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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NH Family Court's Deny Litigant's Access to Their Case Record's

My daughter and I have been filing motion's with the Nashua Family Court for almost seven year's to gain access to a Court CD from her Preliminary Hearing for abuse and neglect. We have been denied every time, without any reason given. My daughter even gave me Power of Attorney, so that I could handle her affairs when she wasn't able. The Family Court in Nashua doesn't even recognize a person who has Power of Attorney, as told to me by the Court. I even took over her case, though I'm not a Lawyer and was STILL denied the CD. I should have been able to have access, seeing as it was my household that was being SLANDERED.
This CD is will prove the DCYF Lawyer Kate McClure lied to Judge James Leary in court that day. My husband and I were slandered due to a PROVEN false report Kate McClure relayed to Judge Leary. She told him the "supposed" abuse took place in my home, by my estranged son-in-law.
When the false report was called in, we were NOT told who the "supposed" abuser was, or where the "supposed" abuse took place.
After going through my daughter's file, I found the false report. The report stated the "supposed" abuser was my estranged son-in-law. The Report does NOT state where the abuse took place, yet Kate McClure told the Judge it happened in my house. There was NO investigation. The case was proven unfounded and we were told by CPSW Tracy Roukie that Supervisor Tracey Gubbins would be signing off that the case was closed. Instead Kate McClure used the false report to keep our newborn granddaughter from us. Our name was never cleared. We have been treated as criminals ever since and the "supposed" abuser was given custody of his own daughter. He was cleared, so why weren't we? We never got to speak up for ourselves in court. We were never even allowed in the courtroom.
This one CD with the lies of Kate McClure has ruined our lives. Evidently the NH Family Court's would rather hide their dirty little secret's than abide by their own guidelines, which also include the Supreme Court Rules on Hearsay which is NOT supposed to be admitted into Court without proof. NH get's away with that also every day, harming children and families.
My daughter also tried to get another CD from the Nashua Family Court. It was the CD from the Adjudicatory Hearing in which the States witness Janice Watson from Healthy Steps Pregnant Women's Methadone Program testified that the METHADONE given to my daughter in labor didn't have time to reach the baby , so the MORPHINE given in labor wouldn't have had time to reach the baby either. Also, my daughter was on Methadone her entire pregnancy. I also found the Toxicology Report in my daughter's file. The baby was NEVER tested for Methadone. Another CD proving innocence kept from us for almost seven year's, DENIED of course!
There was one more CD we tried to get from the Review Hearing on March 29th, 2006,  but of course, we were again denied. CPSW Kris Geno told the Judge my daughter was NOT being drug tested and her levels and doses of Methadone weren't going down. That's odd, because how would Geno know they weren't going down if in fact she wasn't being drug tested? Odd, but drug test report's in her file show the doses were going down, along with the levels and Geno's own contact log's show she was calling the Methadone clinic daily checking on the levels and doses.
 It was ILLEGAL and DISCRIMINATORY to begin with to court order my daughter or anyone else out of a Methadone treatment program and it was also ILLEGAL for Judge Leary and Judge Tenney to Court-order her into a Medical Methadone Detox Program that didn't even exist in NH. Then Geno denied her the right to detox in another state. She was given less than one month to detox on her own, which she did but was still denied her daughter.
Not only does the Family Court deny parent's the right to their Court files/CD's, they evidently don't read the files either. And everything they do concerns Hearsay without EVIDENCE!
Then we have Judge Raymond Cloutier who wrote the opposite of testimony and proof at the TPR and terminated my daughter's rights. What did he care, he was retiring. And then for some ungodly reason, the NH Supreme Court stated he made no errors. I guess they didn't feel like reading the Transcripts. I doubt they ever do! Just more money made off another stolen child!

According to the Guidelines for Public Access to Court Records in New Hampshire:
 VIII. Denial of Access. The clerk, after consultation with the presiding justice and Administrative Justice, may, for good cause shown, deny access to court records to any individual. Good cause shall include, but not be limited to, previous theft, destruction, defacement or tampering of records and refusal to comply with administrative regulations established in accordance with these guidelines.

    IX. Access by Litigants. 
Subject to paragraph II, and unless otherwise ordered by the Presiding Justice for good cause shown, parties to any litigation and their attorneys shall have complete access to their case records at all reasonable times and under the conditions set forth in these guidelines.

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