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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Husband Died Of Sepsis, NOT Cancer!!!!!

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My husband was admitted into a Nashua Hospital in March looking for Cancer treatment. He walked in with a cane. The only treatment he got was Morphine. He was overmedicated with 220 mgs of Morphine daily by a local Pallative care Doctor. All he did was sleep.The Hospitalist saw for himself and took over my husbands medication.
I took my husband home on April 6th,2017. He was finally prescribed Marinol pills which I requested, thank's to my good internet friend Cie Cie. This medication should have been offered to him months ago when the Doctor's knew he was barely eating, but just like Lawyer's, they offer nothing.
The day he came home, he came home by ambulance on a stretcher. So sad especially after he walked in on his own three weeks prior. I got him the Marinol. For the first time in months his stomache growled. He was eating fruits, dry cereal, muscle milk, creamsicles and whatever else he wanted, along with the many drinks I bought him. He was doing good. Eating, talking, drinking and joking around with everyone. The only thing he couldn't do was walk, because being overmedicated on Morphine weakened him so badly.
We opted for the Aim program which is part of Hospice, but no Hospice Nurses were supposed to come to my house. A really nice Nurse showed up the first day he was home. She and Billy joked around and he answered all her questions. An LNA came a couple times a week and then a Physical Therapist came. Billy had a sore on his spine he had gotten while in the Hospital which was kept bandaged. The Therapist checked it and took over the bandage. It ripped off the whole top of the sore. She found out from the wound specialist after she did it that she was supposed to use water or cleanser on it so that wouldn't happen. It was too late. I believe that was where the infection started which led to Sepsis.
On Friday of the next week, a Hospice Pallative Nurse Practitioner came. I kept asking where was the Nurse assigned to his case. She said the Nurse got sent somewhere else. I told her straight out we didn't want to hear any negative comments, which was the reason we didn't want Hospice. She spewed her rants any way. She told him he had a couple day's to a week to live, amongst many other negative comments. He told her he wanted to live. She kept it up. This woman came back again on Monday and Tuesday, still spewing her death comments. She just didn't care. On Tuesday, my son witnessed all of the horrible things she was saying. He couldn't believe it. I gave it right back to her. She pushed my husband to the limit. She mentioned the Pallative Doctor's name to him. He threw up his arms and tried to yell. Then she wanted to put him on Haldol because he was so agitated. I told her no, that she was the one who agitated him. I told her he was feisty. She said he's feisty because he's near death. I told her no, he's feisty because he's always been feisty. When she left, he was no longer talking, eating, drinking and couldn't even take his pills. He just laid there with his mouth open and his eyes half shut and never spoke again. I believe he had a stroke, but the Hospital refused a Cat scan.
I kept trying to give him drinks with a dropper, but he didn't come out of whatever that NP did to him. His regular Nurse called me and came the next day on Wednesday. She called 911 and an ambulance came. He in no way wanted to go back to the Hospital as he feared being over drugged again, but I had no choice. I didn't want him to die. He was given blood tests and we were told he had an infection but they didn't know where. He was put on IV antibiotics which were stopped that evening when he was transferred out of ICU. All I knew was his white blood platelets were very high, which signals Sepsis. But they told me nothing. They didn't even want to give him an IV which was the main reason we brought him there. He got the Saline IV and then it was changed to Dextrose because his sodium was so high. He was given two hours to live and the family was called, but he fought and made it another week. He finally became responsive, nodding to me or blinking his eyes.
I staid with him 24/7, always questioning what they were doing. He refused Morphine, but due to his high heart rate along with his high breathing rate, I only allowed 1 mg every two hours because they said that would help him.
I watched as the bandage on his spine was changed. It was bad. After a few day's the sores went all the way up his spine and wound up on other parts of his body. I asked for a cat scan and more blood tests because his Hemaglobin was 7.5 and if it went down to 7 he could get a blood transfusion. I told them I thought he had a stroke. He was denied both. The Doctor stated why waste the blood on him when someone bleeding to death could use it. This whole experience has been the biggest nightmare of my life.
I talked to the Doctor on Monday about getting him transferred to a Cancer facility as they had no clue what they were doing. He agreed and then refused on Tuesday. I knew if I let him stay there he would die for sure. He finally agreed to help on Wednesday, but it was too late. He died holding my hand around 5PM.
We were refused an autopsy by the Medical Examiner, but I need answer's. Answer's that only an autopsy can tell me.
The medical Examiner's report list's Cancer and Sepsis. He had ALL of the symptoms of Sepsis but was left UNTREATED!
I need Justice for my Husband. I can not sit by and let his death be in vane!
I promise I will NOT stop until my husband gets the Justice he deserves!
I Love You Big Knight!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Forever and always yours, Dot


  1. My deepest condolances. My heart goes out to you. Stay strong and keep fighting. God bless your family.

    1. Thank you Ramona. You know me. I'll never stop fighting for the people I love. God Bless you also.

  2. He was on hospice... what did you want to happen?

  3. What don't you get? He was NOT on Hospice. He was in the Aim Program. Hospice Nurses were NOT supposed to come to my house. The Pallative care Dr. was not hired by us. His joker of an Oncologist must have given him my husbands case. We had no clue he was a Pallative Dr. nor did we even know what a Pallative Dr. was. My daughter asked him if he was just drugging him up to die. he said No, he was trying to get him better. What a crock!
    Again, we did NOT hire Hospice! We refused even when people at the Hospital tried to coerce us into doing so. We wanted nothing to do with Hospice. We knew all they do is make you comfortable to die. We chose AIM, NOT Hospice!!!!