the foster stranger's he was first placed with. The foster stranger's who starved Austin and his sister, where he and his sister lost three clothes sizes while there, in less than a year and his sister was severely underweight when they were placed in the orphanage. These people should have lost all their foster children and charges should have been brought against them. But when DCYF hand picks fosters for kids, they can do no wrong. This is the same foster home where Austin tried to hang himself and was then put on psychiatric medication for his violent behavior, not ADHD as DCYF now claims. It doesn't seem right that the children would have been removed by DCYF from their bio families homes for starving them, but not a foster home. Have you seen the commercial where it's stated foster parent's don't have to be perfect? Then why do bio families have to be? Is this a catch 22? This is a system out of control and our government doesn't care and our state doesn't care either, because all these stolen kids keep the federal money rolling in!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Austin has a Lawyer

If anyone can think of some kind of Fundraiser to help raise money for my grandson Austin's Lawyer, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Also, I know things are really tough right now for everybody, but if anyone would like to donate towards Austin's Lawyer, contact me and I will put you in touch with Austin's Lawyer.
Austin is in state custody and has already tried to hang himself once already. He want's his grampy and we are afraid the next time he try's to commit suicide, he will succeed. We need to save him before it's too late. You can check out Austins pictures on the Photobucket web-site along with pictures in my blog.
Thank you, Dot

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update on Austin and Isabella Knightly from Bill Medvecky

Follow this link:http://www.flds.ws/2009/09/09/sending-austin-and-isabella-back-to-their-grandparents/

Thanks to a good friend and a Texas Lawyer, (Sure, I have a few) we have found a cracker jack Attorney in New Hampshire.

He was the President of the New Hampshire Bar Association, Mayor of his City, his father was a Supreme Court Justice, and he is now Austin’s new lawyer.

As most folks already know, the baby selling business is booming, and the only way to fight it is to either snatch your child and run, or, have a few million in the bank to protect your rights and the rights of your children. Most folks get screwed and lose their kids.

They are then put into a system that has an 80% rate of that child ending up dead, raped, in prison or on drugs and homeless. Great record for CPS/CASA to tout! They literally DESTROY 4 out of 5 children they are “Protecting”.

Both Austin and Isabella were taken in typical fashion; CPS took the children after criminal charges were pressed against their mother. The criminal charges were then immediately dropped, and the children were on their way to the adoption block anyway. It was never a criminal matter, the target was some very valuable pieces of merchandise since both children can pass as Caucasian and are attractive. (See the photobucket album).

Austin has not done well in the hands of CPS/CASA, (Surprise!), he attempted to hang himself at age 7 and they have him drugged up to prevent the revenue loss should he succeed the next time. Austin wants to return to his maternal grandparents home, the folks who basically raised him, love him, and want him back with them.

As you can imagine, we have not chosen an Attorney based upon cost. If anything, this is not going to be a cheap save even given the fact that he has agreed to represent the Knightly’s at a greatly reduced fee. What Austin and Isabella need is a great lawyer who can open doors and get people to listen. I think we’ve found him, and he thinks he can return Austin to his grandparents loving care.

I have committed myself to paying the Attorney. Austin’s grandparents cannot afford to pay for an Attorney. I’m not the richest person in Cape Coral, but I have never figured out what the going price for a child’s happiness and future should cost, and how much is too much. There are undoubtedly tens of thousands of children who need to be saved from the selling block, but we can’t save them all, at least not until we dismantle CPS and CASA and get them back into the child saving business instead of the child selling business.

It’s going to cost a few thousand dollars to save Austin and Isabella. If you can help, I know that his grandparents will appreciate it, and once he figures out how close he came to the brink of disaster, so will Austin himself.

If you are interested, and able to help with a donation, please let me know and I’ll send you the lawyers name and address where his fee can be sent directly to him.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Panic in Fostercare System

http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_13274571?source=rv Please check out this link from the LA Daily News. This article states children will be taken needlessly from their homes. Where has this person been living? Under a rock? This is not News. It's been happening way too long already and needs to STOP! When will our federal government stop feeding into this corruption?