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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Friday, July 16, 2010

Why Do Foster Stranger's Have Such A Bad Reputation?

I came across this question in one of my groups today and felt that I have a few answer's to this question, after being thrown into the CPS/DCYF arena of deceit and fraud, through NO FAULT of my own.
Anyone who read's my blog is well aware I am a grandmother. A grandmother screwed over by the State of New Hampshire in the custody of my granddaughter Isabella and my grandson Austin.
First off, I was not allowed custody of Isabella after she was illegally kidnapped from her mother, due to the perjury committed by a Nashua DCYF Lawyer. My family was slandered, without any proof of wrongdoing after a false, anonymous report was called in against my oldest daughter, temporarily staying with us with her two children. The false report was actually called in against her estranged husband. The husband who did NOT live with us, nor did he visit after leaving his wife and children in their apartment penniless, to survive on their own. Because we could NOT let our daughter and her two children live on the street's, we were treated like criminals by the State of NH. Because we did what any REAL family would do, we were not allowed custody of our granddaughter. We were instead slandered by a lying DCYF Lawyer.
I met the foster couple who were chosen to take Isabella. They were from Massachusetts and had just recently moved to NH. They lived in NH less than two year's. Two year's is the minimum required for a child to be placed with potential foster's, but of course NH DCYF didn't care. They do whatever they want.
I talked to the foster stranger's in the hospital, while Isabella was still there. Isabella was needlessly fed morphine for the first month of her life, after the Methadone program Director talked Social Services into reporting my daughter for abuse and neglect, two day's before toxicology result's came back on the baby, which showed morphine in the baby. The morphine given to my daughter for nineteen hour's in labor, spilled into the baby, which is normal, yet this irreputable hospital in Nashua wouldn't admit it. Even the DCYF Assessment worker testified in court that she had no idea Isabella's mother was given morphine in labor. She didn't bother to investigate. She filed for custody without a REAL investigation.
Five month's after Isabella's birth, the hospital finally gave my daughter her record's. Paperwork proved there was nothing wrong with Isabella and she was supposed to be discharged two day's after her birth. Everything was signed off. That was until the lying Methadone Director stuck her nose into it.
I took my proof to the hospital and spoke to the Vice President. She told me Isabella WAS put on morphine needlessly. She told me she would go after her staff but I would have to fight DCYF myself. When it came time for the TPR, she denied everything she told me. The Lawyer refused to subpoena her stating he wouldn't subpoena any hostile witnesses.
Back to the foster's. We talked and they seemed really nice. They told us we would become good friends and we would be seeing a lot of each other. Once they had my granddaughter, everything changed. The day my granddaughter was kidnapped and delivered to the foster's, their first question was,"When will we be financially supplemented?" I have the call log as proof. Does this sound like a good placement for a child? People who only care about the blood money the state reward's them with?
The people who send a premature, newborn baby out on a rainy, chilly October morning with no hat or jacket on? Just a flimsy pair of pajamas, after telling DCYF they have everything they need?
They wanted their blood money and then beg to adopt Isabella, stating they will pay for everything she need's. What was wrong with paying for anything she needed to begin with? Were they trying to con the court into figuring they'd save money by letting these greedy people adopt my granddaughter?
After all the promises of friendship, we were still not allowed to see our granddaughter. Nashua DCYF lies to foster stranger's about the childs family. They scare the foster's, to make sure the foster's and families don't become friends. They lie to the foster's, just as they lie to parent's. They have no conscience! DCYF led the foster's to believe that I would kidnap my granddaughter if I ever visited her. If I were deceitful and non-law abiding, unlike DCYF, I would have taken her from the hospital. They would have never gotten their slimy hands on her, but at that point in time I trusted them. I never thought a government agency would practice fraud and steal children. I should have know something was up in the beginning, when my daughter wanted Isabella transferred to the reputable Nashua hospital and was told she would be arrested if she even tried. That Isabella wasn't being transferred. She was stuck being treated like dirt by the incompassionate hospital staff as was the rest of her family. Stuck in the hospital that works with DCYF in the illegal kidnapping of Nashua area children.
I was home alone one Saturday cleaning, when all of Isabella's toy's in her un-used bedroom starting playing themselves. I found the foster's phone number and called to make sure Isabella was alright. The foster bitch started yelling at me and told me not to call there. Then she had the Hudson Police call, who in turn sent the Nashua Police to my door. I was told if I ever called there again, I would be arrested, yet there is NO court order stating that fact.Even after I was accused, the lying DCYF Lawyer tried to get the Judge to court order no contact. But he refused.
Then I was accused of trying to break into their condo in the middle of the night and was accused of leaving cigarette butt's at their door. First off, at the time I had cataracts and night blindness. I never drove anywhere at night. Second, if I broke in and took Isabella, where would I go? I have my own house in Nashua and family. Do I leave everything behind and become a grandmother on the run or do I stick around and let the world know how corrupt Nashua DCYF is? Real smart thinking on the part of DCYF and the court. The crazier their lies are, the more the Judges believe them. I've never even gotten a parking ticket never mind tried to break into a house. I asked them in court if they took DNA off the cigarette butt's, because they sure as hell weren't mine. No answer of course. Unlike Nashua DCYF, I abide by the law and I AM NOT A LIAR! I'm just a GRANDMOTHER screwed over by the state of NH!
So now you have my reason's why Foster Stranger's have such bad reputation's. But these are just a few that I have been witness to. Ask anyone else and they'll give you plenty more. Granted, there are some good Foster's, but not many.
Isabella's foster stranger's, illegally adoptive parent's, which wouldn't have her If I didn't take care of Isabella's mother while she was pregnant, Isabella never would have been born. The hospital and the prenatal clinic my daughter went to, didn't care whether Isabella or her mother lived or died. That was quite obvious, considering she was never treated for any of the complications she suffered. Just think, if I hadn't taken care of her, they wouldn't have my granddaughter. The state wouldn't have been able to make all the money off her kidnapping that they've made and the stranger's wouldn't have gotten all the blood money off the state. And what about the abortion the clinic tried to force my daughter into? Just think, if we knew then what we know now, Isabella would NOT be with DCYF's chosen stranger's and we never would have had the misfortune of learning how corrupt DCYF and the judicial system in NH are!

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