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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nashua, NH Hospital Gave a New Mother the Wrong Baby-RE-Edited with More NEW Info and Documentation

How many more Parent's in the Nashua, NH area have been given the wrong baby's?
How many Parent's are raising children that aren't their's due to this Nashua Hospital's Negligence?

New Info: Neither of the babies were wearing any bracelet's or security alarms.

Mommy and Isabella-The day of the Kidnapping

Isabella in Foster care
Isabella in Foster care

I was just reminded today of a horrible mix-up at a Nashua, NH hospital. Not just any hospital, but NH DCYF's cohort hospital. The horrible memory was brought to mind today after Isabella's mother ran into Isabella's paternal Aunt who asked how Isabella was. My daughter told her she doesn't have Isabella, due to the false report made against her by the DCYF cohort hospital where Isabella was born.

On August 31st, 2005, I helped deliver my beautiful, healthy little granddaughter, Isabella. Her mother had been given methadone, fentynal, an epidural, pitocin and a Morphine IV for 19 1/2 hour's, while she struggled to give birth to a placenta-previa baby. She was perfectly healthy, though sleepy due to the Morphine.

It just so happens another baby girl was born the same day as Isabella. Her mother was a coke addict, in which the baby was suffering withdrawls. This baby's name was also Isabella, who was immediately placed in NICU, unlike our Isabella.
Isabella's Aunt reminded my daughter of the day she went to visit my daughter and Isabella at the hospital. My daughter asked the Nurse to bring Isabella from the Nursery. After a few minutes the Nurse came back with a baby with no bracelet's on and who clearly was not her daughter. My daughter flipped out and told them this was not her baby. The Nurse argued with her, telling her she was crazy and was hallucinating. That this was Isabella. Well it wasn't my daughter's Isabella. It was the other Isabella. My daughter stated, "I know my own daughter!"
My daughter and Isabella's Aunt followed the Nurse back in to where the other babies were and my daughter went right over to her daughter Isabella's bassinet and told the Nurse this was her daughter. It's quite odd, but my ganddaughter had no bracelet's on at this time either, even though the bracelet's and security alarm were put on her right after her birth. My daughter was told, the bracelet's are removed when the baby is taken to another floor of the hospital. Well why would they be taking these babies to another floor and what sense does it make to remove the bracelet's? So was something even more sinister going on at this hospital? And is it still going on? I'm sure it is, seeing as this hospital work's with DCYF stealing babies on a regular basis!
My daughter was right to fear she would be given the wrong baby and was chastised by the hospital for even thinking it could happen. No wonder my daughter wanted Isabella transferred to the other Nashua Hospital, though it never happened as she was threatened she would be arrested if she tried to have her transferred. It's kind of odd, but in all the medical paperwork, the mix-up of the two Isabella's was never even mentioned. Just something else kept hidden by DCYF's cohort hospital.

Is this the reason my daughter was falsely accused by the hospital Social Worker, to hide their negligence? To make my daughter look as if she didn't know which way was up? To make my daughter out to be unfit to raise her own child? Is this why the Nurses who signed off on Isabella's release on September 1st, 2005, no longer work at that hospital? The same Nurses who stated Isabella was perfectly healthy, not withdrawing and would be going home with my daughter on September 2, 2005?
See the Document Below which show's Isabella met ALL criteria for discharge, signed off by the three Nurses and the Social Worker. This is just one of the paper's in the medical file kept hidden from us for six month's after Isabella's ILLEGAL Kidnapping!

And by the way, the other Isabella was given to her grandmother as her mother had no-where to go but her car. And do you think DCYF stepped in? Of course not! This baby was actually suffering from withdrawls. Isabella wasn't. DCYF only want's the healthy newborn's, not the addicted ones. I know of plenty of baby's born in Nashua who are born addicted and never get taken from their mother's or their families. Isabella wasn't one of them! If she had been addicted, they wouldn't have wanted her!

Notice on the bottom, right side of this document where it state's: Newborn meet's discharge criteria-Outcome met checked off. Then why was Isabella held hostage by the hospital and drugged?
It would have been nice if we could have found a Lawyer in NH that had any gut's to fight such an injustice! Does anybody even care, or is the corruption just part of every day life in NH?

Also click HERE for the continued story with documentation-Testimony of Melissa Deane, Nashua DCYF.


  1. First there was no reason your daughter should og recieved Morphine and Methadone. Those are 2 very pwerful medications and Im surprised she was still breathing afterwards. And why was the authorities called to the hospital when it was doscovered the babies were possibly mixed up. Also i have worked in hospitals and there is no reason what so ever the security band should have been removed from that infant. and if that infant had to be taken to another floor other than for an emergency it should of been mandatory for a family member to accompany. the band should have not been removed. all they have to do is deactivate it. who r these people and what are they thinking....

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  3. What were they thinking? I believe they wanted her to die. She was treated like the scum of the earth every time she went to that hospital, which was the reason she wanted her daughter transferred. She also tried to switch obstetricians, so she could go to St. Joseph's hospital in Nashua, where the hospital staff really care and treat people with compassion. She was considered high risk and was told she couldn't switch when she tried to get another Doctor. So she got stuck at the worst hospital in Nashua that works with DCYF in the illegal removal of children from their families. They watched and reported back to DCYF every move she made and every move she didn't make. She was never even told the baby was placenta-previa and should have been taken by C-section. I'm surprised she made it through also, though her Pituitary gland hemmorraged and was damaged in labor after being anemic the whole pregnancy, left untreated and struggling so long to give birth. She ended up with Sheehan Syndrome. Working in Hospitals you must know the cause is bad medical care. If the medical records from the hospital and health center hadn't of been hidden for six months from my daughter, her innocence would have been proven. The health center and the hospital knew what they were doing. I wonder how much their bonus was for my granddaughter. Oh, and the baby switch was NEVER documented in her Hospital file or anywhere else.

  4. Placenta previa is caused by cocaine abuse.

  5. There are many reason's for Placenta Previa. But if one doesn't use Cocaine, that's not the reason.


    By Mayo Clinic staff
    Placenta previa
    The placenta grows wherever the embryo implants itself in the uterus. If the embryo implants itself in the lower portion of the uterus, the placenta might grow over the cervix — causing placenta previa.

    Most cases of placenta previa are diagnosed at the time of a second trimester ultrasound examination. If the placenta is just barely reaching the cervix, the situation will resolve itself because expansion of the uterus pulls the area of placental attachment higher up in the uterus, away from the cervical opening. If the placenta is found to be all the way across the cervix, however, it is unlikely to resolve with time.

    Persistent types of placenta previa have been associated with:

    Scars in the lining of the uterus
    A large placenta, such as with a multiple pregnancy
    An abnormally shaped uterus