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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Friday, July 31, 2009

More Relatives Contact DCYF for Custody of Austin Knightly-Get No Response!

I was just recently made aware, relatives of Austin on his fathers side have been contacting Nashua DCYF for months, since seeing the huge poster advertising Austin for adoption at DCYF's cohort hospital in Nashua. Funny, they never get a call back! Is money that important that they won't follow the law in the custody of Austin? Is NH that hard up for money that laws are not followed in order to obtain federal funding? This is proof Nashua DCYF does not follow State or Federal mandates, as to actively seeking out relatives to foster or adopt these children placed in State custody.
DCYF has quite the fight on their hands. Not only are we fighting for Austin, but other relatives are as well. I'd like to see how they plan on getting out of this one. These relatives will hire their own Lawyer's. Hopefully Lawyer's that will give DCYF the fight of their life. I wonder just how many relatives will be challenging the illegal adoption of Austin! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update on Austin Knightly-Stolen by Nashua DCYF

Apparently, Austin was placed in a foster strangers home four weeks ago, according to his stepfather, as told to him by the CASA worker. She also told him once Austin is there six weeks, the foster strangers can adopt him. Funny, but NH law states a child must be in the foster strangers home six months before any adoption can take place. Not six weeks. But since when does Nashua DCYF follow the law? That would be a cold day in hell! They must really need that 150 grand bad, that Austin will bring in now that they've made him a special needs child, to break the law again so soon when they know Austins story has gone public and they are being watched by everybody.
It seems rather odd that CASA and the homewrecker caseworker would still visit the stepfather and Austins sister, especially after they had the head of the orphange tell Austin this man is not his father and the case is closed. How much pain can my grandson endure?
Austins stepfather was also told Austin will not be able to see his sister ever again, because DCYF wants him to forget he has a sister. What will they do, dope him up even more than they already have? They've already doped him up so much that he doesn't remember his Aunt that he loved so much. The Aunt that used to baby sit him all the time. The Aunt that rocked him to sleep every night. The Aunt that Austin called by name before anyone else when he was a baby. The Aunt that stepped in to protect him from his stepfather and got thrown against the wall while pregnant, which DCYF knows all about, but of course did nothing!
They pick and choose on who they think will make good parents. See, they think their all psychics. They tell the Judge their sure the parent will neglect the child in the future and he goes along with it. They believe they know best who will be the better parent when many of them don't even have kids of their own. They steal kids from single mothers. It doesn't matter if a husband abused his wife in the state of NH. If he gets remarried, he gets the kids. The state of NH is quite bias. They believe it takes two parents to raise a child. If your single, all the more reason to take your children. Even CASA made a remark in the courtroom to DCYF about my granddaughter, who was stolen from her single mother, thinking no-one heard her, but everyone did. I'm sure it was picked up by the speakers in court, but of course it wasn't in the transcript. Her remark:"Isabella has a mommy and a daddy now", meaning the foster strangers. Not quite. Foster strangers will NEVER take the place of a child's REAL parents!
Oh and by the way, it's illegal to separate siblings, but as we all know, DCYF in Nashua is "ABOVE THE LAW", or so we've been told time and time again by their illustrious lying lawyer. The state thinks they need money now? Just wait until all the Federal lawsuits start coming in. Do you think then Governor Lynch will finally put a stop to all this DCYF fraud and the illegal removal of so many children? Is all that Federal funding that important to the state that children should be illegally removed and then illegally adopted? Is that why theres no income tax in this state, because they steal 50% more kids than any of the rest of the states? They don't need the money because the stolen kids bring in so much? If the Governor is smart he will put a stop to all this fraud. But I won't hold my breath! I won't stop fighting either!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We Finally Have Help Exposing Nashua DCYF Fraud

Thing's are moving forward at last. We've finally found help in this neverending fight for Austin and Isabella, taken illegally from their parents by Nashua DCYF. The truth will be told and DCYF's fraud exposed.
Isabella was illegally adopted on March 10th, 2008. Her biological father was never notified. The caseworker supplied the wrong fathers name to the courts. DCYF terminated the rights of an unknown man. When her father found out that he is Isabella's father, he filed for a paternity test with the court and filed a motion challenging the adoption. He was denied on both counts. He was told he has no standing. This was totally illegal. He then filed a motion to reconsider. Denied again, by the same retired Judge who granted the adoption to the foster strangers. The Judge didn't care that DCYF had provided the wrong name of the father in order to terminate parental rights. Isabella's mother had also submitted a sworn affidavit to the court, naming the father of Isabella, yet the Judge claimed it was never received. Then why was the affidavit submitted in a court brief by the state?
Austin's father was never informed by DCYF or the courts either, even though his mother provided DCYF with the fathers name, birthdate, address, social security number and phone number. The rights were terminated to a man many years younger than Austins father, even younger than his mother, from Nashua, when DCYF was told Austin's father didn't even live in Nashua. Imagine that, terminating the wrong mans rights, not only once, but twice! In the same family mind you! When Austin's mother read the paperwork and saw the court terminated the wrong mans rights, someone she didn't even know, but had the same name as Austin's father, she immediately notified her caseworker. The caseworker responded with, "No big deal. It doesn't matter." It most certainly does matter! In all reality, neither father's rights were terminated and Isabella was illegally adopted and now DCYF is trying to put Austin up for adoption illegally.
There is so much more fraud it's unbelievable. Isn't the Assessment worker supposed to investigate before filing for custody of a child? The Assessment worker admitted in Probate Court that she was unaware Candy was given a morphine IV in labor. She also admitted she had no idea of all the complications Candy suffered while pregnant.
Isabella's mother was told by her caseworker not to tell anyone that Isabella is half Dominican. Would the reason for that be that white children are worth more to DCYF than bi-racial children? I'm sure it is. Well she didn't get her way, because I told everybody. I really pissed her off and I'm glad I did and I'd do it again!
Isn't it also illegal to steal a child for "Neglect in the future?" Not in the present, not in the past. In the future? It most certainly is illegal, yet this is why Isabella was stolen from her mother!
When Isabella's mother was first petitioned to go to court, the Judge court-ordered all her record's, but he failed to court order her prenatal records which prove her innocence. When the records finally appeared, after being missing at the hospital and Health center until six months after Isabella was stolen, the court appointed puppet refused to file a motion to present the evidence. The Judge told Candy to bring in the evidence herself, but when she did, he refused to look at it or enter it into evidence. It's kind of strange, but clearly NOT a coincidence, Austins mothers lab report from the same hospital was missing also, for about six months. The lab report which proves her innocence.The same Judge told both girls, it didn't matter if their children were taken illegally, it was too late. If fraud can be proven against the state, which I have all the proof I need, the children will come home. Now that we have help, it's only a matter of time before DCYF in Nashua goes down. Their day of reckoning is coming! Even sooner than they think!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Austin Knightly-Doped up by the State.

This is a picture of Austin at St. Charles Childrens Home in Rochester, NH, doped up on Adderol, which his mother never agreed to, before her rights were terminated. Even when parents refuse to have their children taken out of state by the foster strangers or put on drugs, the Judge court orders it any way. Parents have no say once DCYF is thrown into their lives. These kids are angry, being taken away from their families. They have good reason to be. Drugging them does not heal the pain, but the state doesn't know how to deal with the mess theyv'e made. This is how the State handles children taken from their families. The State knows nothing about bringing up children. They drug them so the kids can't fight back and turn them into robots and zombies. They tell them they no longer have parents. These poor kids feel like they've been disowned and their not loved or wanted, when in all reality they are very much loved and wanted by their families they were stolen from due to the decitful practices of DCYF. Austin, you do have a Mommy who loves you and always will. Grampie and I will fight for your return for as long as it takes. We love you with all our hearts and so does the rest of your family. Don't worry buddy, you will come home, before your eighteen!