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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Big Thank You (Not) to All of the People who Screwed my Husband Over

First and foremost, we have Dr. Tisdale, who told my husband and I, "Maybe you don't have Kidney Cancer. We won't know until we take out your kidney." My husband refused. Well guess what, it was still never proven he had Kidney Cancer.
Then we have Pallative Care Dr. Donald McDonah. I finally found out who referred him to my husband's case without telling us. A Hospitalist at St. Joseph's Hospital who didn't have the decency to ask us first. We had no clue what Pallative Care was, nor did anyone tell us Dr. drug pusher McDonah was a Pallative Care Dr. Theis is the Dr. who fed my husband 220 mgs. of Morphine daily. The Dr. responsible for making my husband so weak, that he never walked again. Pretty sad a man walk's into the Hospital and then has to be brought home by ambulance on a stretcher. He couldn't wait to get out of there, once the morphine doses were lowered and the drug pushing Dr. was taken off his case. He kept saying they were going to kill him and they did.
And I don't want to hear he was in excrutiating pain. He was so numb from all the Morphine he didn't even know whether he was in pain or not. When a person is drugged to oblivion and Nurses come in and wake him every four hours for more morphine, he doesn't know whether he's coming or going. Because he could speak at the time, I, his wife had no say. It's pretty sad when they can just keep drugging a person when that person doesn't even know whats going on.
Then we have the Pallative Care Nurse Practitioner, Cheryl De La Rosa. Also referred by the same Hospitalist to come to our home. Again, we were never told or asked how we felt. If I had known what she was, I would have slammed the door in her face. This is the woman who kept agitating my husband.with her rantings of death. My husband was only 66 years old. he didn't want to hear her negative rant's anymore than I did. Her third and final visit to my house, she pushed my husband over the edge. She mentioned Dr. McDonah's name. My husband threw his arms in the air and tried to scream. Cheryl thought it was big joke. She responded with, "Did you see his reaction when I mentioned Dr. McDonah"s name?" I said "Well what do you expect? He's the one that overdosed him. He's the reason he's laying in this bed now." My husband's mouth opened wide and his eyes were half shut, which is how he staid the rest of his life Cheryl left and did nothing. As a Nurse Practitioner, she should have known something had just happened. I had no clue, because he could no longer speak. So the next day  he was readmitted back into the Hospital, for Dehydration, but the Medical records state he was readmitted for SEPSIS!
As I read over his medical record's, I saw he had a Heart attack, but I was never told. I thought for a while that he had a stroke. For all I know he could have had both, but the Hospitalist now on his case refused to do a Cat Scan. He also refused to do blood test's which we wanted done. When he was readmitted back into the Hospital, his Hemoglobin was 7.5. We were told if it went down to 7 he could have a blood transfusion. The Hospitalist, Dr. Kyaw stated, "Why should we waste the blood on him when someone bleeding to death could use it more?" And that's a Dr.? Give me a break!
According to the Medical record's, both from the Hospital and my husband's Primary Care Doctor and the Pulmonary Doctor, the lung biopsy my husband had states, a tumor, a mass OR Pneumonia. Again, lung cancer was NEVER proven. I believe he most certainly had Pneumonia. I kept telling them he had a respiratory infection, but no-one listened. He had a cold for almost a year straight before he was ever prescribed any medication, which still didn't clear it up.
Then we have his Death Certificate, which states Lung Cancer?????? and Sepsis. That's odd because we were never told of the Sepsis and ALL of the Medical record's state "Probable Sepsis." They don't even know.
For ALL of these reason's I fought for an Autopsy for my husband. Every time denied. County Attorney Dennis Hogan stated it wouldn't be done because his death wasn't  "Criminal" or "malicious". Then what would you call it when Nothing the Hospital stated was PROVEN?  That they neglected to treat him for a Hospital borne infection that he caught while there? That we were NEVER told?
We were told by a woman in the DOJ that if my husband's Primary Care Dr. called and wanted an Autopsy, he would be given one. Wrong! She tried. Still no autopsy. They told me to pay for one myself. If I had the 5 thousand dollars I would have.
A Hospital borne Infection killed my loving husband, NOT Cancer! The love of my life was right when he said they were going to kill him. They did and the State of NH doesn't care. Hospital's continue to get away with murder!!!
I can never have closure. With all of the screw ups by so many, I'll never know what was wrong with my husband. Thank you (NOT) to all the people who had a hand at killing my husband. And thank you to ALL the people who could have helped get my husband the Justice he deserves but instead looked the other way!


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