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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Regarding Child Protective Services-A Few Tips

SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2010

Parental Rights II Blogspot
Regarding Child Protective Services-A Few Tips

Please think strongly before acting on what I have listed here. Although I have found these to be true in ours and many other family cases, please think carefully about the decisions you make on behalf of your family

Do not allow them into your home. This also pretains to them asking questions about another family, (they will probably be back to visit you!)
Do not, I mean Do Not talk to them at all if you can help it.
That especially means 'answering their questions.' Case Workers and Investigators are trained by "change agents" if necessary, look that up! Watch for open ended questions! Trust me when they interview, every single question is a trick question.
Tell them that you will talk to them only with your attorney present. They will ask why you feel like you need an attorney? It's none of their damn business! Don't talk to them, you can do this at the same time being polite
Any words they hear from you, anything you say will be twisted around and used against you.
They may suggest a voluntary family preservation plan.
Do not do it and do not sign anything! Do not sign a thing!
Continue to tell them that they are making you feel violated! They will and they could care less but stick with it because the Constititution is still in place until or if the UNCRC is ratified!
If you volunteer to attend visits to their service providers then it will look like a sign of guilt. If you are innocent don't do it!
You will very soon learn that these services are not voluntary! Also more cases than none, rhe Judge doesn't even know they are speaking to you or anything about you, YET!
At that time you may be or feel threatened. Then you will understand why you need to take notes, record, video!
Family Preservation is a well planned strategic tactic that they will use to obtain enough information to build a case on you with.
I have known of several incidents where Service providers have told Parents one thing and if CPS wasnt satisfied with their decision, they would place a phone call and the Providers would totally change their opinions.
If you are ever involved with CPS you must fight back with every single thing you have!
No matter what they tell you or no matter what you think, they are not your friends!They are trained ny the "change agents" if you looked this up, also type in the word communism and see what you get or how about brainwashing. Bt the way, our public teacher are trained by change agents. I can get very deep into that subject!
If you can afford an attorney, go out and hire one right away that has and will go up against them and is not afraid to win. Some winning attorneys have been retaliated against by CPS and their own children were taken away! If you don't have the funds for an attorney try the LOCAL LEGAL "SOCIETY",do not allow the court to appoint you a punlic defender. Use your best judgement because the main thing is that you don't want your kids to be under the court or CPS control period.
Instruct your children, depending on age, that they do not have to answer any questions! They will go to your childs chool and speak to your kids!
Find a support network of others who have been there.
There is an incentive behind baby stealing and selling, also called "child trafficking"
The Awesome State Power, as our Juvenile Court Judge calls it.
Your Family Could Be Next!
The NCJFCJ have been fighting for the UNCRC to be Ratified for approx. 10 years.
What will these Judges gain? More power and control over us and our children.
Juvenile and Family Courts collaborate with DFCS.
Never, Ever Trust DFCS!
CPS should have a warrent to come into your home or take your children. If they feel or say the child is in iminent danger they will go ahead and take the child anyway and it's a little hard to say no to two huge police officers.
Children have been taken into CPS custody at school!
LEARN! I cannot stress this enough! Learn their manuels, policies and procedures.
Record!!!! You really don't think that they carry two cell phone do you?
Take notes of every single thing, I don't care if you have to do it right in front of them. I mean get dates, names, exact words, times, emotions you say or felt from them and yourself, get all details.Get a video recorder, turn it on and say,"You don't mind if I record our meeting do you?"
There is a lot more to know that will shock you! They seem smart but apparently they are not that smart. People who feel they are in control, power, greed, competition, strict guidelines to follow, eventually get careless. Sometimes they abuse their power so much that they don't even care if they are careless.
Family team meetings, be on your guard because they have special training by FTM Facilitators and you will be revealing things to them without realizing it. Trickery my friends! That is a real word also!
Attorneys have standards and ethics to follow. When they do not, they may get a slap on the hand or they could be disbared or even face criminal charges. Educate yourself! Be on Guard!
Please feel free to follow Parental Rights II
"Their secrets are being exposed not only in the US but around the world and they all must be held accountable!"


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  1. Parents United is the only way! There are two ways to win a war. You have to be rich or United! Our children are nothing but "CASH BAGS" for multi DCYF/CPS and Family Court Judges etc. We have got to Unite as parents and close them down. DCYF is a danger to all children!