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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Friday, May 21, 2010

Child Abuse, In Central Nebraska, USA

Child Abuse, In Central Nebraska, USA (continued)
News Type: Event — Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:33 PM EDT

By mdphknmrk

The last time I saw the children...

They were being loaded into a police car, but thankfully, there weren't enough handcuffs for the minor children to wear - but they had done nothing to warrant an arrest - they were only attempting to report that the guardian male where they were being forced by the state's DHHS workers to live, had done something that wasn't right. (The DHHS officers weren't told at the time that one of the girls had spoken to me on the phone regarding the incident) - "He slips his hand up under mine and my sister's shirts...when he tickles us." I didn't ask for further details, but I believe she was being truthful...but I don't get paid to decide for or against them, so I chose to let my gut (decide)...

To me, this story was beginning to carry the all too familiar tones of recent testimonies "by the victims" of past abuse (a small yet undisclosed number of Catholic "pedophile" Priests (which has long since been overboard where neglect lies - neglect by the abused, that is, for not stepping forward immediately).

They, as far as their mother knows, might even be back with the guardians, but worse, a police report started on April 8, 2010, has just been sent off to those, upstate, who get paid to file them somewhere.

Will the children get moved to another home soon the mother wonders...

I wonder, why, in the name of their best interest, would they be sent back to a place (as they told me tearfully) none of them want to be?

If they were, it wouldn't be the first time they'd been ignored here, no, and this isn't the first complaint by them about the various placements they've endured thus far - nor is it their first complaint regarding this home for that matter - they lie - that's the only plausible explanation - it's just a ploy to come home under...

Protected by the Pope - wait, these kids aren't even Catholic, but, when a school nurse was called to examine a scratch on the neck of one of the girls, the case wasn't important enough for the state to make a move over, "She grabbed me by the neck and choked me because she said I was stepping too loudly up the stairs...and she has really sharp nails." the girl had said. Remember, the three kids are in this situation because of abuse by their grandmother and their Grandmother's boyfriend, but that I have few details over.

I had my reasons...? (Was this the excuse the guardian mother used, or was it that (and I quote) "The child has a history of not being truthful." The Guardian parent had stated on at least one occasion, of which I myself overheard while interviewing the mother of these children (she'd called there so I could hear for myself why she hadn't spoken to her children in what I called forever - the mother knew exactly how long it had been...WTH..(hey)? I was sitting right there, too, when the unfit mother defended her child, "She never used to, not when they lived with me."

I later learned where they learned it from while one of them begged their mother not to report this latest accusation, "They always lie to us, MOM, PLEASE...they all lie to us..." said one, "They'll just keep us from you again - it's not fair." said another.

...And for the same reasons the state won't return them to their biological mother, no matter how many times the children say otherwise, they can only be lying when it comes to where they feel the safest - kids! They don't know what they're saying when they claim their mother was good to them - no, because theylie (I feel for them here, because 'state' employees insist that their mother is unfit - but I wonder, after watching this unfit mother of 5 care for a recently born set of twins (17 months old, a boy and a girl - both smart - neither showing any signs of abuse) - these workers haven't seen this mother in action the way I have - The mother I see, is far better fit to raise her children, than a growing number of parents I've seen still raising their own, Married or single.

"So...who Lies?"

According to most police detectives, anyone who has something to hide (or cover up) - most often, (but not always) - the guilty. So, after all of this time, why are these children still being accused of lying about their guardians, and why am I being expected to believe they are incompetent to claim there was no wrong done to them by their mother? At this stage, to admit that the children are being truthful about one, would compromise the integrity of a government run institution, which, like any organization, should be competent enough to admit when they are wrong. But, it's hard to admit that ole college degree isn't worth the paper it's written on - that would deny them supremacy in court, and compromise their ability to hold authority over helpless poor families that get abused when a child molester runs free.

I have to wonder more...will they merely be transferred before they can come under fire for their practice of removing children from families that might have been better off protected?.

Nothing, is against the law, yet, at the same time, it isn't - it is immoral for someone to do nothing when a crime has been reported - but, when it comes to a priest, or a state funded guardianship program, it's ok - the children's best interest is what matters most.

...Whoa - let me rework this some based on that thought - was the family just not what these people would call "Role Model Material" for the fine state of Nebraska...is it that shallow here? To be honest, TV shows like that which Rosanne played in...others, the Simpsons, Family Guy - those all showed families with married couples...even "Married, with Children" portrayed a worse environment than these children would endure if they were back at 'home' - but each of those shows (with the exception of the Bundy group) were raising their children with the support of friends and family (whether welcomed or not). Is this family just guilty of not having a support group...typical?

Is this the case of, "The Single Mother With Three Too Many Children" or is it that these are just one of many sets of children who are tired of being lied to by people that claim to know what's best for them?

There is no humor here when I say, "Well, it is after all a Nebraska DHHS I'm writing this article about - this is the state which farms corn, watermelons, and hey, they'll even farm out your children, just as long as there is room for them in one of their better homes - but when children complain about being denied due process, or about the way they are being treated, even I have a hard time calling it better, much less, in their 'best' interests...


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