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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Jane Boyer

Children are the depository of all our hopes and dreams. They hold the keys to
our future and the answers to our past. They are our most precious asset and our
link to immortality.
In other words they are the most important members of our society. Since they
can not
protect themselves, the rest of society must take measures to protect them.

Throughout history there have been those who have chosen to take advantage of
These individuals have found easy pickings among the young due to their lack of
physical, mental and emotional maturity. At times they have been assisted by the
parents of the children, either actively or lethargically.

Society has decided that they must protect the children from the opportunists as
well as from their own parents, when need be. To this en
D, laws have been passed prohibiting and making criminal many of the endeavors
that have traditionally been used to victimize children.

Society has formed many government agencies as well as citizen groups to watch
over the children. The citizen groups have no power other than the power of
numbers to influence government bodies and politicians. Some of these groups are
strong and well organized while others are decentralized and disorganized.
However, the cumulative strength of their voice has resulted in many laws
protecting the children and establishing agencies to enforce those laws.

One of the outstanding successes, as well as the outstanding failure is the
establishment of the Child Protective Services, which is known by different
names in different jurisdictions. This agency has as its basic tenet the
protection of the children through active intervention. To carry out its charter
the Agency relies upon the citizens in its jurisdiction to report any suspected
abuse of children. The Agency then proceeds to interview the parents and conduct
an investigation to determine if child abuse is taking or has taken place.

This is where the outstanding failure comes in.
The Agency has limited resources and consequently the vetting process for its
employees is superficial. This lack of thoroughness results in employees hired
for their educational credentials rather than their experience or street smarts
or their psychological stability. The employees are more interested in the perks
of their job and consider it a stepping stone rather than a career.
Consequently, they are more concerned in covering their posteriors than in doing
the best for the children. The employees are more concerned

With the easiest path than with the path most likely to result in the best
outcome for the children.
Many of the employee deficiencies could be cured by the proper training, ongoing
educational seminars and closer supervision of the neophyte agents. However,
what we have is an inefficient, overworked, and under budgeted Agency with good
intentions and lackadaisical performance.

1. The field worker, in order to appear proficient, will often find abuse when
none exists. Resulting in children being removed from their homes and placed in
the system.
2. Alternately, the field worker will find no abuse even when it is obvious.
Resulting in continuing abuse.
3. After a child is placed in the system, the field worker places him in an
environment where his abuse continues or is accelerated by the custodial

The cavalier treatment of the children in the Child Protection Service system is
tantamount to abuse by the CPS. However, there are steps that the CPS can take
to fulfill its mandate.

First the Agency must pay closer attention to the applicants. They should be
given psychological test to determine their fitness for the job. Educational
credentials alone should not be sufficient.
Second the Agency needs to provide proper training and guidelines for its case
Third, closer supervision, including a period of training in the field with an
experienced supervisor should be mandatory.
Fourth every case requiring the removal of a child from his natural parents
should be reviewed by at least two supervisors. In the case of an emergency
displacement, the local office supervisor should sign approval
Fifth all foster homes should be periodically inspected and investigated by at
least two independent supervisors. This should include both a background check
and a financial check of the foster parents. If there is any difference of
opinion, there should be a third supervisor involved in the decision.

There is no need to pass any laws or amend any laws. Most statutes that are on
the books do an adequate job of protecting the young. However, The Agency's
rules and procedures that are used to carry out the mandates of the law need to
be closely scrutinized because that is the area where the protection breaks
down. There should be a public outcry when a child is subjected to abuse as a
result of the failure of administrative rules. Case workers should be held to a
higher standard. They are after all the guardians of our future.

Consequently, the mediocre, the disinterested, the careless and the emotionally
unstable workers need to be eliminated from the ranks of the Children's
Protective Agency. This needs to be done now before another child is chewed up
by the system.


For donations to help with the reform of cps and to help the abused, we are a non
profit org with /all money goes toward helping the abused children and parents
who are proven
Innocent and yet they still cannot get their children back because they have
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Thing n the world, their families, homes, jobs, we need to help them .some even
kill themselves because they have lost all hope.
We are a not for profit org. all monies goes to helping others. Anything you
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God bless you all.
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Cheryl-Newton-Boyer, President& founder
803 438 8119

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