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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Austin Knightly Tried to Commit Suicide After Being Stolen From His Grandparents and Placed With Foster Strangers

Picture's of Austin and his Aunt, his protector. The Aunt that DCYF didn't want him to have contact with. The Aunt that Maggie Bishop told me I should have left to die. The Aunt that Maggie Bishop asked, "Why isn't Candy dead?"

A few posts back,I posted an article about a 10 year old boy who tried to commit suicide after being taken from his grandparents and placed in foster care. This article really hit home, as my own grandson Austin tried to commit suicide, by hanging, after being taken from mine and my husbands home at age six.
How many more children will try to commit suicide due to the loss of their families they long to be with? How many more children will succeed at committing suicide before our government finally get's it right? Do I have to keep watching the Obituaries every day, praying that Austin's name won't be on the list? Has he attempted suicide more than the one time that we know about? Were there more attempt's kept secret, like all the other practices of DCYF?
Austin was never a violent little boy. He was alway's happy and helpful. He didn't have a mean bone in his body. That was until Nashua DCYF with four police officers dragged him out of my house kicking and screaming as the neighborhood looked on in disbelief.
He had been placed with my husband and I and his Aunt by the Police, after his mother made the mistake of trusting someone to watch him that shouldn't have.
The Judge at the preliminary hearing for Austin's mother agreed to leave Austin in our care, which really pissed off the DCYF Lawyer. She argued Austin's Aunt was living in my home. That she had neglect charges against her for anticipated "Neglect in the Future." The Judge denied her argument and stated as long as Austin's Aunt didn't babysit he would stay with us. Well that didn't go over well with the Lawyer. She somehow got the same Judge to sign a motion for modification, which stated they didn't want Austin's Aunt to have contact with him. Then DCYF and four police officers showed up at my house to take Austin. We were told they had a court order and a warrant. They refused to show either. We recently found out they had neither a court order or a warrant.
Austin loved his Aunt as much as he loved us. From the day he was born, she rocked him every night when he wouldn't sleep. She was alway's there for him, taking him for walks and babysitting and just showing him so much love, he responded with calling her by name. Her name was his first word. He really loved her and she really loved him. She was his protector. If anyone laid a hand on him, she went after them. The day of his fifth birthday party, after we had gone home and a few guest's were left, he was told by someone to go to his room. His mother had gone to the store. He cried. He wanted to stay up. Because he cried, he was chased into the room by the person who ordered him to go. His Aunt heard him screaming and ran to the room to see what was going on. She witnessed Austin being beaten with a belt. In the face, across the legs and his back. Austin's Aunt was pregnant at the time, but that didn't stop her. She tried pulling the person off Austin and was thrown against the wall, not caring about herself, only Austin. She managed to stop the beating.
After Austin was stolen by DCYF, we found out what happened that night. Everyone knew that if we had been told, there would have been a war and we would have taken Austin to live with us, where he would alway's be safe and loved.The Police would have been called and Austin's abuser would have been arrested.The abuser would never have had the chance to lay a hand on him again. DCYF was told, but of course did nothing. The caseworker said it was too late to do anything. I'm guessing she never told anyone else, or if she did,they didn't care. They were familiar with the abuser and liked him.
We finally got to visit Austin,in Rochester NH at the children's home once a month, about a year after he was stolen from us, thank's to his mother's new caseworker. She was assigned to her case after going without a caseworker for four month's and no services, due to Anna the Homewreckers pregnancy. Each time we visited Austin, he was extremely happy to see us. He told everyone the only thing that would make him happy, was to live with us. He cried for Grampie all the time. That didn't matter to DCYF or the court. Austin was worth more money to them in non-relative foster care than placed with his grandparents, especially since they put him on psycho-tropic drugs for his new found violent behavior, which they now call ADHD, which now makes him a special needs child.
At one of the visit's he was looking at pictures of our family we brought for him. He came across a picture of his Aunt. The Aunt he loved so much. The Aunt that protected him. He asked who she was. We were in shock. He was so doped up and completely brainwashed he had no memories of his Aunt. The Aunt he spent so much time with and called her by name at such a young age. This is what our government is doing to our children!
The last visit we had with Austin, he acted like a zombie. The aide brought up his mother's name. Something we were told was NOT allowed. He told us he was told she was no longer his mother. I told him, "Yes she is your mother and alway's will be no matter what." Her rights hadn't even been terminated at the time!
We went outside to play ball. The aide gave Austin too many instruction's at once. He stood there dumb-founded. He had no clue of what he was being told to do. So the aide yelled at home. That made him even more upset and confused. Then she went back inside with him to get the ball.
When they came back out, as usual, I was interrogated by the aide. I was there to visit Austin, not to answer her questions about his mother, which of course he overheard and of course I was accused of telling him what I had just told the aide. What was I supposed to do, act rudely and not answer her questions?
Before we left, we set up another appointment for our monthly visit. We weren't told we wouldn't be seeing our grandson again. Austin walked with us down the driveway. We hugged and gave him a kiss good-bye and told him we would be back to see him. The last question he asked us was if he would ever see his dog Belle again. The dog we got him a few months before he was stolen by DCYF. I answered with, "I hope so!"
Austin stood at the end of the driveway. He looked so sad with those sad puppy dog eyes,as he held back his tears. We knew he wanted to jump in the van with us and come home. He just stood there and watched as we drove away and was still there as we drove down the street. I'm sure he was hoping we would turn the van around and go back for him. It was so, so sad. That was the last time we saw him. I can just imagine the pain he's going through. If we were such BAD people, wouldn't we have put him in the van and taken off? We follow the law, unlike DCYF!
A few weeks later we were e-mailed by the caseworker telling us our visit's were canceled and not to worry, we would see Austin again when he's eighteen.
A few month's later, we were told an adoptive home fell through for Austin and we were now being allowed a home study. It was an incomplete home study and signed off by Tracy Gubbins. After reading over all the lies, I knew she was the one responsible for writing them. I was even told by a former CPSW that Tracy knew that I knew it was her. That she was the one keeping Austin from us. Three caseworker's told us Austin was being placed with us. Tracy Gubbins falsified the report and signed it. There were no background check's, financial checks and no home inspection. From what we've been told Austin was adopted in December 2009, by the same stranger's where he was placed when he was stolen. Back with the people who starved him and where he tried to hang himself! When will our government WAKE UP?

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