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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Today is the 7 Year Anniversary of the NH State Kidnapping of Austin and Ally

Today mark's the 7 year anniversary of the unwarranted and illegal kidnapping of my grandchildren Austin and Ally, by Nashua, NH DCYF, stolen on 2/3/06.

Stolen from my home, where they were placed on 1/21/06 by the Nashua Police after their Mother was accused and later found innocent of Endangering the welfare of a child, yet DCYF and CASA vowed to make sure they were never returned.
On that fateful morning of their kidnapping, two DCYF workers, accompanied by four Police Officer's, pulled up in front of my home. I was just pulling in the driveway with Austin, after returning from the Nashua District Court, where I stopped in to get the Court paperwork showing Judge James Leary had granted my husband and I placement. I was met by DCYF Lawyer Darrin Hood-Tucker, who told me to wait while she retrieved the paperwork. She brought back the paperwork below, which stated DCYF did not want my grandchildren to have contact with their Aunt, whom Judge Leary had already stated as long as she didn't babysit, he had no problem with it, which went against the wishes of Darrin Hood-Tucker. Notice the paper below was written up on 1/31/06, but not signed by a Judge until I showed up that morning on 2/3/06, after the Lawyer went Judge shopping in order to get it signed. Though the signature isn't clearly legible, she somehow got Judge Leary to sign it, even though he was the one who placed the children in my home in the first place.

After handing me the paperwork, she told me she didn't want my daughter to have contact with their Aunt. So I asked her what the Judge had to say about it. She stated, "The Judge has no say. It's all up to me."
I immediately left the Courthouse and contacted my husband. I told him I was afraid DCYF was going to try to take the kids. I then had Austin dismissed from School, for fear they would go steal him. As I pulled in my driveway, the kidnapper's were already there accompanied by four  Nashua Police officers. Less than fifteen minutes after I was given the paperwork.
By the time I walked in the back door, my husband had already let them in the front door. They told him they had a court order and a warrant to take the kids, but refused to show either. The court order above does NOT state the children were being removed and I found out a short time ago, there was NO warrant. They illegally entered my home and literally kidnapped my grandchildren.
We were never allowed our day in Court and were not allowed to see our grandchildren. Court paperwork in my daughter's file states we did not follow a court order which prohibited contact between my grandchildren and their Aunt. There was NO such court order.
As I said in the beginning, DCYF and CASA vowed to make sure the children were never returned. When they found out the Child Endangerment charges were dropped against my daughter in Criminal Court, they got worried, so they did everything illegally possible to make sure the children weren't returned.
The State filed for TPR, after already terminating the right's of a man who wasn't even my grandson's father.
A man with the same name, but eleven years younger. When we told the DCYF worker, she said, "No big deal. It doesn't matter." Just another father denied the rights of his child in NH. As long as the Family Court's and DCYF get their illegally gotten money what do they care?
At the TPR hearing, no-one could find the court order I was given on 2/3/06. There was nothing in the file. This definitely would have changed the whole outcome of this case. Just when we had them where we wanted them, DCYF asked for a recess. Well wouldn't you know, when we came back into Court, DCYF produced a Court order, but NOT the Court order I was given. I'll bet any amount of money that Court order was written up that day. Kind of odd, that Court order wasn't in my daughter's file that her Lawyer had obtained. It was nowhere, until after the recess. The fake Court order is pictured below.
Notice how Darrin Hood-Tucker stated I refused to follow an earlier Court order which stated no contact between the children and their Aunt and that this one stated the children were being removed.
Of course DCYF got their own way, like they always do and the Family Court went right along with their fraud and fake paperwork.
Needless to say, my daughter's rights were terminated and of course, Relative placement was NOT an option, as told to a relative by DCYF Supervisor Tracey Gubbins. If they weren't getting paid to Destroy families, they just might do the jobs they're paid to do and Preserve families.
And yes, I'm still fighting for the return of my grandchildren. This is an ongoing battle. One I will never give up. My grandchildren, illegally stolen and most probably adopted due to the corruption of Nashua DCYF and the NH Family Court's. It's all about the money!

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  1. Your story is so heartbreaking! Couple of questions. Have you considered going after them civilly for damages? Perhaps a class action suit? I'd think somewhere in the constitution or civil codes, there is grounds to sue the as$holes! Have you contacted the ACLU? When I was threatened re: my blog, I told the idiot I was contacting them about his threats. He backed down. That was Jan 2012 and I never heard from him again. My blog is 100% the truth. They can't touch me! How long between rthe kidnapping and termination of
    rights? In CA parents have certain set time frames to reunify. Ahmi's bio mom actually got a 6 month
    extension from the judge. Not sure if waiting time
    is State level or Federal. If later, maybe the
    Agency broke the law? Seems to me they sure violated your civil rights. Also, they flat out lied to your face re: termination means no kinship placement. I personally know of many situations where relatives adopted the child/ren. The 2nd baby placed w/ us was born so toxic of a 15 yea oldr. The baby was placed with the older maternal sister and her husband. They ended up adopting the baby. You and your family are in my prayers. I hope you all find justice. Hugs

    1. If you've been following my blog, you are aware my younger daughter Petitioned the NH Redress Grievance Committee. We testified and submitted all proof of fraud. The Petition was Founded, but the new Democratic Legislature got rid of the Grievance Committee. Former State Rep. Kevin Avard has put together a Citizens Redress Grievance Committee. We are all working together and hopefully the State of NH will have a huge Federal Class Action Lawsuit on their hands in the future.
      My blog is also 100% truth. I have all documentation of the abuses and fraud committed against my family. Lawyer's in this State are afraid to go up against DCYF, as two were already disbarred and another suspended.
      Neither daughter was given any extra time. Once the children were in foster care 12 months, a TPR Petition was filed against them. Proof of innocence was denied in Family Court and the DCYF Lawyer relayed an already Proven false report to the Judge against my home, therefore we have been treated like dirt ever since.
      My older daughter had enrolled herself into programs without the help of DCYF. No services were provided. There were no "Reasonable efforts" made, but the idiots still got their Federal blood money. My daughter was still in a program at the time of TPR. It didn't matter. Her rights were still terminated.
      My younger daughter was Court ordered OUT of Methadone treatment. She was Court ordered into a Medical Methadone detox program, which was non-existent in this state and denied admittance by DCYF to be admitted into one in the next State over. She was given less than a month to detox herself, in order to get into Transitional housing with her daughter. There was a court review the morning she got her last dose. CPSW Kris Geno told the Judge she wasn't being drug tested, her doses weren't going down and the levels weren't going down, so they denied her going and canceled ALL visits with her daughter. I have in my possession all drug test results and contact logs of the CPSW which show she was calling the Methadone clinic every day, checking on my daughter's doses and levels. It's quite obvious DCYF keeps the paperwork away from the Judges. Either that or the Judges are just to lazy to read it. Outside the Courtroom that morning, the CPSW told the Foster stranger's, "Don't worry. There's no guarantee C---- is going anywhere." Her rights were terminated by a Judge who is now retired, who stated the opposite of testimony and documented proof at the TPR. The NH Supreme Court denied the idiot made any errors. I guess none of the Court's read what's submitted to them. It's one big farce! When they first took the kids, DCYF Supervisor stated "Relative placement is not an option." How's that for following Federal mandates? And they still get Titile IV funding. Unreal!
      I just want to wake up from this nightmare!
      I hope you find justice also. I hope we ALL do! We must keep on fighting no matter what.
      God Bless you and your family.

  2. God, no matter what state there's so many common threads which scream corruption! The lies, Attorneys afraid to fight them, etc... When I was trying desperately to find one in the 2 days they allowed me. One Attorney actually told me, "CPS has all the power in this state. Judges rarely if ever speak up to them." One thing I believe may contribute to change is the Internet itself. I once told the wrecker, "thanks to the internet, not only will children find their families more easily than ever before, families who've been damaged from the system have a way like never before to connect and speak out about the abuses and damages they've suffered." I told her straight out, "Enjoy the power while you can. because the people are networking and demanding change. It's a small, small world these days." You and your family are in my thoughts. Hugs

    1. I know my grandchildren will find me on the Internet. They can reach me on Facebook as I've changed my settings. I'm sure they already know I'm fighting for their return and I'm also sure someone out there will see my post's and tell them. It's just a matter of time before they make contact. The Internet is a wonderful thing and thank's to DCYF, I learned how to use the computer. Something I never had time for while the grandchildren were here. I spent all my time with my grandchildren and the rest of my family. They've turned all of our lives upside down and I've learned the hard way. Never trust anything that comes out of the mouths of DCYF or the Family Courts. All they are is money hungry vultures!
      They started this fight and I intend to finish it. This is my mission in life. They've turned me into a fighter. A fighter who never quits.
      You and your family are in my thoughts also. We WILL win this fight. Hopefully sooner than later.