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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Thursday, January 28, 2010

NH Supreme Court Appeal Challenging the Adoption of Austin Knightly

My NH Supreme Court appeal challenging the adoption of my grandson Austin Knightly was denied. No surprise! I got the decision in the mail yesterday. NH claims grandparents have no standing. When a child lives with the grandparents due to a court-ordered placement and the child is forefully removed due to Judge shopping by a DCYF Attorney, without a court order or warrant, which DCYF states they have when they force their way into your home, the grandparents DO have standing! No hearing. No nothing! The corruption is never-ending in this state.
I guess grandparents aren't really considered family. At least that's how NH DCYF and the NH Judicial system think's.If it weren't for grandparents, our children wouldn't be having children for DCYF to steal and sell to the highest bidder. Yet we don't matter as far as the law is concerned. I'm starting to believe our government really is trying to stick it to the older citizen's.They would rather drug a child and turn him into a zombie instead of letting him live a life without pain. A life of normalcy. A life where he can be happy, with the grandparents he longs to be with. The grandparents who treated him as their own and loved him as their own, who basically raised him. Anything for the almighty dollar. Will they ever figure out money isn't everything?
I filed my motion of appeal on October 14th, 2009. The NH Attorney General's office had 10 days to respond, according to the NH Supreme Court Rule's. Rule 22 to be exact. October 24th would have been the tenth day. When I didn't receive anything in the mail, I figured I was safe.
I filed my brief's on December 3rd and also filed an injunction the same day to stop the adoption of Austin, which meant the state had ten day's to respond to the injunction. December 13th came along. No response. I figured I was safe again. I thought maybe the AG's office finally realizes Austin should be placed with us. Wrong!
I received an objection by the AG's office on Dec. 17th, objecting to the injunction, four day's late. So I filed a Motion for Permission to Reply and asked the AG's objection to be stricken as it was not filed on time. I received a response from the Supreme Court. My request to strike the objection was denied.
I never receieved an objection to my appeal until Dec.23rd, just in time for Christmas. How caring! Seeing as the objection was 60 day's late from the time I filed my motion on Oct. 14th, I filed another Motion for Permission to reply and to have the objection stricken due to an untimely filing.I received the Supreme Court decision yesterday, which states the AG's office objection was timely filed and I was denied again, along with the denial of my appeal.
I really need to ask, are the rules of the NH court's only supposed to be followed by the NH citizen's? Is the AG's office exempt from following these rules? Sure seem's that way to me! I know DCYF is exempt from following any rules! This fight is far from over. I don't intend to let my grandson die at the hands of the state of NH! Or anyone elses child for that matter!


  1. I can relate. My motion for custody of my grand kids was denied without a hearing on Dec 10th. My now ex lawyer waited until the 12th of January to tell me this and then told me she doesn't handle appeals. So I missed the deadline to appeal.

  2. There are other motions. Just keep it up. Are you in NH? You can also file a complaint against the Lawyer, maybe even a motion to the court to reconsider, due to the fact your ex-lawyer never notified you. Keep all proof.

  3. I am not a Lawyer. Just an unhappy grammy who will not give up on her grandchildren.

  4. Dot, my heart is breaking for you. What can I do for you? Are you going to keep on appealing? If so, do you need any help? Please get in touch with me. You have my email address and phone number. I am just so sorry. This is just wrong. We have got to destroy CPS before it destroys more families. Just tell me what you need!!!

  5. Yes, I'm going to keep on appealing. DCYF will never forget my name or the fight I have and will give them. I am in the process of something else. I can't say on the blog, as they watch everthing I write. I want the monster's to be surprised.They will destroy themselves, before they kill Austin!