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Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly

Isabella Brooke Knightly and Austin Gamez-Knightly
In Memory of my Loving Husband, William F. Knightly Jr. Murdered by ILLEGAL Palliative Care at a Nashua, NH Hospital

Thursday, June 1, 2017

St. Joseph's Hospital Nashua, NH Incompetent? You bet it is!

William F. Knightly Jr.
 1/16/1951- Murdered by St. Joseph's  Hospital on 4/26/2017

I just spoke to my husband's Primary Care  Dr. She NEVER received my husband's medical file from St. Joes. She had no clue as to what I found in his records and she's not happy. The records state they tried to reach her, but they never did. She said they never tried. I told her the rude comment Dr. Donald McDonah made to my husband and I. She was pissed. She knew my husband wasn't a druggie, but that jerk suggested he was. Is this why they let him die? Probably. I've seen for myself the way people on drugs are treated at St. Joes, only my husband wasn't and my husband's Dr. knew that for sure. Don't assume because you make an ASS of yourself.
Dr. Tisdale accused me of not wanting my husband to have treatment, because my husband had anxiety and never talked on the phone. I was his spokesperson. I told them whatever my husband wanted me to say. Why would I not want him to have treatment? He was and still IS the Love of my life. Even his Primary Care Doctor knows how much we love each other.Who in their right mind would let them remove a kidney when they didn't even know if anything was wrong with it? My husband WAS in his right mind and he refused. If he let them take it out and there was nothing wrong with it, do you honestly think they would tell him the truth? I don't. They wouldn't want to get sued for taking out a good kidney. And then they couldn't put it back now could they.
No proof of Kidney Cancer and No proof of lung Cancer. Everywhere in his file states he may have had Pneumonia, which is what I thought from the beginning. Still they never treated him for ANY infection even though they knew he had one!
St. Joes Incompetent??? You're damn right they are!

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