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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Fight For the Return of My Grandchildren KIDNAPPED by NH DCYF Goes On!

As I have stated since October 3rd, 2005, when my granddaughter Isabella was kidnapped by Nashua, NH DCYF, due to a young assessment worker, just out of college, who investigated nothing before filing a petition to kidnap my granddaughter, I will NOT give up on this fight for my grandchildren.This young, stupid assessment worker, who bragged she was the youngest person working for DCYF. What a thing to brag about. She should have been holding her head down in shame. She was too lazy to do a real investigation, so she spoke to an old witch at the methadone clinic, who she didn't have permission to talk to. The old witch that forges signatures and discusses confidential session's of her client's with other client's in the program. Why she's still there is beyond me. Oh, it must be because of all the new babies she's supplying the state with! I wonder how much of a cut she's getting for each and every mother she lies about.
During my fight, I've been told by the high and mighty DCYF to move on with my life. To forget about my grandchildren. I, unlike DCYF, have a conscience. I have feeling's, unlike DCYF. I love my grandchildren and am fighting for justice, legally. Something else they know nothing about. I will never give up this fight. My grandchildren were taken illegally, due to the lies of so many so called people. The methadone counselor who perjured herself in court was the first. The health center hid my daughters records for five month's and then they were not allowed admitted into evidence in court. The witch testified the methadone given to my daughter in labor didn't reach the baby, so the morphine IV in labor for nineteen hours wouldn't have reached her either. The toxicology reports show the baby was NEVER tested for methadone!
As I go through the hospital and Doctor's records, quite often as I no longer have a life, thank's to DCYF and their cronies,it amazes me how much more evidence I find proving everyone involved to be nothing but liars. Just tonight I found more evidence. The social worker at DCYF's cohort hospital in Nashua, K.L. called in a report of abuse and neglect against my daughter on September 2nd 2005, stating morphine in my granddaughter. My granddaughter was born on August 31st. The toxicology reports weren't even back until Sept. 4th and 6th. So I guess that means she's a psychic just like the DCYF worker's and their lying Lawyer's. I also just found out that this same social worker told DCYF that my granddaughter was put in NICU immediately after she was born. Another lie! She and three nurses signed off on my granddaughter's discharge on Sept. 1st, stating she met all criteria for discharge on Sept. 2nd. That was until the crooked counselor J.W.from the methadone clinic talked her into moving the baby into NICU at 10 PM on the night of Sept. 1st, claiming the baby was withdrawing, only ALL hospital records show she wasn't. Shall we call this medicaid fraud also? Putting a baby that is NOT withdrawing on morphine and keeping her in the hospital for a month. How much is the cohort hospital getting for a cut for helping kidnap new babies?
I also found out tonight, that DCYF doesn't have just one lying Lawyer in Nashua,they have two. The first one committed perjury at the preliminary hearing for my daughter, relaying a false report to the Judge, without evidence of course, which was proven false almost two week's earlier. A lie has kept Isabella from my husband and I all this time, along with other relatives who spoke to Supervisor Tracy G, who stated, "Relative placement is NOT an option. Isabella is being placed in foster care, period!" And then told the court's there were no relatives who wanted her. The Supervisor who pushes around the new district manager. I wish he'd throw her out on her a--! Her day is coming. I hope she enjoy's the unemployment line.
After Austin and his sister were placed in my home, by the Nashua PD, because they do what their supposed to do when a parent is arrested, unlike DCYF, the other lying Lawyer got the Judge to sign a motion to modify placement. She argued with the Judge at the preliminary hearing, stating Isabella's mother lived with us. He said it didn't matter. As long as she didn't babysit. I just came across a paper in the file, where she stated to the court that I said I would not make my daughter (Isabella's mother) leave. And here I thought only K.M. was the only lying lawyer. Now I find out she is also. I guess she was afraid to tell the court what was really said, so she made up a lie about me. She told me she didn't want Isabella's mother to have contact with Austin and his sister. I asked her," And what does the Judge have to say about that?" Her response, "Nothing. The Judge has no say. It's all up to me."
Our government need's to start holding these sorry excuses of human beings accountable. Isn't kidnapping illegal? Then why does DCYF kidnap children every day and get away with it? Doesn't our federal government see what's going on? The federal funding need's to stop. If DCYF weren't getting paid to kidnap our children, maybe then they would work to preserve families. Oh, that's right, they don't know the meaning of "family preservation."
One more thing, does it make sense to place a child back in the SAME foster home where he tried to hang himself. Where he was being fed pretzels and water? Yes, Austin is back in the same foster stranger's home and DCYF has let these stranger's adopt him. Funny, his father's right's weren't even terminated and neither were Isabella's father's. Hopefully, the next time he tries to kill himself, he won't succeed. But I'm sure he'll try again. That is unless he's on even more drug's now than what DCYF already put him on. Pretty good. Their hired to protect children, but they don't even know how to handle them without drugging them!

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