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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is NH DCYF Finally Changing? For Better or Worse?

It seem's as though the Families of NH fighting the abuse's of NH DCYF, is finally paying off. But is this fight REALLY paying off? And for who?
Is it helping the families of ILLEGALLY stolen children or is it harming the truly abused children, placing them back in the home's of their abuser's? But there were only two reunified with their birth parent's!
NH DCYF FINALLY has an Adoption Specialist. It took long enough. The Specialist actually look's for relatives to place children when they're removed from their homes. Wasn't it SUPPOSED to be that way all along? They're even placing SOME, and I use that word loosely, children back with their parent's, but they're still not following their Administrative Rules, which by the way need to be made Law. Some children are are now even being placed with relatives. What a miracle. I'm glad to see our fight finally helped some of the children and families in NH!

In NH, once a child has been in placement twelve month's, a TPR is filed. At least that's how it's SUPPOSED to be. Why have SOME parent's children been returned after being in placement for four year's, without a TPR filed? Parent's who actually did abuse and neglect their children? Beating them, bloody noses, filthy clothes and always hungry. And then what did the parent's do to get their children back? NOTHING! Very few visit's, no parenting classes, illegal drug use and always in trouble, but they are the ones that get their kids back.
One Mother whose child was taken after being charged with "Child Endangerment", later dropped in Criminal Court due to evidence prooving her innocence, took Parenting classes, went to Counseling and enrolled herself into a Rehabilitation Program. On her own, without the help of DCYF. DCYF filed for Termination of her Parental Right's any way, while she was in the Rehab Program. They could have stopped the TPR from being filed, but chose not to. Her child was in placement twelve month's. The infamous retired Judge Raymond Cloutier terminated her right's, even though she was trying to help herself for the sake of her child.
Another Mother whose child was taken, for "anticipated Neglect in the Future", was court-ordered out of a Methadone Treatment Program and court-ordered into Medical Methadone Detox, by Judge James Leary and Judge Tenney. A program that didn't exist in the State of NH. She was then court-ordered into a Rehab Program. Before TPR was filed, she admitted herself into two different Rehab Programs. The second one she was TEMPORARILY medically discharged from for Emergency Medical care. Again, the infamous Judge Raymond Cloutier terminated her right's, stating in his decision she was NEVER admitted into ANY Rehab Programs. Again, DCYF could have stopped the TPR, but chose not to and Judge Cloutier wrote lies in his decision, showing how bias he was against parent's. Will he ever face any repercussions?

These two Mother's had twelve month's to get their act together. Two Mother's who Never abused or neglected their children. All DCYF had to do was wave their magic pen and stop the TPR's, but when a parent won't bow down to the great and powerful DCYF, the children are gone forever!

What brought me to write this post was the FAPA website, which I went into last night. Check it out:
Go to Page 4 Permanency Round Tables: Outcomes and The Next Phase
New Hampshire continues to make great strides to achieve permanency for youth in the State’s Care.
In October 2011, New Hampshire began the initial review of 48 youth for the Permanency Round Table
(PRT) Process.  From the PRTs, the youth and their team members were able to develop new ideas, revisit
past ideas and develop creative ways to move legal permanency forward with an increased focus of urgency. There have been many successful outcomes since the PRTs began in October to include:
• Two youth were reunified with
their birth parents; (Wow! Two youth's reunified with their birth parent's! What's that tell you about NH DCYF?)
• Eight youth were reconnected with their birth parents or birth Family (WOW! I bet they were licensed Foster relatives. DCYF wouldn't want to lose Federal Funding for eight children!)
• Two youth were reconnected
with other past connections;
• Five youth have moved into a
foster family home from residential placements;
• One youth has moved into a (One youth moved into a relative home!)
relative home; and
• Five children have been
matched and are in transition
into a foster family home
Also check out Page 5, which show's the children adopted in November 2011, December 2011, January 2012 and February 2012. I wonder how many of these children were adopted by Relatives! By the look's of the Stats on Page 4, NOT too many!
So is NH DCYF finally beginning to follow their Administrative Rules? They still have a long way to go, so our fight for our children and families goes on!
And what about our ILLEGALLY stolen and ILLEGALLY adopted children and grandchildren? When do WE get re-united? Or will we EVER get re-united?


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